Loehmans on 73rd in NYC

Received Thursday, March 11, 2010
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At Loehmann's on 73rd and Broadway on the Upper West Side I saw a nanny threaten and force a young girl back in her stroller, yelling, "If you don't sit back down, I'll force you back down". She then proceeded to force her down.

The nanny:
Short about 5 foot to 5'2" tall.
African American
Pretty and well groomed with a smooth short hairdo, worn under.
(shorter than shoulder length)
Wore nice makeup
Had a multi colored purse like a 'sport sak' on back of stroller
She was articulate, spoke nicely as she accused me of being a 'liar'.

The child:
Girl around 3-4 years old.
Blond hair (though not "tow head") , wearing braids
Narrow face.

The stroller:
Black, single child, with a high, wide handlebar

The girl whimpered. I chased them down the street and told the nanny "You never know who's watching, so stop it"....that I wish I could contact the parents. I stopped her on Broadway at 72nd street. She continued south down the east side of the street.

It was very upsetting. The child was terribly upset and helpless, as was I.

Please pass this on if it sounds like someone you know. PLEASE.


Laura said...

Wow. An articulate black nanny.
When's the last time you used that word to describe a white woman?

About the author said...

What's that supposed to mean not the mama?

OP- Even if the nanny was snippy towards you maybe she might think twice in the future about her treatment of her charge.

MissMannah said...

Just Me, I disagree. I don't think this meanie nanny will think twice about treating the child badly. If anything, she might start treating her worse in private.

Not the Mama, get a life and get over your reverse racism.

Who dis? said...

Not the Mama,
We are not talking about a presidenial candidate here or an Rhodes Scholar. We are talking about a nanny in a pool of nannie that exists in NYC, most of whom are INARTICULATE to the EXTREME.

Phoenix said...

I don't understand what happened?

world's best nanny said...

An articulate African American nanny probably trying to get a child to follow orders for her own safety? Unheard of!!

Perhaps she was trying to get her to sit down for awhile and it wasn't working, some kids only respond if they think they are going to get hurt.

Imagine if she let the child stand up, then fall out on to her face, break her nose and chip a tooth?

dadiswrongonthisone said...

I have to go with WBN on this one: not enough info to convince me that the nanny was attempting to get the child to sit safely in the stroller. I don't think that a child should ever think they are going to be hurt, however: but telling a child it is time to sit in the stroller and if you can't I'll help you! is ok in my book.

same poster would probably complain if the child were running in the street and the nanny was allowing her to walk rather than have her safely in the stroller.

Manhattan Nanny said...

OP isn't objecting to the nanny putting the child in the stroller. She is distressed by the way she did it, yelling, threatening and pushing roughly. I think most parents would object to their child being treated like that.

VAnanny said...

Telling a child to do something "or else" (i.e. force them to sit down) is never OK. Not only is it ineffective, but it is a cruel way to speak to a child. There could have been some sort of safety issue that the nanny was trying to prevent but this was just the wrong way to go about it. MissMannah-I totally agree with you on all points. It does scare me that if the nanny is like this in public, she may be far worse in private.

Village said...

Hey dude #1, it's called a WIFE!

world's best nanny said...

You chased them down? A life, get one, quickly before you end up being the lady with the 10,000 cats who keeps the ball when it lands in her yard!