Glen Mills, PA

Received Wednesday, December 9, 2009
santa oi
Where: Oasis Family Fun in Glen Mills, PA
Who: White nanny with orange-died hair, wearing camouflauge hat on her head, tight cargo pants and black sweater and army style boots.
The Child: A brunette, white toddler with very blunt cut hair, wide face, freckles, approximately aged 20-28 months wearing a tigger sweatshirt, dark blue pants and brown shoes.
What: The nanny completely ignored the child as she tried to text on her phone and make plans. If you don't know this nanny by her description, you will know her by the fact that her boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and she is trying to get off at 5PM. I heard it all. She called, texted and ignored your child. She bought a drink and when the child came to share with her, she was greedy and yanked it from the child. There was nothing else offered to the child. Bad, bad nanny!
When: Tuesday, mid afternoon.


MissMannah said...

OK, as far as I can see, this nanny's biggest crime is dying her hair orange. Seriously, orange? That is a crime against my right to good vision.

Joking aside, texting has gotten out-of-control. I hate seeing people on their phones (talking or texting) in public. I don't know what this venue was, but I'm guessing it was one of those places where kids can run off and play and the nanny sits down to relax. I'm guilty of "ignoring" my charge at one of those places, too. I say "ignoring" because that is how it would appear to some busybody. Of course I know exactly where he is at all times.

As for not sharing the drink--good for her! Never, ever share drinks!

MissMannah said...

PS: I forgot to say that I think the nanny was inconsiderate of people around her by being on the phone, but not putting her charge in any sort of danger. I don't think I made that point very clear in my previous post.

cali mom said...

Hmm, not enough to go on as to whether the nanny was awful or not (not sharing drinks is fine) but I have to ask, how is it being inconsiderate to those around you to TEXT on a phone? The noise of the buttons moving in and out is just too disturbing??

VAnanny said...

Seriously. With all the crap going around, what parent would WANT their nanny sharing a drink with their child? Gross!

SnowedInMissDee said...

I had an interesting assignment for Sociology class this semester. I had a to write a paragraph-which for me is a two page paper about texting at work. In some professions, texting while at work is prohibited. In the nanny world, texting is something you can get away with at work, because there are no rules or regulations regarding cell phone usage. However, texting is something that is so common; the article I had to read for my assignment talked about people using their Blackberry for note taking, as compared to the old fashioned pen and paper. The same article also mentioned how texting was banned at meetings and gave reference to one client yelling at the president of a company he was doing business with because the president told her employees to take notes on their cell phones during client meetings. The client thought the employee was texting, only to find out he was taking notes.

Personally I wouldn't hire a nanny with orange hair. I would want to dye her hair back to the natural color or to a color that didn't scare small children or make people's eyes hurt.

The sharing of drinks during cold and flu season? No thanks. Instead of being mean about it, the nanny could've brought a bottle of water and snacks for her charge.

nannytomany said...

I don't share drinks with my charges, but I sure as heck wouldn't get a drink for myself and not have something for them. I think that was really mean of the nanny.

cali mom said...

I just think this is one of those so what postings, going only on what OP wrote. Likely the child had already had some food and drink at home and unless OP was staring squarely at the nanny and child and eavesdropping on them for an hour while being completely oblivious to her own charges, all we know is that the child wasn't offered any food or drink for a space of a few minutes and wasn't allowed to drink nanny's drink. Maybe there is more but it isn't written here and no, I am not going to just "give op the benefit of the doubt" and scream that someone should lose their job based on a bad dye job and not wanting a toddler's germs on her cup.

OP, how long were you observing these people? 5 minutes? An hour?

dadiswrongonthisone said...

if you say "blunt cut" fast enough it starts to sound like a dirty word.

MissMannah said...

Cali mom:

I find it just plain annoying. This afternoon I was at the store and my cousin was trying to get me into a "texting conversation" and all I could do was roll my eyes. I called him after I got home and told him how annoying it is to hear the text chime over and over.

Philadelphia Nanny said...

It's hard to tell if the nanny was really ignoring the child or not, but generally I go by people's intuition. If you saw the situation and felt as though the nanny was mean to the child or not paying attention, you're probably right. If you felt that way the child probably felt that way too.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Nannies should:
Never share drinks.
Always be prepared with drinks and snacks for charges.
Limit phone use.
Only dye their hair orange if it is charge's favorite color.

Andrea said...

Cry about it! Lots of nannies pay plenty of attention to the children they care for. It's okay to make a couple of phone calls and to try and ask your boss to get off of work early for a special ocassion! Part of being a nanny is the freedom that comes with the job. She could have been paying lots and lots of attention to that kid all day and it's not the end of the world if she let the kid be for a little bit and took out some time for herself. nannies work hard and everyone needs a break. The kids even need breaks from their nannies too. So for all you know this could have been a good thing for the child!

MissMannah said...

Manhattan Nanny:

You said exactly what I was trying to in a very concise way. I need to take notes from you on how to be less verbose.

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