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A 28-year-old Bartlesville man who says he used a professional wrestling move called “power bomb" to discipline his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son has been charged with felony child abuse in Washington County District Court. Laird also said he picked the boy up and slammed him repeatedly into a doorframe and that he became angry because the child had gotten hurt, the affidavit stated. Laird told police the boy became dizzy and started vomiting after being thrown into the doorframe repeatedly.

A Central Texas nanny arrested and convicted for child abuse ten years ago walks out of jail. Maggie Dittman was 2-years old when she died in 1998.Court records show the child was severely beaten and violently shaken. Her nanny, Alma Guadalupe Quintanilla was convicted for abuse and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A judge has ordered that a 5-year-old boy rescued in a house fire by his nanny will remain with the man who is raising him rather than go to his mother. Shelby County Family Court Judge John David Myles ruled Friday that Aden Gray should remain with J.B. Hawes of Shelbyville, who has been the boy's primary caretaker his entire life.

Police say a Delray Beach babysitter left a toddler at home unattended to go drink with friends. Then proceeded to drink to the point she was pulled over by police and received a DUI. 52-year-old Theresa Long's arrest report reveals she was arrested Wednesday night on charges of DUI and fleeing police.

A nine-month-old infant was pronounced dead Thursday evening after police said the child's babysitter left the child with an adult who could not properly care for the child.

A 32-year-old Indiana man convicted of molesting children as young as two months old with his girlfriend has been sentenced to 125 years in prison. Stephen Quick II of Veedersburg received the same sentence Thursday that 26-year-old Samantha Light received in December. Fountain Circuit Court Judge Susan Orr Henderson found Quick guilty of three counts of child molesting in March. Light pleaded guilty to child molesting charges.

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