Washington Square Toddler Park in NYC

Received Thursday, April 15, 2010
negative emoticon 1 Today when I arrived at the toddler park at Washington Square your son Liam was sitting on your daughter (small blond haired little girl, looked to be about 3) on the toddler climber near the slide. Pretty normal behavior for a big brother but this is not what concerned me. When your daughter started to cry your nanny was no where to be found. Many mothers were talking to your two children and another boy (looked to be a friend) trying to find out who was responsible for the children. Your daughter continued to cry for at least 5 minutes until your nanny ran over from the bench she was sitting on. She gathered all of the children and removed them to the other side of the park. Your daughter was really upset at the incident and everyone there was confused as to why her caretaker did not come to her aid sooner.
*Op of this post has a photo available for the parents of this child.


Elizabeth said...

Oh for the love of god. The little boy sat on the little girl, which you acknowledge is no big deal. Then the nanny waited five minutes before she came over. Perhaps she waited to see if the little girl would stop crying on her own?

This isn't exactly something out of Dickens, now is it? Get a life.

Jakejack05 said...

I'd be pretty pissed if I'm paying someone to take care of my children when I'm gone and they were nowhere to be found when one needs to be disciplined. How is any child going to learn to be a productive member of society when the adults let them do whatever they want as long as nobody's bleeding or seriously hurt?