Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, NY

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I just thought the parents of this little girl would find this interesting. This was today at the Smith Haven Mall. The little girl is under two and was wearing white tights and a dark floral dress with black dress shoes. She was sitting in an umbrella stroller that had a black handles, extra large black wheels and green fabric.
The nanny involved is about 20 year old, wearing her blonde/brown hair in a short pony, wearing jeans, a gingham shirt open over a red tank top and birkenstock style sandals. She speaks with a thick European accent, possibly German.
The nanny arrived at the mall and was strolling in front of me. Soon, two gangster looking guys arrived and joined her. She was at first uncomfortable and told them, "I'm just here with you". Then they convinced her to walk with them for lunch. Her body language stated she was uncomfortable. The shorter guy told her to "grow up and come have a bite". Then both of them laughed hysterically. The shorter guy then handed her what appeared to be a thick wad of cash. Her shoulders caved in and she looked resigned then. She put the money in the front pocket of her pants and they all walked towards the cheesecake factory.
I don't know what this was, but it wasn't right. The guys were seriously early 2000 gangster looking. One was even sucking on a toothbrush. I wouldn't want those sort of people around my little girl!


Bostonnanny said...

I'm confused by the transaction between the men and the "nanny", can u clarify. Did the "nanny" seem to know the men or were they strangers? was it a drug transaction?

Also what did the little girl look like? You described her clothes and stroller but not her features. What color hair did she have, how long was it? what was her race?

I think gangster is a inapporate term to use as a description, were they dressed in urban clothes? What was their race? If find when people describe a person as gangster or ghetto are a little bias or racist.

ChiNanny said...

OP can you give more info? In addition to what BostonNanny asked, why do you think this was a nanny? That may give more clues as to who the little girl is.

How did the girl react to the men? Did she seem uncomfortable?

seattle said...

It is absolutely not bias or racist. I am a college student studying ethnicity and culture and "gangster" is a culture. It is exactly how I would have described them.

Though I do agree, the hair color and features of the little girl are important.

OP said...

The little girl had brown hair. It was not remarkable in any way. I'm actually hard pressed to remember anything about her face. I described what she was wearing. She was white. One of the guys was white and one of them was Hispanic.

Phoenix said...

Uh. I think you witnessed a pimp or John transaction. You just witnessed how these men over power women and con them with money. She was afraid and more than likely worked with them before a nanny position. Hell she could have been the mom. Who knows. I would report what they look like to the police just so they can keep an eye out. They may be doing this to underage girls too. From what is sounds like she knew the men, worked with them before, felt manipulated, scared, and without any solution to do different.

Course the other hand she could have been a drug runner at some point in time. It sounds more like a John though, a former client. She could have been an escort too. The list goes on, but a legal normal transaction it wasn't.

Jacqui said...

Here we go..picking on the OP because she used the word GANGSTER? COME ON! Put your big girl panties on and put away that race card, especially because the two people OP were referring to weren't even black. I actually thought the description of gangsters circa 2000 was funny...I remember that look. All too unfortunate.

Anyway, great sighting OP. Sounds very suspicious and potentially dangerous.

Macaroni said...

seattle said it best. It is not racist to say that. If someone dresses like a ballerina, they can expect to be called a ballerina, whether they are one or not. Deal with it. Not to mention, no one said 'black gangster', so how is it racist? Maybe you're racist for assuming they meant black, since that's obviously the first thing you thought of...interesting. If someone said 'white trash' no one would give a rat's ass.

Bostonnanny said...

Before people start freaking 1) no was attacking the op I was just asking for more information, which she kindly added. 2) gangster isn't always used the apporate way, meaning criminal/member of a gang. Most people use the term to define how someone is dressed and then make assumptions as to what kind of person they are based on that. Most often when I hear the term gangster used in Boston it's by older adults who dislike the new urban attire and think any person dressed that way is bad news.

Namey said...

Saying 'urban' is the PC way say 'gangster'. Congrats.

Namey said...

And congrats to me for skipping a word. Pats on the back for both of us.

Manhattan Nanny said...

I think maybe urban means gangster mainly to people in the burbs. In My hood it decribes a cool Tribeca loft.
And isn't it spelled gangsta? (Unless you are referring to forties film noir, or the Gambinos.)