2009 Holiday Bonus Feauture, Part I

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Westchester, NY

Bonus: $250
Weekly salary: 800
Supplementary Gifts: Christmas card, 2 pair of fuzzy socks and a Streisand box set.
Length of employment: 3 years, 7 months
My employers used to be super generous, now all they talk about is the economy. They told me they wouldn't be able to give me a raise this year. They also told me they would need me to start staying late on Friday night so they could have a built in Friday night sitter. I live in Putnam County, about a 45 minute commute daily. This means I will have to drive home Friday at 1 or 2 AM or worse, stay over and be caught up in their Saturday morning. All they do is talk about how broke they are, but "the Mrs." took me with her to meet her jewelry designer to design a ring and necklace for her. Platimum and chocolate diamonds. She even asked for my input. Number of stones, carats, weight of the platinum and price was all discussed. "The Mrs" said she deserved this because of the year she has had. My bonus last year was $800. Last year they also bought me a mac and an iphone. The economy was bad last year too. I see this as just being selfish and I will spend the time they are skiing to find a new job!

Atlanta, GA
Bonus: 2,000 cash
Weekly salary: 600 cash
Gifts: photo of child.
Length of employment: 6 months

Madison, WI USA
Bonus: 0 bonus at my first holiday, December 2008.
Weekly Salary: I worked 1-2 days per week for $7/hr. She is a single mom and I always made it a point to tidy the house during nap time.
Gifts: I got a trial size Bath and Body works gift set and umbrella for my birthday.
Length of Employment: I worked for her for 10 months and was fired via text without explanation.

Westchester, NY
Bonus this year: 500 before taxes
Your Weekly Salary: 800 before taxes
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Not sure yet
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 7 months 50hr/week
I think it is customary to give at least 1 weeks salary as a Christmas bonus. I would have been satisfied with the $500 because I know times are tough. However, $500 with taxes taken out ends up being under $300 and I think that is unfair. I really love the family and get along with the parents very well. I was surprised not only by the amount but also the way that it was given. The DB handed me my pay stub in an envelope and said almost as an afterthought that my Christmas bonus was included in that check. He said that it might help to have it early so I can use it for my Christmas shopping which was a nice thought but a card would have been nice. The truth is that I count on my bonus, as do many nannies on this site so when I saw that, I felt a little bit disappointed. I should say that they did give me a very thoughtful wedding gift and a small birthday gift in the past 4 months. Basically, I think that if they wanted to give me $500, they should have given it to me in cash or otherwise payed the taxes that would leave me with an actual extra $500 instead of $500 taxable income which feels much less like a bonus or a gift. That being said, I think $500 is low for all the work that I do and compared to the amount I have been given at Christmas with previous jobs. I was working on the books part time (15hr/week) last Christmas and I received a check for $1000 in a nice card signed by the kids and parents expressing their appreciation. I know this family was diligent in their record keeping so I'm sure that they paid taxes on the $1000 gift. The job before that (full time 50hr/week) I received $1000 cash and a gift basket filled with slippers, sweets, and a few handmade gifts from the kids. I feel a little hurt but grateful all the same. We will see, it is only December 7th so I will probably receive a card from the kids.

Upstate WNY area
Bonus this year (2009): Nothing so far and nothing expected :(
Weekly Salary: 150ish-350ish depending on time of year
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Last years was a re-gift crap gift card. Uhh thannnkkksssss?
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: Several years
It's pretty hurtful I must say. I have gone above and beyond for a job that at this point hinders my income rather than supports it. I stayed this long for my charge. I have finally decided that this will be my last year. I wish that I could leave with a better feeling about this family, sadly I will not. They are high-strung perfectionists with unreasonable expectations of perfection that they place upon their child. I'm tired. I'm sick of the screaming and anger in that house. I wish I could be the balance their child needs forever but I am finally burnt out. Just another under appreciated nanny. One thing I do know for certain, their hindsight will be clear!

