Bead Store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn - 244 Smith St

Received Wednesday, July 14, 2010
nanny sighting It was at 244 smith st, (bead store in cobble hill, brooklyn) on tuesday july 13 from noon to one. Two children, blonde, older one named Maeve maybe 8, younger boy in stroller. Nanny was middle aged carribean woman with long wooden necklace. She came in on a personal errand, completely ignoring the children. The one in the stroller screamed consistently, which was ignored by the nanny as Maeve tried to comfort him. At one point the stroller tipped over while the kid was in it, backwards. The sales lady and older girl rushed to help and the nanny seemed unconcerned. She then proceeded to stand inside the doorway of the store for over an hour waiting for the rain to stop, as the younger child quietly sobbed and the older one begged her to leave. It was baffling. Also, it was drizzling. Also, I did not see her speak a word to either child. All I could think was, I bet their parents don't know this is happening. She needs to not be near children. Ever.


Phoenix said...

Wow I am not really a baby person but I would have jumped and tried to intercept a falling stroller before it could hit the ground. What horrible behavior! Maybe the nanny was on drugs. She doesn't seem to with it and I would assume rushing to a falling stroller with a child still inside would be a reflex not a choice

N.E.I. said...

I am sorry but how do you know it was a personal errand?

world's best nanny said...

Was she wearing a sign that said "I am here on a personal errand?"

I agree she does seem cold and standoffish, but waiting for the rain to stop is no more than anyone else would do.

It was coming down in buckets here in Mass, I was putting groceries in the trunk and it looked like I took a shower with my clothes on.

Enough! said...

Please stop attacking the original's getting very old and it's not the least bit productive. Stop it!!!!!!

Sandy said...

I bet the parents do have an idea and don't care. I bet she's an Au Pair making about 250.00 per week, working 50+ hours or more. I also bet she has to cook and clean as well. My MB is constantly being laughed at by her co-workers when she tells them how much she pays me. They constantly tell her how much cheaper she could "get an island girl" for and how she would have childcare and housekeeping in one. When she argues about how well I care for the kids she has heard treplies such as "as long as someone is there to make sure they don't burn down the house, it's fine." One guy even told her kids are tough and if they don't have a nanny fawning all over them it makes them stronger.

And I have to agree how does she know it was a personal errand? And if it was so what? My MB is perfectly fine with me running personal errands. As for the neglect, that's wrong. But my guess is the parents likely don't really care.

Hard said...

Maabey nanny has hard life.