Tavern Playground in NYC

Received Thursday, July 9, 2009
nanny sighting logo Hi. This nanny was seen July 8th at around 4pm. She was at the Tavern Playground in NYC (near 68 and CPW). She was asleep for at least an hour and her charge was all alone and just playing by himself. He befriended my young daughter and I. I spoke with him and he said his name was Ford and the he was turning 4 in October. He was very smart and verbal. When she finally woke at 5 she began to read a book. It was really very sad.
sleeping nanny in nyc


nannyneedsanap said...

Poor Ford. I hope his parents see this.

lovemyjob said...

I really hope this parents and the nanny see this. The nanny (and a few others) needs to realize sites like this exist and they should do the job they are being paid for before they get caught and put on this site.
I'm glad to be a nanny and I do my job to the best of my ability every single day and because of that I can sleep easy at night knowing I won't ever be on this site.

Cyn said...

I think you need to reconsider posting photos on this site. You are leaving yourself open to serious litigation issues and invasion of privacy. These photos can be copied and used elsewhere and could easily lead to some situations you may not have considered. You posted this woman's picture and location. Some stalker could easily track her down. Or some future employer run across this photo.

mom said...


Are you sure about that, or only speculating?

A lot of people here seem to dream big about lucrative lawsuits...advising this or that person to sue over every tiny slight...often without bothering to find out care whether they actually have any merit or not.

But hey, those ambulance chasing lawyers deserve to make a living too, right? Even if it is on the backs of innocent people. Deep pockets, ya know...they won't even miss it.

Jane and MPP are not complete boneheads, and I have every reason to believe that they have researched the law as to what they can and cannot do on this site without facing legal ramifications.

MinuteMuggle said...


I see where you're coming from, and I personally would not post a pic of someone for those exact reasons. However, not only is the nanny sleeping on the job, but she is totally putting her charge in danger. She deserves to be outed in my opinion. That is what this site does.

I can see your "stalking" point of view, but as far as her "future employers" seeing this, well I hope they do. She would deserve it. I would love to sleep during work. But I don't, because I can't.

Bravo, OP! Great siting. I hope Ford's parents see this!

TexasTwinMommaPlusOne said...

OMG!!! My jaw dropped when I read this!!! How do you FALL ASLEEP for an HOUR, leaving your charge to fend for himself??? There has GOT to be something illegal about this, I mean, she might as well have dropped him off and went home for her nap!

I'll admit that there have been a handful of times that I have accidentally fallen asleep while home alone with my children. I have 3 month old twins and a 23 month old. Thank GOD my 23 month old is way too loud for me to have an accidental nap for more than 30 seconds. I wake up completely scared and shocked every time! On the plus side, I have used this as an excuse to make DH help with the twins in the middle of the night, hee hee!

kipper said...

a picture is worth a million words.
Thank God for this site!

and what can the guilty party say?
"You had no right to post a picture of me sleeping on the job"

Seriously? Then stay away, bitches!

jen said...

Cyn, a photograph taken of something occurring in a public space is totally fair game, and the nanny would have no cause to sue.

And of course it would only be a good thing for a future employer to see this, no?

An ideal result would be for her current employer to see this, can her and then for future potential employers to see it as well. The woman is a hazard to any child entrusted to her care.

kipper said...

Dude, I meant to say,
stay awake, bitches.
not stay away.

Gimme a Break Please said...

Cyn: Are you kidding me??? This lazy thing left a child totally unsupervised in a very busy city neighborhood. She likely is collecting a nice salary for doing so. Thank G_d for OP and other kind strangers who take abandoned angels under their wing and protect them when others fail to. And what a lucky child (and parents) that she was a kind stranger and not a predator. The OP went above and beyond to not only insure this abandoned child was safe but to try and reach out and warn the parents about this woman. I hope someone knows who Ford is and send the parents a link to this posting and picture.

Kate B said...

... and you know this was a nanny because...?
(otherwise a good sighting)

not that again! said...

and it matters who it was because....?

DenverNanny said...

wow... I'm currently working almost 70 hours/week (4 days & 2 nights) and I can't even IMAGINE falling asleep on the job-- much less at the park!

If I was considering hiring this nanny, I'd damn well hope I ran across this photo! Also, pretty sure if OP was caring for Ford for an hour, she prob confirmed the woman was the nanny...

world's best nanny said...

