7th Avenue Barnes & Noble - Park Slope - NY

Received Thursday, April 16, 2009
nanny sighting logo What: Nanny losing track of child while talking on cell phone.
Where: 7th Avenue Barnes & Noble (Park Slope)
When: Today, 4/15 at approximately 3:45
Child: White Boy with curly brown hair, 3 feet tall, a few freckles, blue jeans, dk. brown hiking style boots, dk. blue jacket.
Nanny: Hispanic Woman with straight jet black hair, past shoulders, heavy make-up, missing a tooth in the front, attractive face, on the thin side, wearing track suit with blue velour pants bottoms, tan and brown tennis shoes with criss cross straps, blue velour sweatshirt with large "P" with rhinestones on it.
*The nanny was sitting down, reading books at one point and the child came to her and tried to drag her back to where he was. She shooed him away and told him "five more minutes". Later, she was with the child, by with I mean about 5 feet away as opposed to letting him have the run of the store and her phone rang, blasting a rap style song and she picked it up and started chatting loudly. Another customer told her, "Ma'am, do you mind"? The last time I saw her, the child was in the children's books area playing with the books that have toy elements to it. I am sorry to say, he was being kind of destructive, even removing some of the kits that come with the books. What was the nanny doing? Sneaking up behind him, with a box of "Crows" and throwing crows at his head. She thought this was hysterical. I know it didn't hurt, but what kind of nanny is this?


Laura said...

How awful. Some respect and discipline for the child would have been nice.

The Real Laura said...

How nice. Some respect and discipline for the child would have been awful.

Isha said...

What are crow's? Some kind of snack food?

Black Crows said...

Crows are a black licorice candy.

ericsmom said...

Haven't we learned that kids get snatched everyday! I don't understand people being laxed in public. If your in your house with the doors locked its a different story. But out in public you really have to keep your eyes opened.

Laura said...

The Real Laura-- What's up with you?

Anonymous said...

Fuck all of you. Nannies are an incredibly overworked and exploited segment of the working class and you created a website specifically to snitch on them? All of you over priveledged entitled park slope yuppies need to either gain some sense of perspective and human decency or get your racist bourgeoisie gentrifying asses the Fuck out of our city. We don't want you here.