VE Macy Park in Ardlsey, NY

Received Saturday, February 28, 2009
nanny sighting logo This incident occurred Friday at approximately 3:20 PM. A white, morbidly obese woman with many rolls of fat, wearing tight blue knit pants, huge stomach, brown t-shirt was caring for a very pretty, dainty, well dressed, blond girl. The little girl was not quite 3 feet, I would guess to be 2, she was white with light eyes, wearing a flowered tunic and pink pants. The little girl was well dressed and wore shoes suggestive of a higher lifestyle. The nanny's clothing was ill fitting, stained and cheaply made. The nanny wore canvas sneakers that one slides into, they were light blue. The nanny had a cold and twice, used her finger by the side of her nose to blow snot out of her nose and right on to the playground. Long, sticky streams of snot. The nanny was pretty disgusting. The nanny was reading a biblical looking book and while she did go to the child on the playground one time, she ignored her for the rest of the time. This left me to tend to her child and mine. I helped her up, held her by the waist, hoisted her, pushed her, all while your fat ass nanny sat on her massive ass and read her book. This went on for the better part of an hour. The nanny was quite content that I was caring for her charge/your child. Maybe if you sent your daughter off with a sack of candy and she fed the nanny a candy every five minutes, the nanny would actually get off her giant duff. She could use the activity!
Comments opened back up with this message from OP. "Unless you have a pertinent comment regarding this lazy mess of a nanny, don't bother. If you are going to be a fat ass, the cross you have to bear is to work against the lazy stereotype, certainly where children are concerned and this little girl would have been flat out neglected and was at times in danger, except that I began caring for her"


confused said...

I'm confused.... was this posted before and then closed due to comments?

what said...

If you're going to be poor, if you're going to be disabled, if you're going to be...

Wow, I can put that before anything and follow it with an unfounded comment.

Ya know, I wonder if OP is aware that nutritious Whole Foods-only type food can be downright expensive while Top Ramen, not so much.

Point: yes, yeah in this sighting the lady was way over the line and when you've got "rolls of fat" the stereotype 99.9999% of the time I'm sure applies, but what is with the general overweight hate OP needs to show?

There are other factors at play.

Morbid Obesity is a Disability said...

A. The age-old question- are you sure this was a nanny? (If she's morbidly obese she might not put much effort into her own appearance, but a lot into her child's)
B. Let's assume she is the nanny. I have a hard time believing that the parents think this nanny is running around with their child on the playground. Therefore, they might be okay with her being less active, if they feel she has a good bond with their child.
C. If you did not want that responsibility of helping the child out, you could have said something to the nanny like, "Um, I think she needs some help over here." But I doubt you would have been able to do it respectfully given your utter disdain for "people like her."

WTF? said...

This post is so hateful that it's lost all credibility in my eyes.

let's get real said...

Um, hello? Who CARES if OP called the nanny fat? Yeah, on the off chance she reads this blog, her feelings might get hurt, but can we focus on the main point of the post? The nanny was ignoring her charge, leaving her in the care of the OP (who was a complete stranger), and blowing snot from her nose onto the playground! That is just gross behavior and I think any parent would want to know if their nanny was acting this way!

ChiNanny said...

What I find interesting is that the OP spent most of an hour assisting, hoisting, etc this child and never found out her name or the name of her nanny. She was obviously planning on writing this, wouldn't you have asked the little girl you are lifting what her name is to make the sighting more specific?

Seems to me this has been exaggerated and turned into more of an "I hate fat nannies" rant.

the world is ending said...

Oh wow, I agree with Katie Nanna.

MN Nanny said...

lets get real-

It's hard to focus on the point of the sighting when it is filled with such demeaning remarks about the nanny.

We get the point that the nanny was overweight. It only needed to be stated once and it didn't need to be so disgustingly portrayed by the OP.

MN Nanny said...

*demeaning remarks about the nanny'S WEIGHT.


a reader said...

MN Nanny,

I think you got it right the first time. All demeaning remarks are unnecessary. Why go beyond the facts?

A nanny wasn't paying attention to the child. We don't need to hear irresponsible, neglectful or so on.

We're already thinking them. So let's not limit ourselves to fat. :)

a reader said...

Case in point.

"Long, sticky streams of snot."

We're already thinking:
"The nanny [is] pretty disgusting."

Combat wordiness! Save time! Prevent distraction!

M&Ms said...

