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Received Wednesday, May 5, 2010
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Nanny Role and Responsibilities 2010

Job Description
This is a child-care partnership. The goal is for *** and *** to grow and thrive in a happy, stable environment. Your duties will require a strong work ethic and some flexibility. Our girls are kind, loving, energetic, and affable children. Since we live in the heart of Boston, we want them to have an opportunity to be exposed to the many activities available in our neighborhood for them as well as make friends with other children.

Responsibilities: Your primary and most important responsibility is the safety and well being of the children during the hours that we are away from home. During the day, we expect that you also will undertake a variety of activities to develop the children including reading to them, playing with them and their toys, arranging some classes for them, etc. Our expectation is that no television will be watched during the day. Weather permitting, we also would like to see the children have the opportunity to get out of our home at least once per day (unless of course they are sick) – possible places to visit are nearby parks, the Prudential mall (in inclement winter) and the Boston Public Library (as they get older and can attend reading groups). We also can arrange for you to have access to the children’s playroom and swimming pool at the University Club where we are members and which is two blocks from our home. As you are getting settled in to being our nanny, we will show you around the neighborhood. We will also introduce you to our building staff, who are always happy to help anyone in the building and all adore our girls. (Interested? read the entire job description HERE)


FYI said...

The first and last name of the mother were left in this posting. Just an FYI since it looks like you went to a lot of trouble to remove all (most) names. First name under "communications" and last name under "Discretionary Bonus"

xfileluv said...

I looked her up, the mom is a cardiologist at Boston Mass General. And the job sounds like a nightmare--50 hours per week, plus another 10 for two weekly evenings. I especially love how the nanny's potential bonus depends upon how the mom's job goes. Trust me. If she is a cardiologist/internist at Boston Mass General, I doubt that business/income is ever going to be a problem for the family. And IF the nanny gets a bonus, she might get cash, OR she might get to use the building's health club facility (with all that free time and energy she'll have after chasing twins 60 hours a week), or they might provide you with parking at their building, where you'll be to watch their kids. If not, well then, feel free to get up extra early and just take public transportation.

Maybe I'm just cranky today, but this seems really over the top. I'd love to know what the pay is, which is the only thing that could MAYBE make this job worthwhile. I noticed that only certain holidays are given off, too. I wonder if BOTH parents are doctors.....


seems like the vacation bank is a way to take advantage of the nanny

grandmax2 said...

Under communications a name is listed - not sure if the name should have been removed.

Very long read, but I see nothing wrong with what they've come up with. The parents know exactly what they want and are willing to pay well for it.

Anyone who accepts the job should know exactly what is expected of them.

TC said...

I would not work for this family

I would not work for a family that thought they could dictate what I did on my off hours. I can not believe they think they can tell a grown adult what they can and can not do after hours. If it interferes with your job that's one thing but basically telling the nanny they can't babysit someone else without approval is absolutely wrong.

I also wouldn't work for someone that required me to get a shot that I feel is unnecessary, I do remember the discussion on here a while back about the flu shot and I don't want to turn this into another debate but I do not think requiring a flu shot is a good idea

I do not agree with having to make up hours when the parents are on vacation. A daycare wouldn't allow that so why should a nanny?

Marypoppin'pills said...

I was re-posting comments from the other section because they were supposed to be on the front. If you want me to delete one of these just let me know. ;-)

Andrea said...

Ok - I Posted this - this was the contract that was sent to me before I was to decide whether or not I wanted the job. I found it absurd and I found that meeting them was also not the best experience ever mom said "I dont like the fact that you have nanny friends because I dont want you to feel like this is a social event for you" I dont need to be talked down to in that way. And I don't want to be told what to do on my off time either. Also they were offering 750. I make 700 now to do whatever I want and to go where I want to go AND i get to wear my yoga pants. and also the "nannies" who look like they're going out for a night on the town are most likely moms because I have been a nanny in the back bay for over a year and never once have seen a nanny in tight skirts blouses my experience the moms dress more like theyre ready for a night out on the town than the nannies do. Yoga pants, zip up hoodie, sneakers, ponytail, good hygiene and you're good to go. Glad I turned this job down! and As for the names, I really dont care at this point. I tried but the freaking thing is so long I missed a couple. Oh well!