What I would like? A thoughtful home-made gift? Snow tires for the car I drive their child around in (w/out reimbursement I might add) or perhaps a AAA membership? How about a gift card to somewhere I'd enjoy- like Starbucks, a book store or Target? A certificate for a spa service? How about a warmer winter coat or some new boots (since you expect me to tromp around in the snow with your kid for hours in the snow, I certainly can't afford it! I don't have a FT job because I am working for YOU!) How about SOMETHING that shows me you actually care?

Irvington, NY USA
Bonus this year (2009): one weeks pay ($450) Nanny works three days a week
Your Weekly Salary: $450
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Uggs for nanny, Juicy Couture watch for both of her daughters, Yankees sweatshirt for her husband
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: she has worked for us for 3 years

New York, NY
Bonus this year: Bonus , 2 weeks pay, which is $1400 all together.
Any suplementary gifts aside from the bonus: Mom took me to Nordstroms for a make over and then bought me the cosmetics used.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 8 years

Chicago, IL, USA
Bonus this year (2009): $1000 in cash
Your Weekly Salary: pretax 650 (baseline + overtime - often there's at least 3-5 hours of overtime paid at 1.5 X hourly rate)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a gift from the kids
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: she has worked for our family for almost 9 months

Bonus this year: $2,000
Weekly Salary: $1250 gross plus $1500/month net towards rent (all on the books), full healthcare, 3 weeks paid vacation.
Additional gifts: $500 Crate and Barrel voucher, RL cashmere sweater, scarf and hat, plus RL cashmere sweater for my husband.
Time with family: 11 months
My family have been very generous all year; they helped us relocate to NYC, sort out an apartment and helped furnish it. I work hard but get rewarded well.

Washington State
Bonus this year (2009): $1000 cash
Your Weekly Salary: $825 after taxes based on a 55-hour week; additional hours are paid to me at time-and-a-half; family pays for my choice health insurance, car insurance, gas, iPhone bill, all groceries and my meals when the children & I elect to eat-out or pick-up take-out; I also receive four weeks paid vacation (2 weeks in summer & 2 weeks in winter) and paid sick days.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a beautiful Burberry Scarf & matching cashmere gloves from Neiman Marcus; a night-out with the family to see the musical "White Christmas" & dinner at Ruth's Chris; a night-out with just the mother & I at my favorite restaurant (we hired a sitter for the kids!); a brand new 2009 Honda CRV to use as the nanny car.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 10 months
I'm a live-in with this two teenage-children (both special needs), one-parent family in a four-story home with a live-out housekeeping staff. I am very happy, as they are very generous, loving and truly consider me part of the family. She clearly put a lot of thought into my supplemental gifts. I can't imagine being happier in any other position and/or situation.

Newport News, Va
I work for 2 families.
Family #1:
Bonus: 300.00
Weekly Salary: 350.00.
Supplementary Gifts: Gift card to a favorite store.
Length of time: 1 year on a part time basis.

Family #2
Bonus: 100.00
Weekly Salary: 200.00
Gifts: gift card to favorite store.
Length of time: 3 months.

Chicago, IL
Bonus this year: $1000 cash!
Weekly salary: $560/week, before taxes (which I do pay)
Supplementary gifts: none, but they knew my husband and I really need the money
Length of time you've worked for the family: almost exactly 2 years

Bonus this year: $1900
Weekly Salary: 950; net, 1137 gross.
Supplementary gifts: 2010 silver Prius
Length of time you've worked for the family: just over 4 years

Haven't sent yours in yet? Do so soon. The second installment will be published Sunday, December 27. We want to hear from as many nannies as employers as possible, so don't delay!


world's best nanny said...

Wow a car!! Granted I use their cars all week so my car is in fairly decent shape. But, wow a new car!

disgusted said...