"Maybe if you sent your daughter off with a sack of candy and she fed the nanny a candy every five minutes, the nanny would actually get off her giant duff."

That's how my parents potty trained me.

Adria said...

If you were a nanny, I would fire you out of disgust for your hatred and aggression towards others.

Just remember.. ignorance, racism and being a bigot are all learned behaviors, not part of the genetic makeup.

M&Ms said...


Well said.

Adria said...


Nanny Taxi said...

Why is it that picking on fat people is still socially accepted?

You would NEVER say anything that isn't socially accepted about a black person, or a handicapped person!

I am so tired of hearing the argument "Well, it was a choice they made."
A choice? Really? Do you realize more than half of the overweight women in this world are suffering from a thyroid condition or some form of insulin resistance? Sometimes they go completely undiagnosed.

Do you realize how much our society revolves around food? If you were an alcoholic trying to quit, you just wouldn't have any booze in the house, but how are you going to get away without having food in the house?

Why do they have weight loss surgery? No it is not for those who want to drop 10 pounds, it is for obese people that have gone through years of yo-yo dieting, as a matter of fact one of the requirements for the surgery is proof of failed attempts at weight loss.

The parents are aware of the size of their nanny. I am sure they realize she only has one speed. As for the "snot" thing, I've got to be honest, I think you threw that in to emphasize how disgusting you think she was.

Westchester nanny said...

I am what would be considered a "fat nanny". I look after 2 very active boys which does not allow me to sit at the park and read or else I would! If your charges are playing and happy and content I see nothing wrong with reading a book or looking at a magazine. So that being said I'm sure this person would have said the same about me, not knowing the real circumstances at all. I can run and play with my charges and do very often, having a catch and playing "monster" at the playground.
The fact that the nanny was fat is besides the point, I see PLENTY of thin nannies who do this and worse. There are hardly any other facts in this post to make it seem credible to me. It seems the OP just wanted to make a point about the persons weight and not about the care this child was getting. Ardsley (I'm assuming OP spelled it incorrectly) is a very affluent town I find it hard to believe such sloppy attire would be acceptable to come to work in there. Lazy comes in all shapes in moms, nannies and dads. I never seem to see anyone complain about the "blackberry" dads I see so often. Ignoring their children even when they try to get their attention while looking every second at their handhelds..... but I guess as long as they're fit they can't be considered lazy?

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me...sad in ways I can't explain. How hateful you are OP. I can't even believe your afterthought addition to commenting was allowed to be posted on here. It should have been left as it was, comments disabled. I'm not an advocate of censorship, but you really shouldn't be allowed to spew your hatred and anger on here. It serves absolutely NO purpose.
Of course OP loses all credibility.There's almost a creepy aspect to her her anger is so deep seated but ready to explode. I'd hate to know a person like this.

Austin Nanny said...

What an angry and hateful post! So many unecessarily mean details

ChgoNanny said...

As an overweight nanny, I feel the need to add my voice. If there were ever a post with me in it (hopefully positive!) I wouldn't be offended if I were described as "very tall and overweight" or possibly "obese." Obviously, I wouldn't be thrilled, but I know I'm overweight and I'm trying to fix that. I've lost 14 pounds, but I digress.

As to the messy clothes: I come to work with clean clothes every morning, and by the end I usually have at least a bit of glitter, baby snot, food, or dirt on me. What can I say? The kids sometimes inadvertently use me as a napkin. Maybe the stains were from that day? I wear my grass stains as a badge of honor that shows I really got hands-on with the kiddos.

worlds best nanny said...

The nanny had on cheap, poorly made clothes?

Maybe it's because clothes for plus sized women are so expensive and she can't afford them 'cause she is paid squat! So she may have to get her things at a Salvation Army store!

There was one nanny on here whose boss took her to get a makeover, maybe this nannies boss should do the same. Then maybe she will rise up and start taking better care of herself. I've got to admit I live in an area with a huge Asian population and they are always emptying their noses into their hands.

etereia said...

LMAO, Worlds Best Nanny, "emptying their noses into their hands"...Love that!

TC said...

Commenting on the bad nanny: good

Commenting repeatedly on her weight:bad

Sorry OP if you had reworded your sighting you would have gotten a much better response from me

FatbutFrisky said...

I remember way back someone mentioned a caregiver and children as being Jewish and the comment was deleted the poster branded a racist. Now here we have a post full of hateful, bigoted remarks.