TC said...

Yes Marypoppin can you delete my first comment but not the repost?

Marypoppin'pills said...

Got it, TC. Thanks!

Awesome Post!
Do you still want the names removed?

ATL Nanny said...

Ugh. No thank you.

There were lots of red flags for me personally (their attitude about playdates, the variable hours, the not wanting to be "nickled and dimed" by paying overtime, etc) but it sounded like a job that might work for the right nanny at the right price. (Since we didn't see the offered salary, it was impossible to know if they were offering a salary that might make those things worthwhile. I worked for a year and a half for an ER physician whose schedule varied wildly. To compensate me for my flexibility, my hourly rate was $3/hr over the high end of the range offered to experienced nannies in my area. It made the schedule work for me.)

Then I got to the part about "Vacation Bank". That made it 100% clear to me that they are simply looking for a nanny who they can work to death and take advantage of. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that their nanny OWES them hours because they went on vacation and asked her not to come.

Honestly, even putting aside my red flags, this family sounds awful. The whole tone of this work agreement was demeaning, patronizing, and argumentative. Yuck.

TVisgood said...

Sorry but if kids don't watch enough TV they turn weird. Kids should be up on Pop Culture. Otherwise they will grow to be socially retarded.

omg said...

One word: crazy freaking lunatic.

Oh sorry that was three words.

No thanks said...

For $750 a week? No way. May consider it for $1500.

Andrea said...

i still cant get over business casual attire hahahahaahhahahahahahaHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

Katlee85 said...

Are they serious?

Business casual attire, when playing with children? Why on earth would any sane person want their business casual clothing ruined because twin A spilled grape juice down the front of it. I can understand no tight jeans or whatever, but why can't regular jeans and a nice t-shirt/sweater be worn?

Manhattan Nanny said...

Andrea, you dodged a bullet! This mom is a control freak, and cheap to boot. $750 is ridiculous for what they are asking. As for the "vacation bank", well, I'll give her credit, it is a creative new way to take advantage of your nanny.

oh no way said...

Yes, I'm sure when Mom is home with her twins by herself, she is completing the mandatory laundry, vacuuming, errands, walking 20 minutes to the doctor, etc.

And the Vacation Bank? That right there is indentured servitude. In a pencil skirt, no less.

CuriousDad said...

Ok, Ok, I had a really good laugh on this one.

I have pretty much always stated that the Fed Labor has the stance that Nannies are hourly employees. It is becuase of idiocy like this! That they have that stance.

The vacation thing is very similiar to FLEX time that a lot of salaried employees run into. Especially those in government jobs. Where you MUST put in an 40 hour week, unless you are using vacation time. So if you take off for an hour or two on tuesday, you are required to make up the time later in that week. But this is pushing it WAY out of proportion.
Wow, just WoW.

hmmm said...

I don't know how I feel about the whole vacation bank thing, I mean if they decide not to take the nanny on vacation with them I don't think the nanny should have to make up those hours.

But the rest of the listing was good. I mean, they were very honest in what they expected and laid it all out there. It definitely would be a lot but whoever took the job would definitely know (as long as they are being honest) what they are getting themselves into.

nannynomore said...

Dear God, I work near these people. They sound like totally uptight elitist snots with zero connection to reality, and a burgeoning sense of "their jobs = very important, nanny's job = not important". I make $720/week for 40 hours of sitting on my butt, and my family has a summer house on Cape Cod (I like that they don't say what town, must not be "the best"). I feel badly for anyone who takes this job.

someone who doesn't follow directions said...

Anonymous said...
I am a nanny for a Dr. who works at mass general and I have a bank of hours as well. She told me that how all of her co workers use with their nannies. At first I liked it then when the hours in the bank were all gone and i only got half a week pay when they went away I didnt. Or when they decided to go on a two week vacation and I had to work and extra 80 hours over 4 weeks I hated it! I love my job. I love my charge. I hate the banking idea.