I think some of these nannies sound very ungrateful. They should feel lucky to get anything at all if you ask me. I am a nanny and true we get paid less in my part of the country but the parents I care for cannot afford to give me much. I am grateful for anything in this economy.

To the first poster: you sound really spoiled. 800 dollars a week? I am a single mother and that is what I make per month for 50 hours per week. True I get to have my child with me, but I also have a mortgage, car, and bills to pay. I think this segment of ISYN is really eye-opening. I usually side with the nannies, but your post makes me sick.

VAnanny said...

I too thought some of the nannies that DID receive gifts sounded very ungrateful. The one who got the $500 bonus in particular! I'm jealous! I am a nanny in nursing school and was so surprised when I got the bonuses I did. They were much needed and very appreciated. I agree ALL nannies should get a nice gift or cash from their employers at Christmas so it is sad to see that some nannies got nothing. Times are hard everywhere but skimping on the people who take care of your kids is not ok.

atb said...

Any person who is used to getting X, Y and Z for Christmas or a one week bonus has the right to be disappointed that they didn't get that this year. Stop projecting your loathing on to this nanny because she makes more than you. How dare you get mad because a nanny makes $800. Guess what, $800 is the low end in my area and I make over a thousand every single week. I can't participate in the bonus yet because I have to wait until Wednesday. I won't be ungrateful if I don't get atleast what I got last year, I'll be upset. I work hard all year long. I'm sorry you had a child out of wedlock. That makes me sick.

ericsmom said...

I thought too some nannies sounded ungrateful. Look alot of top notch companies are not giving out bonuses or raises this year.

My sister is in that group. Works for a well known company. Making flavors food/liquor. They are being forced to take four days of unpaid leave. Four days of no pay. Which isn't fair at all. But what can you do. Its not easy finding another job in this economy.

So be happy with what you get. Yeah nannies work hard but so do other professionals.

just another mommy said...

atb, just because disgusted is a single mother it does not automatically mean she had a child out of wedlock. There could be many reasons including death of a husband, a husband walking out on her or adopting a child. Don't just assume she had a child out of wedlock.

And even if she did, we don't know the circumstances behind it and I want her to know that if that is the case, I'm proud of her for taking responsibility of that child and caring for him/her the best way she knows how!

Who r we to judge said...

yeah really. My sisters husband died when her kids were 2 and 3.

disgusted said...


I did not have my child out of wedlock. I left my husband because he was abusive, fyi. And having a "child out of wedlock" does not make someone sickening.

I am glad you are not my nanny. You sound very immature, naive, ignorant and judgemental.

I have every right to my opinion, and I think that is making good money and the OP sounded ungrateful. I can see I am not the only poster here to feel that way.

aliana said...

wow!! someone got a car as a bonus!! i am missing out big time!! yeap i am

NVMom said...

Disgusted, I totally agree. I think the greed factor amongst some people is unreal. I've worked in a professional high-paying job and never seen gifts like these, so be grateful people!
OTOH, I also hate to see some nannies used and taken advantage of, as some of the posters indicated.It sounds like the nanny in Washington has the perfect fit. She's working hard and given the family loyalty, and they are rewarding it. That's what I'd want, as a Mom or a nanny.

It's Confusing said...

I guess I really don't understand who determines which industry gets bonuses and which don't. Nannies?? Doormen?? Postal workers?? Housecleanners?? Teachers?? When I was a kid, teachers didn't get holiday gifts....maybe a card. Once the decision is made that an industry gets a tip, who decides that it's a week's pay?? I am happy for everyone, but why do some industries get a bonus and others don't? I understand the financial industry (not this year) in that it is a share of profits....when profits are made. Nannies are great but they don't turn a profit for their bosses. Make life easier, sure, just like doormen, but profit?? It confuses me.

missin'mykids said...