"...morbidly obese woman with many rolls of fat"

"The nanny was pretty disgusting"

"...your fat ass nanny sat on her massive ass"

"Maybe if you sent your daughter off with a sack of candy and she fed the nanny a candy every five minutes, the nanny would actually get off her giant duff. She could use the activity!"

"If you are going to be a fat ass, the cross you have to bear is to work against the lazy stereotype,..."

Ordinarily I would not speak against a sighting but I think you are pretty disgusting OP. Your sighting gives no real information or facts and just rants against a person who may or may not have a number of medical conditions or simply poor willpower when it comes to food.

There is a difference between fat and morbidly obese. But if a parent hires a nanny to look after young children, and that nanny is very heavy or morbidly obese, then it is up to the parents to make sure the nanny is physically capable of doing her job. If this woman truly was a hired nanny and was morbidly obese, she likely can't keep up on the playground with a young child and the parents have to accept partial responsibility.

I am about 75 pounds overweight and am extremely active. I ice-skate, roller skate, play kick-ball, basketball, climb the jungle gym, swim and do a host of other physical activities with my charges. I guess I don't fit the "lazy fat ass stereotype" Thank God I was able to work hard enough to break it! There are many stereotypes out there for all sorts of people. Black, Southern, Italian, Irish, Jewish, the list goes on. Tell me OP, what must all these other people do to break their stereotype in your eyes?

As for the way the nanny was dressed, I dress neatly but in older, cheap clothing because I get spit up on, thrown up on, make mud-pies, finger paint, work with homemade play dough, etc. . It is often difficult for overweight people to find nice fitting clothing but it's out there. I just don't wear my better clothes to be stained and ruined by my charges.

Blowing her nose onto the playground floor is quite disgusting. I would be made ill if I saw that and would have said something. just like I say something to people I see flicking their cigarettes onto the playground or spitting. Ignoring the child was also wrong. But your comments, especially the one made about allowing comments, makes you lose much credibility.

honest nanny said...

Nanny Taxi:

You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned factors of why women are obese. Sure for some its an overeating disorder, but for others you have blood sugar, metabolism, thyroid disfunction, etc.

I just found out this week that I have a thyroid issue and THANK GOD cause I was freaking out over my weight gain. I hadn't been overeating and I most certainly had upped my exercise and yet I still managed to gain 50 pounds in 6 months!!!

I agree with everyone here OP that you lost all credibility with your bigoted attitude. What real issue do you have with her being over weight? What are you insecure about that made you pick on someone else's "not so desirable" traits?

I think you need to go see a shrink.

No Reading said...

I agree with 99% of the comments so far about the OPs nastiness and loss of credibility.

I do disagree with one comment by Westchester Nanny:

"If your charges are playing and happy and content I see nothing wrong with reading a book or looking at a magazine."

I do not think you can safely watch young children at a playground while reading a book or magazine. Actually talking on the phone bothers me less because even though distracted, at least you can keep eyes on the kids.

Westchester nanny said...

To No Reading,
Why not? I think talking on the phone IS distracting, that's why we're not allowed to do it and drive.
I wasn't talking fully engrossed in your reading so that you block out the world. I work with older kids and yeah if I could sit and read I would and still see nothing wrong with that. I can pay attention to two things at once as can most adults.

Mom of 7 said...

I think that if the park is enclosed by a gate and your kids are old enough that they don't need help climbing on things and coming down the slides that reading a book or a magazine is OK. Me and my children spend lots of time at the park and many mothers can be found reading or catching up with old friends, why can't nannies do the same? I want my kids to learn to play independently and with other children, I advise my nannies to assist only when needed b/c of age or environment or when wanted by children.

Mom of 7 said...

As for this particular sighting I find the OP to be a very angry and prejudiced person. Yes, it does sound like the child was young enough to need assistance and the nanny should have been involved, but all the accusations made in regards to the nanny's weight blind us from this issue.

so o said...

I agree with the no reading idea, but I think it depends a lot on the age of your kids. I think it is healthy for kids to play alone so don't think you need to hover. But if they are under 5yo or so, then they can get into a lot of trouble if you are distracted for even a minute.

so o said...

Also, I think reading and driving would be much more dangerous than phone and driving. That's why they allow phone if you use a headset cause at least your hands are free (unlike if reading), though I guess books on tape would be fine too since you can look around then.

a reader said...


