Post Road Library - Children's Section - Fairfield, CT

Received Wednesday, September 29, 2010
nanny sighting 7
Physical description of caregiver: White (possibly hispanic) woman approximately 5'4" tall, dyed blond hair pulled back in tight pony tail. She was thin and had on white hooded sweatshirt.
Physical description of involved child/children: Approximately 2 years old White girl I think her name may have been Zoe. That day she had on brown pants with flower pattern and a white t-shirt with a brown flower.
Address or venue of observed incident: Fairfield, CT Post Road Library Children's section.
Date and time of incident: Friday, September 10, 2010 approximately 5:15 p.m.
Detailed description of what you witnessed: It is possible Nanny was there with two children because when I first encountered her and "Zoe" she seemed to be also talking to an older child but I dont know for sure if she was there with that child too. Nanny seemed very cold and uncaring. She stood at least 20 feet from Zoe at all times. All I saw her do was text on her phone. At one point Zoe came to play with me and my son in the little kids room and I looked over at the nanny to make eye contact as one would and she did not look up. She let Zoe play with us unchecked for a good 5-10 minutes. Finally when it was time to go she said Zoe, NOW! and when Zoe went over to her the nanny grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and dragged her away speaking harshly to her. I never once saw this woman act like she cared about Zoe's well being or happiness. I would not want this woman taking care of my son.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: I did not see a bag or carrier.


Jacqui said...

She grabbed her by the collar? Aww :-( Good sighting.

Carolyn In The Country said...

The grabbing by the collar part really got me too. :( Some of these women should really be ashamed of themselves, I don't care how much you despise your job taking it out on a child is never acceptable.

NannyNay said...

That is really disgraceful...poor little girl. I wish more parents would start checking this site.