Vesuvio Park - Manhattan

Received Monday, May 24, 2010
(updated with photo; May 30, 2010)
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ISYN- Is this your nanny
Crappy Nanny @ Vesuvio park today in Manhattan - This nanny totally neglected 2 children she was watching and spent the entire time on the phone. The little blonde girl approx. 4-5 fell off her bike and the nanny didn't console her at all; to the point where other nannies stepped in to console her. There was a sibling, a little boy in a green tee shirt and she neglected him and left him in the stroller while he was crying. This nanny sucked and should be ashamed of herself. Her cell phone was her priority and she could care less about those kids. She was older, maybe 50, West Indian, wore a green camo hat, blue striped shirt, blue jean jacket, khaki pants, gold rings on her fingers, and sneakers.

The children she was watching were a blonde little girl that wore knee pads for her bike and a helmet and the little boy had long brunette hair with a green hooded sweatshirt with a lightning bolt on the back. I hope the parents know their kids are not safe with this nanny, neglected and shown no compassion or comfort when they needed it. She had her back turned to them the whole time and the kids could have run out of the park onto Thompson St. and she wouldn't have known. (Note: photo will be posted soon)

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