Harry's Nanny

Received Tuesday, September 22, 2009
nanny sighting logo At Edgemont Park in Montclair there is a group of mean nannies today poor Harry who is not even two has been in time out for over 25 minutes. The nanny a medium to lrge build black woman is on the phone ignoring him. This nanny is here every time I come here and she is always mean. My friends and I dream of the day we see Harry here with his parent.


Anonymous said...

Poor kid. :(

SociologyMissDee said...

Confused. You say you have seen this nanny and her friends before at this park, yet you don't give any details of how the nanny is acting toward the child, such as things she has said or done in the past. I don't normally insult post or OP's, but give us more details!

ChiNanny said...

I agree with Miss Dee. If this is a nanny you see often, can we have more details. More specific looks, attitude, more examples. Help this parent out.

MinuteMuggle said...


you're a spammer.

mom said...

I think you deserve some sort of official ISYN title after your name.
How about, Minute Muggle--SPAM Patrol

Hehehe. Good job! You always get 'em!!

Nannyontherun said...

Hm... I'm not really understanding this? If by being "mean" you mean that it was wrong for Harry to be in time out for over 25 minutes, then call me a bitch of a nanny because the kids I watch get grounded for days at a time for things they do wrong. I think 25 minutes for a small child is totally acceptable as far as a time out and in no way mean.

If you want to have substantial grounds to this post you need to provide more details about how the nanny has been mean to Harry before. I'm not saying she hasn't, just that there's not much of a base here.

mom said...

25 minutes is WAAAAYYYY too long for a toddler to be in time out. After 5 minutes, he won't even remember why he's being forced to sit there. Better to let him play and have short bursts of punishment when immediately each time he does wrong, so that the idea can be reinforced repeatedly until he gets the connection.

ChiNanny said...

I agree with mom. Short time outs for a toddler. 25 minutes would be completely ineffective, and I can't imagine fighting with a toddler to sit for that long. 1 minute per year of age is sufficient for time out. Older kids being grounded is completely different.

real answer said...

Why not follow Harry and his nanny back to Harry's house, make a note of its location, return later and speak with the parents?

It may sound like "stalking", but if you want Harry's parents to be aware what other choice have you got?

It's the right thing to do.

Alternative: shoot the nanny, in the temple.

mom said...

Great idea, if that travel does not involve going a great distance, taking busses, etc., would sure do it.

I imagine that, if his parents are the kind who give a rat's behind in the first place, they would be appalled to know that their nanny is so mean that a stranger took the time to figure out where they live, come to their house and warn them about her. (I do worry that a lot of these parents with the surly, uneducated nannies know what they are getting (because you can only reasonably hide so much of your personality in an interview...and over time working for somebody.)