Hadley Park in Potomac, MD

Received Thursday, May 7th, 2009
When: Wednesday, May 6, at about 1:00PM
Where: Hadley Park, Potomac, MD
Description of nanny: Hispanic; long brown hair; wearing a striped sweater.
Description of child: a little girl, about 3 years old, with curley blond hair and wearing a green sweater.

They had a cute little white dog with them that had a pink chew toy.

This nany was fabulous! The two of them played fetch with the dog--laughing and giggling and running around. Then, they started walking up the path to the playground, and the nanny noticed a caterpillar that she pointed out to the little girl. They both bent down and observed the caterpillar for quite a while. Then, they walked up to the playground, and all three of them--child, nanny, and dog had a fabulous time playing together. The nanny even bent down and let other kids pet the dog, and she comfortably visited with the other moms.


world's best nanny said...
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Nanny Sarah said...

Worlds best nanny- what are you talking about. This is a great nanny sight. It is nice to see good nannies out there. Instead of the usual sights we see all the time.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

wbn i think you meant to comment on a different post...

Manhattan Nanny said...

OP, great post, thanks for putting it up. I'm afraid many of us missed it when the site was down.

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Thanks for noticing. I've nannied in the past and am currently opening my own nursery school at last. Many of us who nanny are very proud of the time we spend with the kids and treat them as if they were "our own", with a lot of love and care. This is the sight that I see most's just that the really horrid care providers do stand out because they provoke an emotional reaction.

This is a very interesting site. I hope it's able to do some good.