The Bus Came By and I Got On

By Feature Writer Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest There are things I never would have known, had I not gone to Arizona. The wonderful way the air smells – so clean and good and pure, and the way the arid desert landscape seems to grip at everything, like it is looming and laughing. I met Arizona at dawn, from the window of a train; at sunrise in a stiff leather seat where I sat with the family I was Nanning for – well most of the family. Mom and the four year old and the Baby. We were to meet the Dad in Denver, where we would be traveling to by a tricked out Rock Star bus after the train deposited us at some lonesome desert depot. Dad was a Rock Star, and I was a Rock Star nanny, out in the desert on the train tracks and on the road.

We had taken the train from California, loading up in Oakland at 8am on March 8th, 2002, the day after my 35th birthday, and a great big old birthday party that turned into a sort of farewell thing after midnight. The four year old and I sat in the observation car and watched California slide slowly past. She asked me the question that would become a daily part of our conversations for the next two months.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at



Phoenix said...

I don't think you understand Arizona at all.

cheshirecat said...

I've considered making a life for myself in Arizona, without having been there, because I am prone to sensory affective disorder and it hardly ever rains in Phoenix. Perhaps I'm being too idealistic.

Huh? said...

I'm sorry, but this story is really pointless and boring.... what are you trying to tell us here?

JD said...

I thought it was really interesting and sweet. Just because there's no cheap scandal doesn't mean it's boring or pointless.

Anonymous said...

What's with the plastic bags? I lived on a motorhome for four years. The toilet was a chemical toilet which was emptied at designated dumping stations, and the roof vent opened to the outside with a fan.

Somebody was sold a bill of goods because someone else didn't want to go to the trouble of using proper dumping stations.

Bananular said...

I'm with Huh? on this one.

I don't get the point of these long, drawn out stories. I can ignore them, sure, but why are they even on here? They're barely about nannying, anyway.

No offense to the writer, points for your effort, I'm not trying to be insulting personally to you, but ISYN is getting weirder by the day, and these stories are the worst part of it by far. It's too long, wordy, wanna-be deep and intense and philosophical. Few people are interested in this at all. Why is this continuing?

I can share some real doozies that DO deal with nannying and the parents, and I'm sure many others here would, too, but would we get a spot every week? Probably not, so why this one in particular?

I just don't get it. I love this site, and I'm for all change and improvement, but the general consensus is that these 'stories' are simply not a good fit.

JD--I agree that not everything needs a cheap scandal, but considering what this site is about, there should be some drama or at least a point of interest. This isn't the 'all introspective and serious site.' It's about nannies, crappy nannies, parents, and crappy parents, lol. It is what it is.

A said...

I usually LOVE Rebecca's stories, but this one was a bit on the boring side, I'd have to agree with you guys. I just kind of scanned it and thought "OK, road trip with the family...gotcha."

Oh, and vegans don't eat any dairy products so you being lactose intolerant shouldn't have been a problem. Did you mean to say they were vegetarians?

vaughn said...

I never knew the Arizona air to smell good. The air in P hoenix can kill you and it spreads out north and west. Tucson isn't much better.