Nannies in the News

Child drowns in pool: A 9-year-old Danville, CA girl died after her nanny found her unconscious in the family swimming pool on Saturday afternoon in what appears to be an accident, Danville police said. Sgt. Phil Wisotsky said police received a call around 2:40 p.m. after the 19-year-old nanny, who was watching the child and house sitting for her parents were out of town, found the child at the bottom of the pool.

HARRISON, N.Y. (Don't miss the photo gallery.) The live-in nanny is the first downstairs. She packs the school lunches at a kitchen window, overlooking three acres of velvety grass and little streams that slope toward a gate with a sign that says "Birch Hill."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Police: Unhappy Baby Sitter Left Kids Asleep, Went Home: Investigators said a woman who was baby-sitting for her brother decided she'd had enough and was going home -- leaving the children behind.

The nanny inventor of Ava the Elephant tells us how she charmed the Sharks: How did a young nanny with no business training manage to seduce real estate magnate into investing $50,000 of her own money in her hand-made idea? And what does an elaborate Frankenstein costume have to do with it?

Nanny Saves Child: A 4-year-old boy was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla for observation today after nearly drowning in a swimming pool, authorities said. The boy had been playing with other children at 12 Arcadia Court when he fell into a pool at the residence, said Ray Florida, executive director of Rockland Paramedic Services. He was identified only as a Queens resident.


DenverNanny said...

In regards to the woman in NY, "struggling to make ends meet":

Honestly, this article made me very angry... I have less than $15 to my name, I've only bought groceries 5 times since the end of May, and I literally had to count change out of my car ash tray to pay for parking so I could go to class last night. And this woman is complaining about being "broke" when she has 2 cars, money to go shopping, and is currently repainting her home?!?! And the only way you can tell she's "struggling" is because her roots are showing? PUH-LEASE! Her hair looked fine to me...

And for the record, I do work: 3 part-time nanny jobs (competitive wages and taxes paid) for ~70hours/week this summer, in addition to taking 2 classes. Starting this week, I'll be working 40 hours/week, plus taking 5 classes, loans pay for school but still haven't figured out how to pay for books. Budgeted out the school year with $50/month for food and spending money... keep your fingers crossed that I don't have any surprise expenses!

ChiNanny said...

As far as the child drowning, it's so sad that this accident could have been prevented with a simple pool alarm. Why do people have pools and then not put alarms on them and make sure their children can swim and know the dangers of going by the pool alone.

So sad for all involved.

Duh said...

People should teach their kids right from wrong. A nine year old knows not to go swimming alone. My dad through me into a pool when I didn't know how to swim. I was trying to stay afloat and choking on water. My dad jumped in picked me up and said... "this is why you don't go swimming alone." I never ever ever even thought about it.
Ok yes most children are dumb so a pool alarm would be a good idea. I'm sorry but I feel like humans are degressing(sp) in their evolution. Sad times all, sad times.

Duh said...

I used the wrong form of through... should be threw

A couple of things... said...

Duh, you don't know that the girl decided to take a swim. Maybe she tripped while walking past the pool and hit her head on the way in, who knows? Most kids are NOT dumb. A 9 year old who doesn't know how to swim is not likely to risk it like a toddler would.

I do understand that people's relationships with money are relative, but I honestly have very little sympathy for the mom who is struggling on 300k. That's almost 10 years worth of salary for me. In fact, I have very little sympathy for most of the former investment bankers living in Wye; greedy people like them that played a huge role in the mess were in. Karma's a bitch. I used to know a high powered Wall Street broker who made tons of money during the market upswing years ago. I once asked him how he thought the market could ever sustain itself, with P/Es being so incredibly out of whack. His response was, "Who cares?? I'm making money NOW." I was appalled when he'd think nothing of spending (and expensing to the firm) $10k a night on coke & strippers to entertain clients.I'll bet he cares a lot now.

ro said...

The mom who is struggling forgot to mention all the money she spends on wine. I shop at the same liquor store she does. And everything she is doing with the kids is posing. Look at the nanny she hired. A freaking cement mixer. Yeah her kids are important to her. How much for the botox bitch?

Just Me said...

I really dislike the woman who is "struggling to make ends meet". I make $8 an hour and my husband is scheduled to be laid off the day before Thanksgiving in the only job he was able to get after being laid off all winter. He makes $10 an hour and I just had my car reposessed last week.
While I think it's admirable that she adores her nanny, if she doesn't want to cut that expense, why not do so many other things?
I can't cut money anywhere. She can.
She could very easily ditch the shopping, the 2nd car, and so many other expenses.
What about us broke people who can't cut any money anywhere in the budget and are still struggling?

DenverNanny said...

