Cambridge Common Park in Cambridge MA

Received Wednesday, June 23, 2010
not a sighting
On Tuesday, 6/22 I was at Cambridge common park in Cambridge MA. It's a fun new playground that was recently built, it's a little dangerous if children aren't supervised.
Anyways this post has nothing to do with a sighting, it has to do with trash. Why are people leaving trash on top of the solar power trash compactor when it's full? Seriously children play two feet away from this trash and parents/caregivers are putting dirty open diapers on top because they are to lazy to take it with them or put in the trash can right outside the park. My nanny friend and I shouldn't have to pull the trash can from outside in and pick up the dirty diapers and trash with plastic bags over our hands. I don't want my charges or other children having to play around that or even smell it. So please if you go to that park please please keep it clean.
I'm also reporting it to Cambridge public works, because they need to empty that trash can asap.


sigh said...

People need to practice some better manners regarding trash and parks everywhere. Like making sure the trash is actually in the trash can, and the door has closed, so birds don't pull it all over the darn playground.

chgonanny said...


One of my favorite parks has the same problem. I've never seen diapers, but people leave their empty coffee cups on the picnic tables when the garbage can is 5 FEET AWAY! Seriously, people.

annoyed with spam said...

What's the deal with the spam comments? ANNOYING!!