Redmond Library in Redmond, WA

Received Saturday, September 25, 2010
nanny sighting 7 This is a good nanny sighting:

I was at the Redmond Library in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) today around 3pm. There was a wonderful nanny there with her two charges. The older one was on the computers. Nanny was reading books to the younger one. She was using different voices and asking questions to engage the child. She was talking about the pizzas they made together yesterday and the different toppings they put on. The nanny talked about going home and getting dinner and giving baths. She was extremely patient and affectionate with both children.

The nanny was young, in her twenties, and thin. She had straight blond hair and was wearing jeans and a white zip up sweatshirt.

The younger girl was two or three. She had brown curly hair and was wearing a blue and white checkered dress with a pink cardigan that buttoned on the side.

I couldn't see the older girl very well from where I was sitting, but she had brown curly hair pulled back in a ponytail and was a couple years older than little sister.

I didn't get either of the kids' names, but the nanny's name was Sarah.


NanySarah said...

Nice to hear about the good ones!!!

lovesthegirls said...

It is so fun to have a sigting that is good-- and a location I am familiar with! I live right near Redmond library! Good for Sarah! Wish I knew her for a playdate :)

Gila said...

Wow, its so nice to hear from other people appreciating nannies who were really dedicated on their jobs.

And I believe that there are still many nannies out there who has the same traits like with Sarah...

Its just the matter of choosing the right nanny for your family. In the case of Sarah, I guess her boss were prudent enough to find such devoted nanny in her work.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Thanks OP. It is always encouraging to see a post about a great nanny. And Gila is so right, parents need to invest a lot of time and thought when choosing a nanny.

ss said...

A sighting in my neck of the woods? I am perhaps 4 miles from there, if that. I better reduce the public beatings of my charges to a bare minimum. At the very least, I need to stop carrying that whip! *sigh*

seattle said...

I'm happy to see a good sighting in a familiar location too! I babysit for a family in Redmond :) Go Eastside nannies!