Wow.... a car. These bonuses sound nice, but I have never recieved a monetary bonus at any job. When I was a nanny, I always recieved wonderful & thoughtful gifts, but never a bonus. I can't imagine being upset that I didn't recieve a large sum of cash.... I loved my christmas presents. This is my 2nd christmas since I moved away from them, and they still send me wonderful gifts. I was plesantly surprised to find a box in the mail today from them. :-)

Manhattan Nanny said...

I don't think they are embellishing. The two that are most lavish are both in NYC, and while not typical, bare in mind there are some very wealthy families here. Buying the nanny a car to get back and forth to your house in the Hamptons seems like a practical thing to do if your annual Wall St. bonus is in the millions.

Manhattan Nanny said...

It's Confusing,
"Nannies are great but they don't turn a profit for their bosses. Make life easier, sure, just like doormen, but profit? It confuses me."

Well, my momboss could get out of the building by opening the door herself, but she couldn't work at her very highly paid career if it weren't for me, the nanny, so I am indirectly enabling her to make a profit. (The doormen in large luxury buildings make out like bandits with holiday tips and bonuses from management btw, in some buildings possibly better than the nannies.) You're right, it is confusing!

AngelMissDee said...

I didn't think I sounded ungrateful when I sent my submission in. When I was J's nanny, I got $7 per hour and didn't complain, because I was lucky that I had a FT job that allowed me to care for him on weekends. As I was there for 6-9 months, I considered asking for a raise but decided against it. Then I got fired for no reason, other than what happened when I took him to work with me and the whole daycare bill. I resent someone telling me I was ungrateful when I was the lowest paid nanny with the rudest parent.

Ashley said...

I do not think you were being ungrateful at all!! I have been in a situation where I worked for less then I felt I was worth. I loved the two little girls and I need the family simply couldn't afford more! I was making $10/hr but I constantly went above and beyond for that family. Now I make $15/hr and $12/hr. I also live in Madison,WI. Did you end up getting another nanny job?

Village said...

I've worked for myself since 1984, and I've never given myself a bonus. MY BAD!!

I think if you can get a large bonus, that is fantastic. And I can understand getting used to it, and being disappointed when it goes down or disappears.

And no matter how much a nanny makes, it's not enough. Raising children is the most important job in the world.

Entitled Much? said...

I think we would all do well to remember that a BONUS is something EXTRA to show they care...not something we are entitled to whether it bankrupts our employers or not. Really, would you rather have a really big bonus or a job with a paycheck next week?

Wow. said...

I completely agree with Entitled Much.
The first Westchester NY post sounds totally ungrateful. I understand your upset because you only got $250 this year but last year you got a weeks salary, a mac, and iphone. That was really generous of them.
Westerchester NY (the 4th posting) I don't agree with nannies counting on their bonuses, the only that should be expected is your weekly pay. I think as a bonus of a nice way that they can show their appreciation. Anything given should be appreciated.
I think everyone who works hard deserves a bonus or a nice gift but that's just not what happens in the real world.
The people who got cash bonuses along with other gifts should be super grateful. Look at the people who got very small bonuses or nothing at all.
To all of you complaining about your bonus just remember there are plenty of nannies who would be willing to take your place and be happy about what they got.
I never expect a bonus. I am always surprised and grateful to get a bonus. I expect the people I work for to spend money on their children and family members, including me is something I feel honored about. I would take a small bonus and guaranteed job over a big bonus anyday.
You guys should be grateful. bitching about what you didnt get is childish.

Wow (again) said...

"I think of a bonus as a nice way that they can show their appreciation." worded that wrong and had to fix it.

NVMom said...

Miss Dee, You were definitely not ungrateful. In fact, I thought of you as one of those who was treated poorly by your employer. I think bad nannies are terrible, but so are parents who do the same. I wonder what happens when bad nannies meet bad parents? Nightmares for the kids, I imagine.

VAnanny said...

