Bill Austin’s school of Gymnastics in Sugar Land, Texas

Received Wednesday, June 10, 2009
I’ve encountered this nanny several times over the last few months but I couldn’t get a picture or a definite answer as to if she was a nanny rather than a grandmother but today I got the pictures and the confirmation that this is indeed a nanny.

The first time I encountered her was late January or early February of this year at Bill Austin’s school of Gymnastics in Sugar Land, Texas on a Friday. She had parked her black suburban too close to my car, preventing me from opening my door so I had to go inside and find out who the car belonged too. I saw her on her phone ignoring her charge but after several announcements she realized it was her car and went outside to move it. The problem was the youngest child, Nadia (the oldest, Sasha, was in Gymnastic class at the time) she did not pay attention to her when she walked out into the parking lot. She walked far ahead of Nadia leaving her walking alone in a parking lot with cars everywhere, I was afraid that she would get hit but luckily she didn’t. She put her in the car and moved it so that I could leave.

A few weeks later as we were leaving class, again on a Friday, She was outside with Nadia while the oldest, Sasha, was in class. She was on her phone sitting on the curb while Nadia played in the parking lot, not on the curb close to the door but in the parking lot. Again there were cars all over the place trying to find parking spaces and leaving from their classes and she wasn’t paying attention to Nadia.

Every time I would see her she would be on her phone ignoring Nadia. Although I didn’t like the fact that she was ignoring Nadia while she was on the phone I wouldn’t have written in about her if that was her only fault. She needs to pay more attention to her before she gets hit by a car, the little girl is far too young to be walking in a parking lot by herself.
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fox in socks said...

Why not tell the school that the parents should be notified? What's the hesitation? Don't you think the school would be pleased to head off any potential accidents that they could be sued for even though it's the fault of a negligent nanny? Of course they would. The gymastics school has an interest in protecting the children's safety, so if you see something unsafe, particularly repeated things that are unsafe, you really need to tell the school that the parents need to be notified.

If you don't do it, no one else will. You have a certain responsibility, now that you are aware of it. So, please fulfill that responsibility and speak up. Thank you. The kids will be better off for your actions.

I appreciate when people want to come on and rant. It's a nice idea that the parents may see it, but it's only a possibility, and in a case like this, at a school where the children's names and addresses and parents' names are all known by the school (versus a park where everyone is anonymous), what's the problem with speaking up so that something improves for these children?

If you see this kind of recklessness with their safety in public, what do you think is happening in private when there is no possibility for others to see?

I really hope everyone will gain the courage to speak up so that things can change for the children, when you see something that is really a big problem.

world's best nanny said...

I am so sick of the nanny/mommy/daddy/grandma/the 12th cousin twice removed by marriage on the mothers side talking on the cell phone stories.

MinuteMuggle said...

MPP and Jane:

looooove the mean face icon!!!

nice!! :)

MinuteMuggle said...

p.s. I agree with fox.

OP said...

Fox, I have reported it to several people and I get shrugged off...including the owner of the school. In fact the day she had to move the car one of the instructors saw exactly what happened and we both commented that she should watch the child better

Anonymous said...
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gretchen said...

Calm down, crazy nanny. Anonymous comments are supposed to be deleted so we dont have to hear from the same dumb, I'm gonna start an I saw your mommy blog people over and over again.

Being a nanny is a job. Do it right.

If you can't, your days are numbered.

Deal with it.

glamnan said...

Good Lord! Ladies and Gentleman we've found the nanny in question. May I introduce the negligent nanny, Miss Anonymous.

Pipe down Anonymous!

cali mom said...

And actually, there IS such a blog. I'll see if I can locate the link again, but there was never any postings there so I stopped visiting.

NVMom said...

Anon, put the kids down and step away slowly. The men in white coats will be here shortly!

mom said...

The only question I have is WHY her leaving the child roaming alone in the parking lot repeatedly would not have been enough, all by itself, for you to write in about this grossly negligent nanny. It only takes once for the child to be run over by a car before its too late to do anything about the nanny.

I hope the parents see this, or their friends see it, or sopmebody who will make sure they find out reads it and tells them. i think it's more than negligent to leave a chuild in peril. It rises to the point of passive aggressive hostility in my mind to leave a child where she is very, very likely to be seriously harmed. I would pick a stranger's child up and remove her from danger if I saw her in that situation. How little must this nanny care for her own charge to watch an wait for her to be seriously hurt?!!!

fox in socks said...

Thanks OP, but you also need to tell them that the parents need to be notified. The receptionist at the desk may be no better than this nanny, but if a parent informs them that the parent that employs the nanny needs to be notified, this is something different.