Wilton Mall - Saratoga Springs, NY

Received Friday, June 4, 2010
negative emoticon 1 I was appalled to see the group of women who brought their daycare to the wilton mall. There was at least 8 women and countless kids that no one was watching. in the very short time that I was there I noticed 5 kids leave the play area and wander into the mall,little babies being pushed and one got his fingers stepped on, several slaps in the face and kicks and a spit in the face, and 2 little ones climbing over the wall from the seats. when someone did get up to handle a problem they were all annoyed at the children. One even threatened no snack today! What a nightmare!!!


MartiniJeannie said...

what a rude comment! Regardless of what is going on in the daycare workers lives they should not be treating children like this. If they are going to take the kids into a public place like a mall they need to adequately supervise them. It is so easy for some to snatch a child in a busy mall.

Great sighting OP.

Former Nanny said...

Wow, shut up, so wildly inappropriate, rude, and just wrong! Take your poison someplace else!

My daughter is in daycare, and if this kind of madness was going on, no way was she staying there. Great sighting!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Nasty comments such as the one MartiniJeannie is referring to will be deleted people... so don't waste your time!

FrogBabyNanny said...

That is definitely horrible, and the parents need to know about this! Because of that, could you post some more info that may help identify the caregivers/daycare, OP? There is no real identifying info besides the location. But hopefully the parents do see this and recognize them, that really is awful.

outraged said...

Wait, wait, the adults were hitting the children? Did I read that correctly? And children who are not their own? Are you sure? If so, could you provide more details? That is really serious, and if I saw that again, I would contact mall security.