I would've woken her butt up and told her I took her pic and I was posting her behavior, so she better dust off that resume.

Jeez! said...

Kate B said...

... and you know this was a nanny because...?
(otherwise a good sighting)

Jul 9, 2009 10:42:00 PM


Wicker Park Nanny said...


ever heard of freedom of speech? same goes for freedom of photo.

this is breaking to privacy law.

on another note, it appears the nanny is wearing sunglasses... so how is it known she is sleeping? i don't doubt that she was, but in some cases this could be misconstrued.

and i agree, who cares if she's a nanny, mom, sister, aunt, grandma - WAKE UP!

Wicker Park Nanny said...

sorry didn't spell check. was supposed to read as: "this is breaking NO privacy laws."

nanny who enjoys napping said...

How do you all feeling about a live-in nanny taking a nap with her charges? Same room, light get the picture.

CuriousDad said...

Door Closed in the room so the child cannot get out, without waking you?
Room child proofed?
Alarm set to wake you up before the child normally gets up?

Enjoy your nap.

Unless of course you have other duties that need to be done during those periods. Lie cleaning up the kitchen mess from the kids lunch, Kids Laundry and such and so forth.

More importantly how do you think the Parents of your charges would feel.

mom said...

This is a question you definitely need to ask the PARENTS, not strangers on the internet. There is only ONE opinion that matters in the slightest...THEIRS.

I have the feeling people are going to have differing opinions as to whether this is OK. If you go with "yes" and your employers think it's negligent, then out on your ear you go.

NannyDownSouth said...

nanny who enjoys napping:

My employers allow me to nap while on duty, while both kids are napping. I never asked if it was okay, but one day at the end of my shift, Mom and I got into talking about the newborn's sleep habits at night. He was starting to sleep straight through the night, 9pm-5am, and she was excited. I commented "Wow, now you'll be getting even more sleep than I do.". She inquired and I explained that while a stressful situation was going on in my life(of which she knows all of the details and has been so incredibly supportive, even going as far as to spending hours consoling me while I cry hysterically), I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. She suggested I nap when both kids are napping, and I have been doing it ever since. If I'm lucky enough to get the infant asleep at the same time that the toddler naps, then I take the baby monitor into Mom and Dad's room, and the toddler and I nap in their big bed. If the baby gets up before the toddler, I put the monitor in the bedroom and take the receiver with me into the living room, and also leave the bedroom door open. Mom and Dad let the toddler sleep with them at night, and nap in their room alone, so this is all okay with them. They don't even take the step to use the monitor since the bedroom door is 2 feet from the living room.

I should probably add that my employers and I do not really have an employee/employer relationship. I'm basically a third child who they pay generously to care for their kids. They're my only parental figures, and they wear the title proudly. Mom consoles me whenever needed and advises me on personal issues like a Mom does, and Dad is oober-protective and will be walking me down the aisle in September when I get married. So, my situation is probably very rare. Nanny who enjoys napping, I would absolutely not nap while on duty without clearing it with your employers first. It is pretty likely they will shoot you down so fast your head will spin, but there is a chance they'll be okay with it. But you absolutely have to ask for permission. If the child was to get up without you noticing, and hurt herself, how would you explain it to the parents? I myself would feel absolutely horrible, even though I have permission from Mom and Dad. I'm confident this wouldn't happen to me though, because the toddler will not get out of the bed until I do. She sits there and pats me saying my name, and moves around enough to touch her dogs and say their names.

MissDee said...

I sometimes sleep for 30-45 minutes while J sleeps. M is fine with the fact that I sleep depending on which shift I have with him.

Whether or not it's legal to post the pics of the nanny, IMO, I wouldn't care less if the nanny came after me or if I was sued. Ford could tell his parents the nanny was sleeping, a family friend or neighbor could tell Ford's parents the nanny was sleeping; without proof, how would Ford's parents know this without seeing the picture? A picture is worth a 1,000 words-in this case, it's worth more than that. GET A REAL NANNY!!!

Wicker Park Nanny said...

It totally depends on the family. Two of my families were ok with it, one wasn't. With the first one I always slept on the futon directly outside the bedrooms. Or as the girls got older we would all spread out together on the parents bed. LOVED it.

JerseyXJacqui said...

Any "FUTURE EMPLOYERS" should see this photo..especially if they're putting their children in her care...
What the hell....she's lucky nothing happened to her charge. That's just bizarre.