Biltmore St NW, between Columbia Rd & 19th (in DC?)

Received Tuesday, April 13, 2010
kissy emoticon
When: noon, 12 Apr 2010
Where: Biltmore St NW, between Columbia Rd & 19th
Nanny: young Afro-Caribbean woman (I assume based on accent), wearing a red and white horizontally striped blouse, blue denim capris.
Child: blond toddler (boy, I assume), in a large blue stroller.
What: She was chatting w/ child, in a very friendly tone, and at times taking the stroller into an S shaped path to elicit giggles from the boy. No cellphone in sight. It was nice to see a nanny who was actually interested in the child and enjoying her job.


Eye-roll said...

Maybe I'm just really jealous and bitter that I don't get any recognition for my job, but...

Come on! A nanny doing her JOB? That's AMAZING! Whoa, who would've thought all nannies aren't lazy and mean?

You're Lame said...


This site is called I saw Your Nanny.

Not, I saw your nanny abusing your child.

It's obvious you're just jealous and bitter because nobody has posted you on here, but get over it. How wonderful for the parents to check this site and see a description of their nanny and child, and it's completely positive.

Pull the stick out of your butt.

VAnanny said...

I think the positive postings are great. They show another side of nannies that is not often portrayed on this site. With so much abuse and neglect going on, it is refreshing to see the positive every now and then.

chinanny said...

I love the positive nanny sightings! Great post OP.