Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need help from our ISYN readers. I have very few CL-WTF ads. Would a few of you mind looking for some really good ones... I need both "What?" and "How Much?" Please leave the Link inside this Post or use MEEBO. Thank you!

* I have all I need... THANK YOU for the help!


Fawn said...

This one isn't really "bad" but I thought it was funny.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Hi Fawn
The Ad you sent does not include the Link to it... that is the e-mail address to contact the poster.

BTW, all of you are doing awesome. Thank you so much! I only need a few more. Remember to include your Name or Moniker if you want credit for the Ad!

phoebe said...

I took the liberty of anwsering to the post Fawn posted about Craigslist, check the response....

So you're proposing 3,80 dollars an hour max?

Do the calculations a 45h week for 175 dollars, 700 dollars a month for 180 hours?

You would be prepared to leave your son in the care of somebody earning 700 dollars a month? Are you proposing healthcare? A car?

Have you thought about this, what this implies? Do you know how much somebody working at macdonalds earns?

The posters anwser

Hey if you don't like it then don't apply. I'm not offering you the job. I know exactly what I'm asking for and by the way its actually more money than if I took my child to someone's home or a day care(where they would have to provide food and anything else needed) Before you start ranting into other peoples business that has nothing to do with you, know the facts. Such as I will be here a Great majority of the time, which means I am paying someone to PLAY with my child while I get things done. AGAIN if it does not concern you then find something better to do with your time than waste mine! AND by the way learn how to spell, I hope you don't plan on applying for a child care position.
Have a wonderful day!

Charming, Have to say he is probably right about the spelling, but hey, I'm French!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Can I have the Link to Fawns CL post?

Fawn said...

I'm sorry! and wouldn't you know it, now I have no idea where the post is... if phoebe found it maybe she knows? phoebe?

sorry about that, i was looking in several different cities so now i don't even know where i found that one.

I was also the one who posted about the wtf - how much? on here.

Fawn said...

oh wait, scrap that, phoebe was looking at one of my other postings. so i think the first one is lost forever... i'll try to do some more detective work and see if i can find it again.

Marypoppin'pills said...

That'll work... thanks, Fawn! ;)

gwanmawtammy said...

I just enjoy your site and thanks for it, although my babies are all grown, I have a grandson. Also, I am laid up from sugery and saw your call for help with the craigslist thing, so went crazy looking and sending last night, pain meds

Marypoppin'pills said...

I got them today. Thank you!

MissMannah said...

MPP, I sent you a few last night. I need to keep up with it because parents here have no clue about a nanny's worth.

Phoebe, I thought your spelling and usage was just fine and I'm usually a total Grammar Nazi.

I don't understand why these people can't figure out the difference between a nanny and a home daycare. Yes, we charge more because we need to live. A home daycare can charge $100 a week because there are 4 (or so) families each paying that amount. Ugh, I always want to email these people with: GET A CLUE!

*ok, rant over*