Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check out Goddess' new video program, "Spotlight to Nightlight," where celebrity moms talk parenting. In the first episode, host Ali Landry talks to E!'s Catt Sadler, tackles the issue of childcare, and gets the scoop on how much nannies to the stars really make from Westside Nannies in Los Angeles!


Amy said...

Westside is one of those agencies that only places people living in CA..

I am a certified teacher and they contacted me about a governess job, they knew I was not from CA(as they responded to my add-that stated I was not from there). I then went to their site and was going to fill out the app..come to find out I could not..I am not from CA..

I am almost at the breaking point with agencies..I have come to the conclusion..they are all not worth working with..they are neg. in responding,are not organized, and have no clue what they are doing..I have talked with dozens too!

I worked with one in (nanny poppinz)FL that offered me a job and was saying they were going to send me to the job ASAP..thing is they did not ask me to fill out an appl., give them a resume, NOTHING! they never even responded after they called me and said they would set up trans. and then call me.

Another agency in IL, that of course did not interview me, have my resume, or any info about me(besides my name and phone number). They called me and asked if I would like to interview with a family. She then said she would call later that day to set it up. They did not call. They call on Monday to ask me how the phone interview went. I said no one set one up. I tried contacting them several times..with no response.

Yet another agency...

I contacted them about a job that they posted on craigslist. It was wonderful. They provided great salary,wonderful apartment on the beach, and car. They contact me within a couple days and told me to fill out the app. I did and responded to them saying I was really interested in THIS job,and wanted to get started with the appl process ASAP. After 3 calls and 4 emails(one even to the pres.) I got no response. I sent one last email 2 weeks later telling them how I had interest in this job. I GOT a response and set up an interview. I had to do a ton of preparing for this one. I had to write an essay,make an interview video, and much more. The day of the interview comes. I call(not sure why they would not call themselves). Two questions into the interview she asks about the area I would like to work in. I was confused as I told this person and the 4 people before that I had interest in the job they posted. She then told me, oh sorry that job was filled yesterday.. lol Are you kidding me people?? I was professional of course..but very much filled with anger..She then thanked me for being should of been her saying sorry for the mess up..

What is the problem with these people? I am from the midwest, it is as if they have a problem with that(even though they say they place nationally). At least some are honest, and say sorry if you were local we could work with you.

I have no luck on craigslist either.

Any one out there need a live in governess/nanny??

Wicker Park Nanny said...

Olive You Nanny in Chicago, IL was great when I signed up with them. They are more of a referral nanny service. It took about 1 week after I sent in my to get an interview with the agency. She told me on the spot she would begin looking for a family that fit my needs. She did find one and we arranged and interview, but by that time I had been hired by a family I found on my own. Problem with this business now is that the need for nannies is becoming less and less as people continue losing their jobs or cutting back to daycare.

Good luck to you! Try as well, that's where I've found all my nanny jobs.

Emily said...

You can also try and

valerie said...

town and county agency in San Francisco is the worst agency, they are very men to the nannies, i do not recommend them if you live in California

I can hear the whiners now said...

I bet this is going to piss off some of those mommies especially the salary. I can hear the whining now about how the agency owner who just pocketed 18k for placing that nanny.

Amy-the major problem I see is that while you're a teacher, you haven't said what type of childcare experience you have. Being a teacher is a far cry from being a nanny and agencies know this.

Valerie-you're the first person I've ever seen say something negative about T & C. My guess is you weren't quite up to their standards. They're pretty well known in the industry.

Amy said...

I have experience as a live in governess.. I did full homeschooling, housekeeping, cooking, did EVERYTHING!!
4 years to be exact!

I also have 5 years of experience in a res. camp setting

think what you want but its the truth said...

If you are a teacher, can't you find a job in a school. I know where I live teachers are making 65k and up. Are treated well, respected. And have great benefits to top it off!!

If I spent all that money on college I wouldn't want to wipe a kids ass all day

Amy said...

65K for a first year teacher?? where is this at? I am sure those people have been working for a long time...

I can not find a teaching job. That is why I became a teaching jobs!! Very hard to get a teaching job is who you are and who you know!! Too many cand. for too few jobs. I am really not looking to teach in another state either. They hire over phone and all the ones that wanted to hire me had no idea what was going on nor did they know the curr. used in the the pay was about 10,000 less per year then it would be where I am.

* I have found a job now..found it on craigslist(which I have never had luck with-so many scammers on there). I'm going to be a governess for a 12 month old girl. The parents are Doctors and I will be starting off working 3 shifts per weeks. When the grandma leaves in June I will be working all the shifts the mother works which is about 17-21..I am excited!!!

valeria said...

i was up to their standards !! it is a long story that i will not talk about here, by the way i think you are JANE DOE because you guys work together with the agencies!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Have you lost your mind?? Jane is not affiliated with any Agencies, good grief.

Jane Doe said...

Jane is notoriously anti agency.