Walter Stillman School - On Windsor and Tenafly Road - Tenfly, NJ

Received Wednesday, April 28, 2010
negative emoticon 1 Your son attends a public school On Windsor and Tenafly Road called Walter Stillman School in Tenfly, NJ. He is in second grade and small for his age. His babysitter, a heavyset woman who speaks little English ignores him. I have had to speak to him repeatedly on the playground about hitting my charge, who is 5 years old, with rocks, sticks, and his fists. Other kids on the playground have issues with your son as well. However when I or another parent or sitter correct him, he stops right away and plays nicely. I think he's seeking attention, which I assure you he does not get from his 'sit on the bench and ignore him' sitter. He has blonde curly hair and his name begins with a J. I hope you see this because his sitter really does nothing. You are paying her and we other sitters and parents are the ones minding your son. Since he is in 2nd grade he doesn't need constant supervision, but a little interaction once in a while on the sitter's part would let the poor child know she's still breathing and more importantly that she knows he exists.

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VAnanny said...

Is this on the school playground or a park playground? I hope the parents see this. So sad.