"I wear my grass stains as a badge of honor that shows I really got hands-on with the kiddos."

I do too!


Well said. You may be interested to read:

Essentially someone can be both fat and healthy so long as they're active.

No Reading,

I agree and disagree with your disagreeing with Westchester Nanny, and agree with her defense. I say it depends on the nature of the park and the ages of the children. We don't all live in the big city and a lot parks out here you have line of sight no matter where you are. Don't get me wrong, I would never with my charges, but I care for children under four.

But when the park is virtually empty, the children are older, you're keeping your ear trained and you do look up from time to time, where's the harm?

so o,

The reading and driving was, respectfully, a weird comment, not sure where you were trying to go on it. Seems, incomplete.

cali mom said...

So, the nanny was completely disgusting because she blew wads of snot straight onto the ground at the playground. Unacceptable.

The OP is completely disgusting because she has a declared loathing and hatred of a particular group of people based solely on their physical characteristics. Unacceptable.

I guess OP always wears her favorite, most expensive designer, spiffy, shiny, newest, most fashionable clothes to the playground and to do crafts projects with kids, snuggle toddlers and assist in potty needs? Maybe her salary can more easily cover the drycleaning bills than her nanny's.

so o said...

Reading and driving was a direct response to Westchester Nanny's comment that - Why not? I think talking on the phone IS distracting, that's why we're not allowed to do it and drive.

The capitalized IS implies that phone IS distracting in comparison to reading which is what she was responding to.

So that's where i was trying to go with it. Just replying to WN original comment comparing reading/phone. With respect, of course.

worlds best nanny said...

Cali Mom,

For the first time since I found these boards I think we are on the same page. For all the name calling and insulting that you do at times, I have a great respect for your side of things.

op said...

I had no intention of posting this sighting as it was happening. As it was happening I was tending to two children that came to the park with me and another who latched on to me due to her nanny's laziness. Every minute that passed I was sure would be the last and her nanny would come to her aid. But, no. And I had no intention of writing this until I shared the story with a friend of mine who told me two things, "post it on ISYN" and "you should have taken a picture". Guess what? The picture would reveal a very fat nanny with rolls of fat. It's just a description. Even more pertinent since the magnitude of her size lent to her needing to rest unimpeded.

Lindsey said...

What pisses me off about this post (aside from the obvious) is she makes it sound like only fat people are lazy. I have seen plenty of mom's and nannies that were not overweight, but still sat their and ignored their kids, never moving an inch unless to answer their cell or file their nails, that being said I have seen just as many fat people doing the same thing. Bottom line Fat doesn't = lazy.

just a thought said...

judging by OP's last comment, i have to wonder if they are a man.

honest nanny said...

judging by the "I share this with a friend" comment, I believe it is a woman. Not many men would "share this with a friend" and if they did, I think they would phrase it differently.

but then, i'm not a man. men, what do you think? haha.

H said...

Well hasn't this turned into a bit of debacle? Let me say that I run a very tight ship and am exceedingly careful about who I choose to nanny for my children. In my past, I have hired a number of heavy-set, even obese nannies. Should a description of any of these nannies be necessary, they would vary from "she was very top heavy with chicken like legs" to "she had an enormous stomach and looked very uncomfortable" to "the nanny was very large, she wasn't fat but was tall and big, just everything about her was big". These are actual descriptions that I recall. I don't think you should immediately decipher descriptive wording about an overweight person to be prejudicial. There are all types of fat people.

As for the poorly made clothing, that is yet another descriptive clue. I had a nanny who was intent on dressing as if she was going clubbing; one of my earliest nannies; in fact she is the one who motivated me to decide to have the nannies wear Scrubs. Had this nanny been wearing Scrubs, I would bet the OP would have simply said "an obese nanny wearing x colored scrubs".

I do several things with my nannies in advance of allowing them to work with my children. I have a number of background checks run, including a credit check. I also have the driving school take my nanny on a field test and make sure she passes. I only hire swimming nannies and I have their skill assessed at the Y. I also observe the nanny in action with the children, this involves making a dinner, doing homework and playing outdoors. I've had some very large nannies work for me and they knew that the job entailed playing with the children and they swam and played soccer and skateboarded right along with the children.

I think you are overlooking the problem. Most of the problems that arise from nanny/child sightings have to do with the fact that the nanny has become accustom to working unsupervised. You should never allow that to be.

