Skokie Public Library on Oakton, Skokie, IL

Received Tuesday, June 30, 2009
nanny sighting logo Physical description of caregiver: Caucasian woman, blonde hair, probably in her 40s, jeans and a t-shirt, tennis shoes.

Physical description of involved child/children: Little boy approximately 2 1/2, African American, blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants with blue stripes on the sides, short shaved hair. Could speak but very difficult to understand

Address or venue of observed incident: Skokie Public Library on Oakton, Skokie, IL

Date and time of incident: Wednesday, July 1 approximately 10:45 am

Detailed description of what you witnessed: I'm not sure that this caregiver was the nanny, but in case she is I wanted to report this because I thought it was absolutely reprehensible. My charge and I were playing in the children's section of the library. This little boy came over to play with us. We were playing puppets and laughing. I was looking around to see who looked like this little boy's mother/nanny, but couldn't pick out anyone who seemed to be watching him.

I continued to play with my charge, and the little boy would come back every few minutes to play again. When he would leave he'd take toys from other children or cause problems. Other parents/nannies were getting frusterated (one even approached me thinking I was his nanny) and dealing with the problems, but still no adult came over to him.

After this went on for 20 to 30 minutes, he came back over to play with us and I noticed he had wet his pants. His pants were completely soaked, not a dry spot on them, so this wasn't a small accident. I tried asking him his name and who he was here with, but I couldn't understand his answers and he couldn't point anyone out. After a few minutes I gave up and told a children's librarian. She came over and tried to talk to the boy, but couldn't understand him either. Eventually the nanny/caregiver came over and rudely said she had "been sitting right there watching him the whole time and he was fine."

My charge and I left, however as we were leaving I noticed she just went and sat back down, letting the boy continue to play in the library in urine soaked pants. She obviously didn't care.


just another mommy said...

That poor kid - not only is it not good for him to have to just sit in his pee clothes, but think of how humiliating for him that this happened....poor kid!

MinuteMuggle said...

poor little guy. :( I hope the parents see this.

chgonanny said...

Poor kiddo. That's just plain disgusting. Beyond the fact that it's humiliating, there's also tons of physical problems with letting a kid sit in urine all day.

Also, that poor librarian will probably have to disinfect the children's room!

mom said...

How awful for the child!
And yeah, I was wondering about the librarian allowing him to continue to use the room soaked in urine. Was there any upholstered furniture or carpeting? Ewwww.

Leilaaa said...

People like that just sicken me..

Anonymous said...

And that is why this blog is so important...because of sightings like this.
Damn. Someone should make HER sit in piss-soaked pants all day.