May 12, 2010 10:44:00 AM

Anni said...

What the HECK is all I can say about this job.

Even not going into specifics, the entire attitude of the post is just intensely condescending. "Our philosophy is that our nanny is a professional and as such, she receives a weekly salary and not an hourly rate like a babysitter." This line didn't have to sound so nasty, but somehow it did. Why would you even put a line like that into a contract? Would it have been hard to just say "we offer a weekly salary rate, as opposed to hourly"? Did you have to throw in how unprofessional those goshdarned babysitters are with their mere hourly rates? Rubs me the wrong way for sure.

The nickel and dime comment is, again, just completely unprofessional, which sure is ironic for people so adamant about professionalism. Go the simple and easy route and say that the weekly rate will be based upon 50 hours, and that more or less may be worked in a week with ample notice, not to exceed X amount of hours unless agreed upon. No, they can't do that, they have to let you know that paying you for extra half hours "here and there", which of course, ADD UP OVER TIME, is you being a greedy, greedy little nanny.

Furthermore, the vagueness of the term "materially" is easily a screw-over for the nanny. "To the extent that your average hours in a month materially exceeded an average of 50 hours per week, we would either “top you up” at a rate of $XX/hr." This sounds great, except that "materially" could mean anything. How many "material" hours of overtime do you have to do in a month before you get paid? 5? 10?

The Vacation Bank? Pure nonsense. This isn't retail, where your boss can call you and tell you not to show up for work and you don't get paid. What happened to professionalism? Why is your nanny being penalized because you personally choose not to have them work? Take responsibility for yourself and deal with it.

The bonuses? Full of shit. "Cash" and "paid time off" are not the same thing, even if you list it as "cash". Personally, I'd rather just work the time and actually -receive- extra cash. Ooo, they'll let you use their fitness center that comes customary with their rental agreement. Aren't you lucky! And hey, maybe they'll even be so kind as to let you park for free, likely another customary service...except that this bonus only works when the weather is nice. Good on you, OP, for ditching these people.

Seattle Nanny said...

Business casual isn't cheap. I remember when I tried simply wearing Docker's, it was a disaster! I kept destroying the knees. I'm a hands-on nanny, I have to wear jeans.

I am bothered a little by their attempt to discourage moonlighting.

I don't like that they're not willing to contribute even a token amount to a nanny's healthcare insurance. You'd think the profession of one of them would impress upon them the importance of having said insurance. It also seems logically inconsistent with their flu shot requirement.

I also don't like their insistence on a salary over an hourly rate. There are other ways to avoid being nickeled and dimed, and to allow variation in days then to kill the hourly rate. I would be certain to watch the hours carefully.

Despite all this, they seem well meaning so I have to ask, where do I sign up?

Some of you are lambasting the vacation bank concept, but I like it. I've setup similar systems to stabilize my pay in the past with employers who were shall we say not ideally consistent in keeping to their hours. Employers who sadly had very little understanding of nanny over babysitter.

As for the transportation part, that wasn't the bonus - there was an error in the formatting of the post which is why I think so many have misunderstood, the two bonus options were cash and time off.

No seriously though, where was this posted?

Tina said...

Hi I read this and coming from a mother's perspective, I don't see this as very unreasonable - except for the bonus and vacation bank idea. Otherwise, it is a very detailed description of exactly what they expect, and it is within their right to ask for it. Dressing in business casual is a reasonable request - your neighbours will see the nanny and how you dress is a reflection of your attitude. I think perhaps comfortable casual may be more in order, but I have seen nannies in ripped sneakers, yoga pants, and a tank top walking a baby in a brand new bugaboo stroller. Looked out of place.

Wanting a nanny to not babysit outside of this family's requirements makes total sense to me - twins can be quite exhausting on their own!

black cat said...

she doesn't want or need a nanny....
she's wanting/needing a surrogate mother.

she's just shy of handing the kids over to the nanny! sheesh!!