Lastly, I have to say, one of our nannies was with us for three years. At the end of two years, I had watched her try and fail at several diets. From my own pocket, I paid for her to have a gastric bypass. She stayed another year longer and eventually left to get married. If your nanny is good to your children and active with them, if you have means either by example or sharing some of those things that worked for you, help her to find the path to healthfulness. I don't agree that it is a disease or a disability, but for many people it is an addiction much like alcohol and oxycontin.

Adria said...

I think that paying for your nanny to undergo surgery was very, very thoughtful and amazing of you. It's a relief to know some employers do generally care for their employees.

I have to say though, I can't get over requiring all of your nannies to wear scrubs. Mind if I ask why?

No Reading said...

Yes, I was generally talking about younger kids since the OP was about a 2 year old. I agree that you can read while watching older kids at a park, but it still would not be my preferred way of taking care of kids either as a mom or a nanny.

Anonymous said...

Omg wear scrubs? The only time I wear scrubs is when I leave my bed and walk to my espresso machine. How do you wear that in the summer?

I would like to point out an interesting observation.

/healthy weight people complain in disgust about people with rolls. Fat/on the heavier size people like a 6/8 look at skinny girls and go: anorexic b*itch. Or have the audacity to say to your face: why don't you eat? You're too skinny. (While they stuff their faces with pizza).

I'm at the point where I just say, I eat. I'm just not a pig- I care about my heart and health and want to be around for my grandkids. That usually stops them right in their track.

Its just such a display of insecurity when people say such things- and rude.

Just because I'm 5'3 and 104 pounds(with boob weight)- doesn't mean we starve ourselves. Just saying.

cali mom said...

And then there are those SOFI people (skinny outside fat inside) who eat whatever they want but don't exercise enouggh, who have rolls of fat INSIDE surrounding their organs, where it can't be seen, but can lead to major health problems.

WBN, I thought the same thing. I don't usually agree with anything you say, but this OP just sounds personally disgusted by someone wearing cheap, old, badly fitted clothing. Let *her* spend a few years shopping at the Salvation Army store or Walmart and play with kids all day and see how fancy she looks.

DenverNanny said...

I think I'd love a position were it was acceptable, and expected, for me to wear scrubs... I care mainly for infants-3 years and currently care for a special-needs boy who spits up, projectile vomits, and coughs snot on me on an almost daily basis and fyi, pedisure stains never come out of clothes... I just would feel like I was coming to work in pajamas if I wore scrubs...

NannyInCharge said...

I wouldn't mind wearing scrubs either. I have so many stained clothes from taking care of kids and it gets expensive! I'm also not going to wear anything expensive to work, you don't see construction workers, or doctors wearing anything they'd want to get dirty!!

I also don't think it's horrible to take the kids to the park and sit back while they play. However being totally engrossed in your book/phone/nap is not okay. If they are older than 5, there is little reason to intervene unless they need help, or they are getting into a fight or something. I take the kids to the park to play with other kids, not to have me hover and tell them what to do at every second.

The OP is hateful, and disgusting herself. People often spew hate about others when they feel so horribly about themselves.

a reader offended said...

Janet English,

"Skinny/healthy weight people"

Common misconception. Skinny and health weight are not interchangeable. Someone can be skinny and unhealthy. Someone can be fat and health.

The key is whether you accomplish where you are by being sedentary or by being active. There are plenty of very active people who are overweight and healthy.

"Fat/on the heavier size people... look at skinny girls and go: anorexic b*itc"

While I know there are a number who would, you seem to be implying that we're on equal footing. We're not, society has a much greater bias against those who are overweight than against those who are skinny.

"Why don't you eat? You're too skinny."

Do you have any idea how many people would love this as their problem?

"I eat. I'm just not a pig - I care about my heart and health and want to be around for my grandkids."

And the natural implication is that we *DONT*? I'm active, overweight and healthy. I should know, I have never had a significant health issue and get a full physical every year. Trust me, I CARE!

"While they stuff their faces with pizza."

Sounds familiar. Janet, tell me, are you OP?

Take a look at this article:

And please understand, yes, you offended me.

a reader correcting said...

* healthy

Nanny Taxi said...

As a Certified Nursing Assistant from 1985-1999 I wore scrubs on a daily basis and they can get quite pricey.

The solid colored ones are usually cheaper than the cute printed ones, but everyone wants those.

My local Walmart used to sell cheap ones, but I haven't seen them lately.

cali mom said...

