Intersection by the Roscoe Village Pub in Chicago, Il

Received Monday, May 4, 2009
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Date: 04/30/09
Time: almost noon
Where: Intersection of Addison and Leavitt outside of the Roscoe Village Pub
Description of nanny(or grandmother): Older, probably in her late 50's or 60's. Unnaturally short red hair. She was wearing a long olive greenish type skirt.
Description of kids: 2 kids. one boy and one girl. they looked around the same age.(no older than three) The boy had light brown hair and the girl could have been blonde.
What I saw really disturbed me. I was stopped at a stoplight at the intersection of Leavitt and Addison. I noticed the nanny chastising the small boy. He was wiggling around in the stroller. (it was a two-seater and he wasn't in any danger of falling out.) The stroller had the plastic lap bar and leg holes. I think it was red and it had a pink and yellow balloons tied to it. The stroller looked like this but it had plastic leg holes. He wasn't trying to stand up or anything, he just seemed a little fidgety. She started yelling at him and then yanked him up by his shirt collar until his feet hit the lap bar. and then shoved him back down into the stroller hard. The whole time she looked as if she was speaking harshly. I couldn't get a picture because I was driving. I saw no reason to treat that little boy that way. I am a nanny and I would NEVER do that to my charge.

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Laura said...

Good sighting, OP. Poor little boy. Pulling children by their shirt collars is extremely dangerous, and shoving like that is abusive. I hope the parents see this!