MissDee: I was not referring to you. Was anyone referring to MissDee's post??

disgusted said...

nobody that I can see was referring to Miss Dee's post. I certainly was not. I don't think there is any excuse for her employer to fire her without an explanation: that is clearly unfair and unprofessional.

I was referring to the first one. OP complained and bitched about her employer in a way that made her sound really entitled.

Of course nannies are important and of course they deserve to be treated gererously. But as another poster said, this is the real world. I never said I "loathed" the nanny who got paid more than I do: I merely implied that her attitude sucks. I don't think anyone should look a gift horse in the mouth.

VAnanny said...

That's what I thought. Simmer down, MissDee!!!!!!!!! No one thinks you are ungrateful!

Bloomfield babysitter said...

I think some of the nannies on here sound spoiled and ungrateful every year. They don't seem to get that the economy is working to the EMPLOYERS benefit. There are many people out of work and would be very grateful for any job at all with or without a bonus. Nothing is more disappointing than being used to a regular paycheck and not getting one!

The lady I work for has not gotten her bonus for the third year this year so mine will again be less than what I was getting when I started but I understand her circumstances. And no I don't begrudge the fact that she still went on her usual expensive family vacation or that she still gets her hair styled and dyed in a NYC salon. I am just thankful I have a steady paycheck and she will show her appreciation in some way this holiday.

Psyber Chica said...

Wow! This time of year sure does bring out the greed in people.

Poster #1, are you hurting for money? Is your employer sticking to the agreement that YOU agreed to? Will you feel like a total brat if you get a gift from them and it turns out that she was buying that jewelry for you?

Regardless of if it is for you or her, she has every right to treat herself to something nice and doesn't have to skimp on things for her family to give you anything extra. If you don't like it, get into a career that pays better.

Not okay said...

I think while the first poster is looking for a job while the family goes skiing, she should remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
You should be so lucky to have a job right now, you could end up working for a family who pays less and doesn't give any bonuses or worse you could end up jobless.
I get very annoyed with some of these nannies because they seem entitled and ungrateful.
No offense but the people you work for work for their money, whether they work hard or they had a trust or their husband/wife works hard for the money but in the end that's their money and they can choose to spend it however they like.
They are entitled to go on family trips, they are entitled to spend money on their families and themselves, and they have the choice to give you a bonus or not give you a bonus.
You need to realize that all they are obligated to give you is whats in your contract which means sick time, vacation, paid holidays, and your paycheck. A bonus is a gift to show they value you as their nanny. Don't take that for granted or you could find yourself jobless in the new year.
I am a nanny, not an employer and I don't agree with any of the nannies who are upset because they got a small bonus. I feel bad for the nannies who got nothing.
I also think that maybe some of the parents over did it the first year and set a precident and then realized they couldn't keep that up. Who knows but be grateful. The holidays aren't even about what you receive. remember that.

SnowyAngelMissDee said...

Ashley: I still work at the same daycare, and no longer nanny. I did see J with his dad at school (MATC) and didn't say anything, since I wasn't sure if I was supposed to say anything. I heard J's mom hired a teenager and pays her more per hour to watch J on weekends than what I was paid. Not sure if this is true, however, I like where I am at so far with work and babysitting. I couldn't go to school during the day and nanny, which is why I don't nanny anymore.

I read Disgusted's first comment about ungrateful nannies and thought I was in that group. I went back and reread my submission and didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression, that's why I asked.

who knows? said...

I think some of the nannies who are sounding ungrateful are actually having a reaction to other circumstances in their jobs. Sometimes, in a really terrible situation, you tell yourself, "Let me just hold out for the bonus." It's something that gets you through all the other unbearable things you put up with. When that bonus doesn't comee, it's understandably disappointing. I'm just guessing that if these nannies felt appreciated in other ways throughout the year, they wouldn't rely so much on their bonus.
OTOH, they might just be spoiled.

mikky spillani said...

If a nanny does a good job, why can't she count on a bonus? Assuming she worked for the same family last year?