I just remenbered that I had the term wrong. It's "TOFI"-thin outside, fat inside. Do a search on it to see what I mean.

a reader without scrubs said...

Only Scrubs I like is the show and if a family asked me to wear any, I'd ask if they wanted to send me to medical school and once they said no, I'd laugh and leave.

I'm sorry folks. I'm already very bland in my choice of clothing and like ChgoNanny above, I start my day clean and end it wearing grass stains with pride.

Besides, there innumerable reasons why I wouldn't want to work for an alleged employer like "H".

Anonymous said...

To a reader offended. (An offended reader perhaps?)

Wow you are just the brightest bulb in the ISYN box.

Sure, "I am the other person". Only if you saw my blog you would know that I don't have kids- didn't the OP have kids and a reason to thus be in the playground? Do I look like I just had kids?

While your sample survey article is a good read you are missing the point. I have a heart disease and I can't eat wings and junk. So when some rude wide-load comes to my house as a friends guest and says something as stupid as above, implying I have an eating disorder infront of 15 people when I just ate yummy dip and carrots, celery, a turkey burger, fruit salad and a few other things- then I consider her, the one drinking full sugar pop, ate like 8 wings, 3 pizza slices and a huge beef burger in 60min a rude slob who is jealous. She's not healthy. She's just an idiot. A wide-load idiot. I know only 1 person on the heavier side who eats healthy and has a size 6 butt. All my other aquintances eat crap everytime I see them.

And skinny/healthy refered to size 0 girls who eat, do weights, do cardio. I'm obviously not refering to a 85 pound woman.

So if you're offended, too bad.I am offended by unhealthy fat woman who insult me on a weekly basis. So if you are healthy and fat- then don't be offended, it doesn't apply to you so just move along.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Bee'sKnees said...

"Why don't you eat? You're too skinny."

"Do you have any idea how many people would love this as their problem?"

Sorry, A reader offended, this is just as rude as the OP. Who are you to judge the validity of someone's problem? Just because it wouldn't bother you to hear those words doesn't mean it isn't a hurtful statement.

Was the OP rude? Absolutely. Does the nanny sound like she had bad manners and was not providing appropriate care? Absolutely.

As for as the obese and healthy article (posted by a reader offended) it states what is already common knowledge: where you carry your weight (namely waist/stomach size)is an important factor when it comes to heart health. It is only assessing heart health...not other issues.

This country has a BIG problem with obesity, and it seems like people want to just excuse it away.

Yes, some weight conditions are medical, but not most. I have a thyroid condition (hypo-thyroid). It is RARE that a thyroid condition is responsible for more than a 5-10lb weight gain. This isn't my is a medical fact.

Hypothyroidism can slow your metabolism and thereby make it easier to gain weight, but even then it comes down to food choices and exercise.

By the way, this is not coming from a thin person. I am decidedly average...if not overweight. I am a size 12 @ 5'4". Could I be thinner? Yes, if I exercised more (I am already really careful about what I eat). Could I be bigger? Yes, if I ate processed junk or a lot of sugar.

mom said...

I don't have time to read 55 comments and I am late on the scene. This sounds no worse that your typical lazy nanny sighting (and I think lazy nannies are bad nannies.)
And I am usually one of the people who does not care if the OP describes somebody as fat or skinny or tacky or classy...or whether they want to describe in intricate detail the precise way a braless nannie's giant boobs lumber back and forth in her white tank top. However, the description of this nanny is so over the top unnecessarily cruel and insulting that OP loses most of her credibility as a normal person posting a bad nanny sighting. Sounds like she is far more upset with nanny for being unsightly than she is about her ignoring her charge.
(Although the Farmer's Hanky behavior would have made me vomit on the spot. Gross!)

you should be ashamed! said...

OP,your concern for a child who's nanny reads instead of paying attention to them is valid. Your obnoxious attitude towards over weight people is apparent and distasteful.

Calimom,I seem to remember(though I cannot recall the exact post)a thread where you referred to a nanny as*****
"a Fat Nanny and her pig of a husband" ***(not verbatim)
because you,like the op here,disagreed with something they did.
So,is it okay for you to do it but not her??

You and the OP here have much in common. You are both fat snobs and very rude about it!
Next time,think about it before you give someone else a hard time about the very same thing you have done on this blog in the past! What a Hypocrite!!
Both of you should be ashamed.

glamnan said...

