Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The News
Babysitter Sex Tape Arrest - Veedersburg, Ind.
A couple who ran a baby-sitting service out of their home videotaped themselves performing sex acts with children, some as young as 2 months old, police said Friday. Stephen E. Quick, 31, and Samantha Light, 25, both of Veedersburg in western Indiana, were being held on $100,000 bond in Fountain County Jail. Both faced preliminary charges of child molestation and child exploitation.

"In 15 years of doing this job, it's the worst thing I've ever seen or imagined," he told WRTV. "Just horrible, just horrible. It's a new low." (continued)

Abuse Alleged at Daycare - Milwaukee, Wis.
Police arrested day care worker, Pamela Coleman, after two children were found with broken arms at Alphabet Daycare Learning Center. (Video)

Babysitter Arrested, Charged with Injury to Child - Garden City, Idaho
An 18-year-old babysitter was arrested Monday and charged with injury to a child after a 10-month-old in his care was hospitalized. Officials said the baby's injuries were not consistent with statements made by the babysitter, Kody L. Smith. Smith is an acquaintance of the child's mother and babysat the child for several hours Monday when the incident happened, police said. (continued)

Two-year-old Suffers Terrible Injuries, Father's Girlfriend Arrested - Kansas City, Mo.
A two-year-old boy is in bad shape, and police have his father's girlfriend under arrest for assaulting him. Police couldn't talk to the young boy because he was unconscious in the hospital due to the amount of pain medication he was on. He suffered two broken arms, a dislocated shoulder, cuts on his chest, and damage to his liver, pancreas, and kidneys and other cuts and bruises.

Police said the boy's father, Brian Allen, was at work and he was being watched by his father's live-in girlfriend, Vernessa Peppars, 30, on Monday (March 16, 2009). Peppars faces charges of first degree assault. (continued)


nc said...

Wow. Very sad.

SAHM said...

Sick and sad. This is why I am a SAHM-it's just not worth the risk.

lovesthegirls said...


While I undestand your fear, please don't let these poor execuses for babysitters--HELL HUMANS-- dicatate your view of quality caregivers. Most nannies love their charges as if they are their own-- dedicating time, finances, resources, and energy to the growth, well-being and happiness of those in thier care.

Swiss Nanny said...

That is a silly arguement, SAHM. There are bad people everywhere. So will you be homeschooling your children as a few school shootings have happened? You and your family will not be going to church because a few bad pastors have misused the position of trust they are in?

nc said...

That is true Swiss Nanny. You can't protect them for the rest of their lives. You do the best you can, and hope nothing bad happens to them.

MissDee said...

I remember applying at Alphabet Street when I lived in Milwaukee. Scary looking place and scary looking people. I also heard that that center wasn't too great, and now I see why.

worlds best nanny said...

Not all caregivers are like these people. I am happy for you that you can stay home, but please don't place doubt in the woman who can't. It's hard enough to find a good family to work for and all the hoops you have to jump through. These nasty excuses for human beings just make things tougher all around.

lovesthegirls said...

A real truth---

While I am willing to bet the farm, as they say, that you wrote the words you did *JUST* to get a rise out of someone, I have to say that what you said does not even begin to touch on funny. Nor is it even remotley okay just so an enticing and thrilling debate can start. CHILD ABUSE IS NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT.

Jane Doe said...

If at all possible, please avoid responding to the posts by "A Real Mom" who is neither a mom, nor real, but a pathetic troll. We delete her posts as soon as we find them, although it seems the troll spends even more time on the blog than either MPP or myself.

The troll seeks attention and is a deeply distrubed individual who is unable to accept rejection. The troll's posts are easily recognizable as being the work of a deviant, immature mind.

Just imagine the sad and tragic life of this dismal little creature and skip over each of her posts which are specifically intended to addle or alarm you.

ericsmom said...

Don't jump on SAHM. It's her opinion and choice how she wants to raise her kids.

I didn't work either when my son was small. If you don't have to work while they are little why should you?

lovesthegirls said...


The moniker that was above my last post (apparently the one you are speaking of now, as well as the one you must have deleted) was "A real truth" Just to let you know :P

The Truth IS Out There said...
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Marypoppin'pills said...

A worried Poster
Ericsmom did not write that comment... our lovely neighborhood Troll did. They are now using Monikers that belong to the regulars. We will delete them as quickly as possible everyone.