The nannies are professionals, like any other. If they receive less of a bonus than they did last year for doing the same work, why shouldn't they be disappointed? A nanny is in a different place only because she gets to see how and if the economy is affecting her employers or not.

thesenanniesaregreedy said...


she can be disappointed if she wants to, sure. But the fact remains that it is a bonus and to count on it is foolish, especially in these hard times. It is doubly foolish to rant and rave about it, especially if you have a car or an almost brand new iphone and are making thousands of dollars every month.

As one other poster said, this season really does bring out the greed in some people. Christmas is really about giving, not receiving.

CuriousDad said...

I probably would have been an employer some Nannies would have hated, as far as Christmas Bonuses are concerned. I have never received one in my entire career. If I had never read this board, would never have considered it as an option for a Nanny. Though on reflection I can see where the idea that a Nanny should receive a bonus grew from, since so many of them seem to work for professionals who receive one and those professionals would consider it as a matter of being the course of business.

The only people who I knew prior to this board, who receive bonuses, was as a percentage of profit made by the company they worked for. Not just because they did a "good" job for the year, but because it was either in their contract or as a profit sharing method to encourage their employees to strive for the companies bottom line. A good job usually lets you keep your job in good economic times, maybe even to receive a raise.

If I was to give a Nanny anything for a “good” job for the year it would have been a raise, instead of a bonus.

Now a gift for the nanny on the other hand, I would consider “mandatory” in my world view to show my and my families appreciation. And if any cash is involved it might be a gift card added on to the actual gift, for something I think the Nanny would appreciate. But I seriously doubt I would have been so crass as to give cash as a "gift". Yes, I know some might appreciate cash more, but as a “gift” I consider it a bit thoughtless.

Now after reading this board, my thinking might be: “I have X amount budgeted for the Nanny per year, I want to ensure that a bonus for X amount is available for the Nanny at Christmas. Call it two weeks pay, I would divide up the budgeted salary up by 54 weeks after my taxes are taken out, but before the nannies taxes are deducted, then divide by the hourly calculated wage including any built in overtime.

So I budget $60,000 a year for the Nanny. subtract the calculated taxes (not her own taxes that get deducted from her pay) and overhead for her is 20% of that, $12,000. So now I have $48,000 available for me to pay them. $48,000 divided by 54 weeks is about $888.89 dollars a week. I have 50 hours a week arranged by contract. So 10 hours overtime, means I should divide the $888.89 by 55 hours. They should be paid 16.16 an hour and gets a bonus of 1778, round it up to $1800. That should get me into the ball park of my budget with only unforeseen overtime with its added taxes and other expenses putting it over the budget.

Granted how much I would budget for the Caregiver and any raises would largely depend on what I could afford. But no more then 10% of my after tax salary up to a certain maximum.

Ho-Ho-Ho said...

Curious Dad is such a brainiac!

Village said...

Speaking of bonuses and entitlement, I live in a high rise, and everyone who works here, some who have never come to my apartment, have presented themselves this week. They were all looking for Christmas bonuses. I made them all happy, except the one who had my car towed, because she forgot it was mine. Witch. I had planned on giving her a good bonus for the duration of my stay here, and now she will never see a dime. Payback baby!

nyc mom said...


I do give our nanny a bonus because I understand it has become the norm and she is wonderful, despite it being a stretch for us. However, I do think it is foolish for any professional to count on a bonus as an "expected" part of their salary. During the recent bust in the financial sector in NYC, everyone was all over the IBers and finance employees for being irresonsible enough to count on their bonus. They were criticized up and down, despite the fact that in finance the total compensation is structured and sold to you as 10-25% salary and the rest in once a year bonus. Still, we told them all how selfish and irresonsible they had been to count on that bonus in how they planned their lifestyle and mortgages.

The same applies to nannies. You can of course be disappointed at a decreased bonus, but you should not COUNT on that bonus when planning your Christmas purchases or how much you can afford in rent.

ericsmom said...

