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January 11, 2010
Twice-Convicted Abuser Leaves Nightmare in His Wake - Norfolk, VA.
Seven years have passed since his father, Walter Z. Speller, so severely beat Isaiah that it left the then-14-month-old boy brain damaged, blinded and paralyzed on his left side. Speller has long since served the two-year sentence a Virginia Beach jury recommended after convicting him of child abuse.

After his release, Speller met another woman, had another son.

He beat that child, Ohene Speller, injuring his brain and paralyzing him. Ohene's half sister, Laniah, suffered similar abuse and brain damage. (continued)

Child Abuse Charges - Oklahoma City, OK.
A teenager testified in Oklahoma County court Wednesday showing the judge his scars as he told about years of abuse. The 15-year-old was unemotional in the preliminary hearing as he explained how his mother LaRhonda McCall and her Friend Steve Hamilton allegedly abused and neglected him over 4 years. During the testimony, McCall shook her head several times.

The boy grew up in New Jersey in the custody of his mother's cousin. He says when he was 10 he was told he was coming to Oklahoma for a visit.

He says he was left here and the abuse began around his eleventh birthday. (continued)


just another mommy said...

Just reading the first story, I'm in tears. How could someone do someting so horrendous to not 1, but 3 children? And how does a mother just sit by and let it happen?

Village said...

Child abusers should be put to death.

TC said...

I just can't picture anyone hurting a child. The child I nanny for his HARD. He's an infant and he cries a lot, there are some days I'm in tears because he's spent 10 hours straight screaming but never once have I ever thought of hurting him. I don't see how that crosses anyone's mind.

What goes through my mind is only_____ more hours and I can have a glass of wine

just another mommy said...

TC, I'm not condoning parents or anyone hurting a child. It is wrong and should never happen! However, you nailed it when you said that you count down the hours. For some of us sahm's, there is no x amount of hours until we are off the clock. Right now I have about 100 days until I get to take a trip and I'm looking forward to it, but even then, I'll be taking my brand new baby with me (35 weeks pregnant right now). So there is no actual off duty time for me in the near future.

Being a nanny is tough, I know, but being a full-time parent is much tougher. There is no real relief.

But like I said in the beginning, that is not an excuse for a parent to hurt a child. If a parent finds themselves so angry that they feel they are going to hurt the child, they do need to find an alternative, even if that means calling the police station and handing the child over. It's better for that child to be abondoned than beat to death or near death.

anonmom said...

oh yes my heart bleeds for stay at home moms. please. spare us. I am a nanny who works with my own child and trust me: being alone with your own child to do what you please is a luxury. I am a single mom who has to work full time and raise her child by herself at the same time so please don't act like you have it rough. you have no idea what it is like to be on the clock at all.

regarding this post, no there is no excuse for child abuse. I agree with Village: they should all get the death penalty. They are of no use to anyone, and a danger to everyone.

get real said...

I agree with annon. I can't imagine being a single mom. And having to work full-time as well. Your right being a SAHM is a luxury if one can afford to do so. It is so much easier than taking care of a strangers child. I was a nanny too. Now married with a child. No comparison.

And by the way, we haven't taken a vacation in 5 years. And I would never think of hurting my child. No excuse.

About the author said...

In the very least those bastards should be FIXED!

DT said...

I'm really confused about the jail sentences. That doctor who had road rage in CA got 5 years, and the only injuries were a broken nose to a cyclist.

Those poor children have life long problems.

hang 'em high said...

Doesn't sound like this "dad" was a full-time parent, so moot point in relation to this story.

But really I don't see why he should serve anything less than a life sentence for this- 2 counts of attempted murder.

TC said...

Just another mommy....I am a single mother.

I watch my son along with the two children that I nanny for. My son and my boss' oldest are 5 weeks apart and now they have a baby. I know what it's like to not get a break.

I was married to a man who was sent to Iraq 3 times, the 2nd time when I was 5 months pregnant and he was gone for the first 9 months of our son's life. He came home for a year and was sent back to Iraq for a year so again I know what it's like to have my own kid, I just never had the luxury to hand him over to daddy after a long days work

anonmom said...


you go girl! you are awesome!!!!!

cali mom said...

This first story is indescribably infuriating on many levels. How can an asshole who MAIMS a BABY get sentenced to only 2 years??? Jurors should have to pass an IQ test, cause these people couldn't have been collectively higher than a 25.

And on another level, WHY WHY WHY do women do things like leave a battered women's shelter and go running back to the sick piece of shit that paralyzed their children for life? And tortured them AND their children repeatedly and consistently for YEARS? This isn't like a slap in the face, this is ONGOING abuse and she went back to him??? And for that matter, why would any intelligent woman hook up with a guy who has a cross tattooed on his forehead and tears tattooed on his eyes? That pretty much screams out right there "I'M A LOSER WHO DOESN'T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT ANYTHING OR PLAN TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING **EVER**".

cali mom said...

I would say that THESE people (the abusive parents) are the ones who really need to be shot and thrown off a bridge, but that would be too quick and painless for them.