Super Nanny at Walgreen's in Glenview, Il

Received Monday, June 22, 2009
DATE: June 22, 2009
TIME: Approximately 1:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Walgreen’s at northeast corner of Waukegan Road and East Lake Avenue, Glenview

To the parents of Sam (girl of about six) and Jack (boy of about three): You and your children are very fortunate; you have a truly exceptional nanny.

While browsing in the greeting card section of Walgreen’s during my lunch period, I heard this delightfully energetic voice say, “No, honey, I don’t think my mom wants a Raiders of the Lost Ark card for her birthday. Do you want to try to find another one?” The children eagerly chose different cards and proudly presented them to their nanny, who promptly read each one and responded with, “That’s a good one. That would be perfect!” or “That’s funny! Nice job.” Charmed by the attentive, loving, and engaging manner that the nanny displayed with the children, I struck up a conversation with her. I learned that her name is Doris and that she has been employed with your family for four months. It was clear that she genuinely loves her work. (She appeared to be educated and articulate, so I wasn’t surprised when she revealed that she is a former schoolteacher. She mentioned that she loves keeping your children’s minds stimulated.)
At one point, your little girl asked Doris, “Why are you talking to a stranger?” Your nanny gently replied, “It’s okay, honey, for adults to talk to strangers. I figured out that she’s a nice lady, so I decided to talk with her. But you’re right: children should not talk to strangers.”

As Doris and I were looking at greeting cards (we both were purchasing birthday cards for our moms), she would spell aloud words from random cards and ask your children, e.g., “What does D-A-D spell?” With each answer, she declared, “That’s right. Very good.” A quick shopping errand that might have otherwise been routine and perhaps humdrum in the hands of another nanny was certainly not so for your children. Doris made them an active part of the shopping process while stimulating their minds at the same time. The three of them clearly were having a good time together.

With so much negativity in the world these days, encountering Doris with your children was a heartwarming experience that I had to document. Simply put, your nanny is worth her weight in gold!


Nanny Sarah said...

Great nanny!! Parents should be proud!!! They are very lucky!

Momkat said...

Great post...and heartwarming to read =)

SF said...

Great post! nanny sounds wonderful and also very funny.

blah said...

The OP is the nanny. I'm sorry some posts are truly obvious. I want to believe it's true though.

Jane Doe said...

Doubtful. The post came from an individual's work related email with full contact details.

There are good nannies out there. What's the harm in believing someone out there recognized one of them?

Anonymous said...
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Arien326 said...

Hi! I'm the OP, and I work for a company close to the Walgreen's location in Glenview. I was so impressed with the nanny's loving, attentive manner that I had to somehow acknowledge it in the cyberworld for others to see. (I'm all about giving someone props when s/he deserves it.) Fortunately, after a simple Google search, I found this Web site. I never expected anyone to react to my post with such incredulity and cynicism!

MinuteMuggle said...

great siting, OP! thank you!
Don't let people get you down, on many "good nanny" sitings, there is usually one poster who accuses the OP of being the nanny in question. I think it is because they are jealous they are not the good nanny in the post! And also, maybe some people would rather read horrible things!

Thanks again for your siting, I love great nanny sitings! :)

blah said...

I know they are the post was just too detailed to believe it's true. But if it is, good for her.

blah said...

Minute Muggle,

I'm not jealous of any nanny in any post because I get praised by the families I work for on a daily basis and they're both amazing and considerate to me. I don't need a random stranger praising my work to feel good about my job.

I just found it a bit suspicious. Last time, there was an equally detailed post that was obviously fake.

MinuteMuggle said...


that and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee.

peace. ;)

Arien326 said...

Thank you, MinuteMuggle! =)

To Blah: I happen to be uber-observant about details. Also, I spent roughly five minutes listening to the wonder-nanny interact with her charges before we struck up a conversation.

Wait ... I don't need to justify my predilection for detail-orientedness! The objective of this Web site, after all, is to document sightings of bad and good nanny behavior so parents know how their kids are being treated--not to convince a cynical reader that a post is not a fictional narrative. =)

Kath @ Baby and Pregnancy Blog said...

It is nice to hear something positive about good child care. So many times I see kids out with even their MOTHERS, being screamed at, told to shut up, etc. This Nanny was truly a blessing. If only all parents could be like this too!

WTF? said...

If we ever have a positive nanny sighting without the "OP is the nanny" comment or a bad isghting without the "How do you know it's not the mother?" comment, I'll fall over dead with shock.

Manhattan Nanny said...

In that case, I'm afraid you aren't long for this world. I'll miss your posts!

Nice post OP, thanks.