Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, NY

Received Friday, April 10, 2009
nanny sighting logo Nanny - abusive: Asian, 5'2-5'4", 110-140 lbs, dark hair, scarf around head, dark hair poking out underneath, about 40-60.
Child -being abused: curly hair, reddish-brown, 2-4 y.o., light blue jacket, blue jeans, black high top tennis shoes.
Locale: Wetchester Marriott/Tarrytown NY
Incident: Nanny smacked child on the back of the head three to four times while they were walking in a grassy area outside of the hotel. I was being picked up by a car and was literally driving away when I saw the incident. I admit I should have had the car stop and jumped out and done something but I had a flight to make.
Date: 4/9/09, (Thursday) 10:30 AM


world's best nanny said...

You got all those descriptive features while jumping in a car to head out of town? Yeah, right! Maybe you should see if there are any openings at the FBI.

Jane Doe said...

World's Best Nanny,
Why are you attacking the OP?
She is a person known to me personally who told me what she witnessed while she was leaving the hotel. She was apparently sitting in the back of the car while the driver loaded her luggage in, but does she owe that explanation to you?

The OP felt terrible that she didn't do anything and told me about the story. I suggested we put it on the blog.

If you have other questions, please contact me.

jump/sit/stand said...

I think that if you had enough time to collect all these details you would have had just a second to call 911 and report this horrible incident. And Im not bashing the OP. The nanny was definitely horrible..

Marypoppin'pills said...

I've about had it with the OP's getting attacked myself...

world's best nanny said...

Who is attacking? Next time the OP wants to post just make it clearer. You have to admit the way the post was worded it sounded like she caught a fleeting glimpse of the incident. Just because the OP is a friend she gets special treatment? If I posted an abusive situation I would expect people to disagree with what I saw.

ericsmom said...

Good post. I hope the parents see this. Or friends/family of the family. You never know who reads this site.

I wonder how many families recognized their own nannies on here??

Anonymous said...

The descriptive features weren't THAT descriptive (40-60 years old, 110-140 pounds)...I think that alone indicates that OP DIDN'T have a lot of time.
Get a grip WBN. Even if she described the nanny's features down to the color of her toenails, who cares? It was still a good sighting and there's no reason to doubt the credibility of it.

And yes, it was an attack. You were snarky and sarcastic and relatively speaking in BLOGGING standards, it was insulting. At least own up to your snarkiness. Everytime someone calls you out on it you switch into victim mode. It's ridiculous.

Jane Doe said...

Special treatment?

Just to clarify, the purpose of reading a post is not for you to scrutinize every detail included in the post.

Amazing said...

you would have jumped out of the car and done something because someone got smacked?

i can't imagine what you would do if you saw someone getting attacked.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, JaneDoe, critical analysis of detail is kind of the point. Wow.

Jane Doe said...

Sure. If you are the parent of the child involved.