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. And spending time with the ones important in our lives!!

Happy Holidays!

HappyHolidaze said...

I no longer work in the corporate world, but I did for many many years. Never for large companies (or financial outfits either, mainly in the fashion world and import world)either, and I always, always received a Christmas bonus. It was usually a week's paycheck or a bit less depending on how long I had been with them. It was common place to me for employees to receive bonuses, I am shocked to hear that people don't get bonuses at their regular corporate jobs.

shockeddumbasses said...

i am laughing my ass off at how many people are "shocked." lololol

geez. you people must live at the bottom of a garden pond if it shocks you that not everyone gets a christmas bonus.

lol "shocked."

NCnanny said...

If you go back and read the other survey's from last year and the year before you see such better attitudes.

The nannies were so grateful for even the littlest things. Some of them said the nice card and gifts from the kids were the best thing they received.

It's not always about what you get. Stop being greedy, ungrateful, and entitled.

I know those terms have been used a lot on this board but it's definitely how some of you posters sound.

Unknown said...

This was my first year with the family I am now working for and although they have always been more than generous I still did not "expect" a bonus of any kind. They never told me they would, but have always been fantastic about remembering my birthday and gave me a college graduation present that was not expected either. It is something that nannies definitely hope for, but should not expect. I say to be grateful for what you get and that it really is the thought that counts.

get a moniker said...

anon @ 5:51 said:

"to the nanny who "only" got a $500 bonus for $800 a week salary: do the math. you've only been there 7 months. 7/12 = .58. basically, your employer gave you 58% of the bonus. which is exactly what my corporate employer would give me if I worked for less than a year."

Dec 23, 2009 5:51:00 PM

WA Nanny said...

Most of these have got to be made up. I just don't believe a lot of what I read, especially the attitude.

I work for two families. For me:

Family #1
Sammamish, WA
Bonus: $100
Weekly salary: $125
Gifts: Box of chocolates and a card
Length of employment: 9 months

Family #2
Sammamish, WA
Bonus: $100
Weekly salary: $135
Gifts: A warm shirt
Length of employment: 3 months

I won't say that I wasn't hoping for a bonus of some type, but I was thinking cookies and maybe $20, perhaps even $50, or prepaid movie tickets, like past families I've worked for. I like cards and cookies, especially Garfield, and am bit of a movie buff.

I thought in the end my gifts to their respective children would likely cost more than any bonus and that was fine with me.

But I was wrong, both gave $100. I was grateful and put it all to good use as my adorable and some not-so-adorable cousins will see later today.

* Ah, but the best gift, aside from hugs naturally, was the knowledge that came to light - family two may want to go full-time. :)

dadiswrongonthisone said...

that is awesome WA! happy holidays to you! :)

chgonanny said...

I was the one who posted from Chicago, who got $1,000.

I hope that you didn't think I was ungrateful. I knew I'd get some sort of bonus, since I got one last year. But that much money? Honestly, I think my bosses just saved our family. My husband had to take a MAJOR pay cut when he had to find a new job. I haven't complained, but my bosses know things haven't been great financially for us.

While visiting my in-laws, I talked to my husband's cousin, who has infant twins. They have a nanny two days a week, for the past 3 months or so. I told him about my bonus, and he got really nervous, saying he's only giving his nanny $20 in a card. I told him not to worry. They live in a smaller town, and their nanny is part-time and still somewhat new. They're also both teachers, so it's not like they're making money hand over fist (like my bosses. The recession has not hurt them).

I think we as nannies have to remember who are employers are. You may have gotten a smaller bonus or raise because they just can't afford it. A friend of mine got a $.10/hr raise because that was all her family could afford. She was happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I got gifts and $300 -- thought was so very nice. BUT they didn't pay me for the week they took off! Have never heard of such a thing so I finally had a meeting with them about it.