Just Me:
Exactly-- I haven't see a 6 page story about an everyday american who's REALLY struggling... One more example: my bf is an ironworker and got laid off yesterday. There's tons of "stimulus" construction in N. Denver (literally, I can't go 1/2 mile without passing a site), but very few of the companies doing the construction are even from colorado... so skilled workers are being laid off as local contractors are being pushed out of business

ChiNanny said...

Maybe it's just me, but I read the story about the NY woman as being written with a bit of sarcasm. Like the writer was making fun of her supposed "struggle". Especially with the caption under the photo at the dr. where she mentions the nanny doesn't even have insurance.

Jane Doe said...


chgonanny said...

ChiNanny, I picked up some of that sarcasm too. But this article just reminds me of the moms I see at the park who couldn't believe I don't have life insurance, let alone health insurance. Their answer is, "well, you should go out and buy some now!" Um, yeah, ok, with what money? It's frustrating when people just act like I don't have nice clothes or insurance because I don't budget my money. No, it's because I need things like food and electricity.

Argh. Thank god the family I work for isn't like that.

Manhattan Nanny said...

The Harrison mom doesn't seem to give a thought to her fifty five year old nanny's lack of health insurance, or how not paying the painter on time might impact his family. She may have 300 K to live on, but she is morally bankrupt.

juicy tuesday said...

The nasty woman in NY who was in the article must be cursing the day her narcissitic tendencies overrode her the 7 brain cells she had. No one likes her. One every blog that references that article, people are calling her all kinds of things and she is every one of them. I spit on her.

Bluegrass Mommy Was A Nanny said...

I may be one of the few who sympathize with this woman who is struggling.

I don't think she is looking at it from a middle class American stand point.

I think she is looking at it from her standard-of-living viewpoint. And while it may be short sited, I can see how she may feel like she is in the same position as those of you who loath the article.

I am not saying she is in the right by any means, but that she might have a different view on life.

NVMom said...

Ok, what really is this woman (in NY) spending money on? By my calculations, 300k a year, means 15,000 a month, approximately, after taxes. If it costs 8,000 to run her house, that still leaves 7,000 for everything else. She can't cut from her kids, because her husband pays 75k in child support. Oh, is that even taxable? IDK, but that would mean even more than 15,000 in her pocket each month. It seems like if the reporter really wanted to do this story right, he would have asked her why she can't make it on her income.

For the record, it sure seems like there is greed all around in Westchester county. $35K in taxes?! 500/month for a landscaper?! Come on!

CollegeStudentMissDee said...


Her hair is multicolored; she has roots. I have roots, we all have roots. It happens.

Her daughter's friends wear $115 jeans?! I am wearing an Old Navy tee and jeans, Wal Mart undies, and Vickie's bra. The most expensive pair of jeans I own are my Baby Phat jeans which I bought 4years ago.

Her son has ro have an expensive phone? I have a Palm Treo, which is enough for me. I don't have a computer yet, which explains why I bought the phone, since it's like a mini 'puter.

A house in the Hamptons? Wow. Let's all jump up and down and because we have that house in that area with those neighbors.

I don't drink wine, but also don't buy it enough. Beer is gross, so I don't drink that either.

I work in a daycare. I don't make a lot, and I am a student.

This woman doesn't know what struggling is. Perhaps someone should let her live in a poor neighborhood for a year so she can learn what it really is like to wonder how rent, bills and food will be paid for if you have been laid off.

Denver Nanny and Just Me:

My heart goes out to both of you and I am sorry for your struggles.

nc said...


Well said!!! She needs to be thankfully for what she has, as she is so much better off than a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew a place for good nannies to post about families! I was working for a single mother with 2 boys(10 and 13)outside of Orlando. These boys were racist, spoiled, cussed like sailors, and generally unmanageable. I tried everything, incentive charts, rewards and trips for good behavior, talking to them....EVERYTHING!
The parents never backed me up! The older one cold physically overpower
his mom, he would call her a b#$%h and she would never stick to a punishment!
Just as there are bad nannies, there are bad families to work for. Their father can't even manage them, so when he was supposed to be watching them, he left them at the community pool. Since they were unattended from 10am-5pm they played with an older boy who pulled a knife on a little child, then they hid the knife with him! Needless to say, the cops were called and the parents gave them NO PUNISHMENT!
One boy has ADHD and they let him use it as a crutch for his bad behavior. I got so sick of the
"boys will be boys" mentality, that I quit.
Honestly, kids need discipline, rules and boundaries and if the parents don't help to enforce these, the nannies are powerless.
I think the families can't often see their children objectively. Sometimes, you have to give your nanny some credit, often they spend more time with your children then you do. Have open and honest conversations. Make a plan of action TOGETHER and work with each other not against! Most importantly, don't take advantage of your nanny, they deserve respect and compassion. If you treat your nanny well, it insures a happy and healthy relationship with you and most of all, your children!

I love children, I can't wait to have my own someday. It was the right time for me to leave because seeing children like these, made me question my desire to have one.