San Veron Park in Mountain View, CA

Received Friday, August 14, 2009
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Location: San Veron Park, Mountain View, California. Friday, Aug 14, 2009, 1600 hrs

The nanny was mid-30s, curly black hair, spoke Spanish, wearing a black "I (heart) SF" shirt and white skirt. There were 5 kids, three boys aged 10-12ish and two girls, aged 9-11ish. The kids spoke both English and Spanish. One boy was named Alex, two of the boys were brothers.

Basically, the nanny sat on the bench and read her tabloid magazine and played with her cell phone while the boys beat the crap out of each other. Two of the boys would push the third down into the sand and then the two girls would sit on him while the other boys threw into his face. Lots of cursing and bullying. Very sad.


More info? said...

Was the boy on the ground upset or laughing?

DowntoEarth said...

It doesn't matter if he was laughing or not. They were being rough and cussing and this is a park with many little children. How many 11 to 12 yr old kids do you have that play in the sandbox?
The nanny was letting them do anything they wated to do and someone could have gotten hurt, if not once of her kids how about toddlers playing in the area? I think this is the point not if the kid was laughing or not.

It does matter said...

Actually, if you know anything about child development, laughter is a telltale sign of friendly play, and not fighting. Rough and tumble play is actually very healthy for kids of all ages. If everyone is having a good time, it's okay. Once someone gets upset, it's time to break it up.

Also, parks are for everyone, not just toddlers.

Come on, really? said...

I agree, "It does matter"

Pre-teens have a lot of siblings, friends, and I 'beat the crap out of each other' all the time when we were that age. As adults we're very respectful and close, have degrees from respected universities, and have started producing little rowdy kids of our own. None of us has a criminal record, violent demeanor, or social ineptness.

I nannied for twin pre-teen boys in college and I was told not to bother breaking up their fisticuffs unless I saw blood...which I never did.

Playing rough is a natural phenomenon. It's just what kids do. And not all parents raise their children in plastic, yuppie bubbles...

Bloomfield Babysitter said...

I would have told them to stop cursing. While I agree rough play is OK it needs to be closely supervised as too often it takes a turn for the worst. Rough language is not acceptable. Yes parks ARE for EVERYONE! That includes those of us who don't want to hear that sort of talk or expose our charges/children to it.

While the parents might be OK with this behavior my 20 plus years experience as a babysitter tells me they probably are NOT! I doubt there are many would spend their hard earned money on a nanny who sits reading her magazine while their kids behave inappropriately. Good post OP thanks!