Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, NY

Received Wednesday, April 7, 2010
negative emoticon 1 I Saw Your Nanny! And she was being really rough with your approximately three year old son, (dressed in a long sleeve white shirt and brown print corduroys and little brown boots). It was really hot and your son wanted some of her GIANT bottle of Fiji water. His speech did not appear to be as developed as an average three year old's. I believe he said, "meh, meh, "meh" when holding out his hands and BEGGING with his eyes for water. She just would not budge. She finally left with the child in the directions of the bathrooms and came back and the boy's hair and face was all wet. I think it was more wet than if she just helped him drink from the faucet. I mean that's the best case scenario. I think it is more than likely that she put his head under the sink, held it there or worse in the toilet. Why do I think this? Because your nanny was all mad looking. And I ask you, how did a nanny like that get a job? I mean, god forbid she hurts your son, how are you going to explain to friends and family when her angry, mean looking face, with cold eyes and frown lines blankets the evening news. You know they are going to want to know what you saw in her. I want to know. She never said anything nice to the kid. She looked like she was waiting for a late bus the whole time he was there. I am just furious that someone would hire someone like this to take care of the kids. Here's a novel idea, why don't YOU GO SPEND the day alone with her?
Your nanny:
African American
Approximately 5'5"
Black hair cut in a bob, very shiny/pretty.
Light complexion.
Approximately 130-135 pounds.
Wearing blue denim jeans, black oxford style shoes and a green button up blouse.


About the author said...

This would be a good negative sighting if the OP wasn't so over reactive about many things in the posting.
The OP seemed angry on a personal level at the parents of the charge.
Hopefully the parents of this post do read it and right the problem though.

Jane Doe said...

Yes, OP does seem angry. It probably has to do with what she witnessed.

Oh, come on... said...

While she may not have been a good nanny-why would you assume she dunked the kids head in the TOILET? That is disgusting and I seriously doubt she did that. I was at the zoo with a friend and it was very hot. Her son took a drink from the water fountain and then she rubbed him down (head, arms, legs) with water to cool him down. It's not something I would have done, but it was not abusive. You said in our own post it was hot-even though she did not let him drink out of her bottle she did obviously take him to the water fountain. We all have bad days, it doesn't mean she is abusive to her charge.

Give me a break, please! said...

This posting seems based on some unreasonable assumptions. What if the kid was sick and the nanny didn't want to share her water? Why would you assume that she dunked his head in a toilet? And kids are messy! My own three-year-old manages to get water everywhere still when drinking out of a fountain.

Unknown said...

I never share my water with my charges. Or really anyone for that matter. HOWEVER--I also never go anywhere without my charges drinks, even the park 1/2 block away.
Nanny should have been more prepared & I'm sure she could have been nicer about the situation... but I highly doubt she could have held him under the water without an obvious reaction from the little boy.

Christina said...

How do you know the child was speech delayed, and not just whining? If a 3 year old is grunting at me ("meh meh meh") for something, instead of using his words and asking, I wouldn't give in. If he wants a sip of water, he can ask for it.

Phoenix said...

Growing up in a hotter than hell climate we always pour water onto the kids to cool them down. She probably took him into the bathroom had him drink from the faucet and splashed water on him. No big deal

dadiswrongonthisone said...

sorry: I call FillerTroll.

OP: as soon as you said the toilet thing, your post lost validity.

swirly said...

I have to agree:
LOL at the toilet comment, what a bizarre leap in assumptions to make. Wet child = dunked in toilet. :P

I, too, grew up in a very hot climate, and yes, it is very common to not only drink the water but be splashed with it. As I recall, by the time I was about 5 years of age, I splashed myself to cool down.

Not enough to go on here. Perhaps she was cranky, but that's not a crime.

MissMannah said...

This is bizarre, and probably a totally unnecessary post.

If someone has a real concern for the child's well-being, I appreciate them taking the time to post here. But if their post is full of assumptions and hearsay, it is pretty much a waste of everyone's time.

PS: It has been said a million times here: NEVER share your own drink with your charges. Their mouths are germ-factories, and for that matter, yours might be too.

toonces the cat who would drive a car said...

A good nanny:
1) responds to a child
2) comes prepared for the child.
3) is able to improvise without wetting a child.
4) smiles- occasionally
5) engages a child
6) doesn't scare passerbyers.

Blah said...

This seems to be a post from a vindictive individual who knows and dislikes this person and wants to get her in trouble. Really? an intelligent person will assume that the boy's face was shoved in a toilet because he came out with his hair and face wet? And assumed this happened in a public restroom? No, there is no way the nanny washed his hair and face because it was hot. IMPOSSIBLE.

No Way said...

Not enough to go on. I will agree with everyone who says it's common to splash a child with water on hot days to cool them down. I also agree that I sometimes ignore my 3.5 year old charge when he is simply whining at me (which he does, even though he's very verbal). After prompting him a hundred times to use words, I now wait for him to ask. Nanny should have had a water bottle for the kid, that's all I can really say about this.

Kat said...


Did the OP ever consider that the child might have gotten himself wet? I have six children of my own, and I've babysat for several. I'm not a professional Nanny or Au-Pair, but as a childcare provider for over eleven years I know kids can get themselves wet. That could be why the Nanny was angry, just a thought.