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Nanny Says She Was Stabbed By Employer
A Prince William County nanny was forced into a shower and attacked with scissors. Police say the person responsible was the mother of the children she was watching.

'Sarko's dad first had sex at 11, with nanny'
French President Nicolas Sarkozy's father had his first sexual experience with his nanny when he was just 11, Sarkozy senior admitted in a new book. In his new autobiography, 'So Much Life', Pal Sarkozy, 81, confessed that he has been an insatiable philanderer ever since he was just 11. The confession by Pal is considered to cause huge embarrassment to President Sarkozy.
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Live-in nanny charged with distributing child porn
Wheaton family hired man from Craigslist ad
A man working as a live-in nanny in Wheaton was charged Thursday with distributing thousands of child pornography files online. Lubos Albrecht, 22, who told agents he viewed his collection each morning when he woke up and again before he went to sleep, was living in a basement bedroom in his employer's home when FBI agents executed a search warrant Wednesday.

Nanny Accused of Swiping $30K in Jewelry From Employers
A Greenburgh nanny has been arrested for allegedly swiping $30,000 worth of jewelry from two of her employers.Latisha Staten is accused of stealing assorted cash and jewelry from two houses in the Mayfair Acres section of Greenburgh.

Broward County abuse survivor undertakes long journey for others
Walking 500 miles across the state will be the biggest athletic challenge upon which Lauren Book-Lim has ever embarked. But it is nothing compared to the years of physical and sexual abuse she endured at the hands of her nanny. Book-Lim's abuse began when she was 10 years old and ended six years later when she reported it. The nanny, Waldina Flores, is now serving a 25-year prison sentence.
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Babysitter Tricked 8-Year-Old into Posing Nude
A Tucson man guilty of producing child pornography faces 15 years in prison after manipulating a child into posing naked for him. Twenty-eight-year-old Christopher A. Flynt entered a guilty plea Thursday after he coerced an 8-year-old boy he was babysitting, into letting Flynt take nude photographs of him.

V'land police: Babysitter burns boy
....Police were called to the scene at 7:50 a.m. During their investigation, police said, Vasquez told officers he got frustrated and placed the young boy on a radiator.

North Naples babysitter charged with sending 5 month old to hospital with head injury
...When the child's mother picked him up at 24-year-old Cherie Landowski's home, she noticed a bruise on his forehead. The 5-month-old baby was not only vomiting, but shaking and going limp at times. Deputies said Landowski blamed it on a toy hitting him in the head.


world's best nanny said...

Hooray for Free Range Kids!!!!!

Don't you know the entire baby conglomerate is instilling fear into you just so they can line their pockets?

Let your kids demonstrate that all you taught them about safety wasn't a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

I am friends with this infant's mother. The sad thing as that the nanny came recommended and she spent a considerable amount of time with the woman before stating child care.