You should be ashamed - are you the one who follows Calimom from post to post and trashes on her? Whats vendetal with her? Your game is getting to be a bit weirdo stalkerish.

Misty said...

Ok here is what gets me with this.. the OP was able to give us soo many descriptions of what the "nanny" was and was NOT doing that it makes me wonder just how much the OP was actually watching her OWN charges. I mean it seems to me that they are both lacking in the child care department!!!

WTF? said...

oh janet e. everyone is skinny when they're in their early 20s.

:::eye roll:::

get back to me in 25 years when you've been pregnant a few times, nursed a few babies, had your thyroid crap out, had a sports injury or pregnancy bedrest that left you unable to exercise for six monhts, had a surgery, quit smoking, etc... etc... etc... you too will age and your body and metabolism will change. hell, half my life ago (when i was your age), i weighed 113 lbs (i'm 5'11") now it's more like 140-150. you really just have no idea what you're talking about, and to be blunt, you just sound like an ass.

Anonymous said...

Wait..did Janet just say women who are a size 6 are on the heavier side?


I do agree though...I have had numerous people tell me I am too skinny with a look of utter disgust. I used to be afraid to go to the bathroom after I ate because I assumed people thought I was purging. I always got comments about being anorexic or bulemic..."She MUST have an eating disorder. Ugh, there's no way someone stays that skinny."
Since then, I have gained about 15 pounds (i.e. became a woman in my upper 20s with a slower metabolism). I'm still very thin though and very proportionate and while I rarely get the "ew too skinny" comments anymore, some callous and tactless people make comments about anorexia. I know a commenter said something along the lines of people WISHING they had such a problem, but it really CAN be hurtful. I'm not going to pretend it's as hurtful as what overweight people have to deal with on a daily basis, but ANY insult can get to you after awhile, fat OR skinny.

mom said...

WTF and jacqui,
I hear you both on all of this! I am 5'10" and until I was about 35 I was unable to get much past 120 lbs, despite being a ravenous eater. (I was told by friends that certain people mentioned behond my back when I would go to the restroom that i was probably purging.)After my 1st son was born, I went down to 115...which is not pretty on somebody that tall. Some people actually mentioned anorexia to me, or in front of me...and sometimes as an insult (although I couldn't help noticing that it was always somebody of the "heavier" variety who was actually jealous...still it was embarrassing and hurtful.) The worst was when one girls boyfriend in college asked me what I did to keep in shape and then immediately, in front of his girlfriend and several others, said to her, "You ought to try that." It was horrible of him and I"m sure very hurtful to her. But then she decided to take it out on me with several ugly comments over a period of time and once walking up to me and calling me anorexic, right at a busy part of the school. My crazy, attention seeking sister, came home one day and announced that she had been telling everybody at the high school we went to that I was anorexic. I said, "But I'm not." And she replied, "I know. But everybody think you are now."
And WTF, I was in the 120 pound range. I cannot imagine what you got weighing in at 113...and an inch taller than me!
I have gained weight too as I have gotten older. I still look thin (in the 140's...but I have a lot of muscle now) and people often mention it...but in a nice way...not to be mean or jealous. And yeah, I have to exercise like a fiend to stay where I am. (I used to be able to eat like a lumberjack, to no avail in the quest to gain a pound or two!)

Now when I see somebody really skinny like that, I tell them...have the dessert and ENJOY it! Heck, have them all!

Anonymous said...

Mom, I'm 5'10 too and all throughout highschool and until I was about 25 (I am 27 now), I weighed 125, 130 at the absolute most. I weigh 145 at my heaviest now, but because of the way I am built and the way my weight is distributed throughout my body, I don't look THAT much different (bigger ass-which I like- and a little squishy around the midsection-which I don't like)...people look at me and cannot even fathom that I weigh over 120 pounds or that I wear a size 8 in jeans.
It just goes to show how different everyones bodies are, especially women.
And just because I am thin does not mean I am healthier than some of my heavier friends. In fact, I know for a fact I'm not. There are plenty of thin people who don't take care of themselves, just like there are plenty of heavy people who DO. No one fits neatly into one category.

mom said...

I guess those are the benefits of being really tall! I always hated being tall when I was a kid...but now I love it. Of course, it was considered a curse back then and is considered an asset today.
My mom even took me to a doctor to see if there was some drug that might halt my growth when it became apparent I was going to exceed the acceptable max height of 5'6"-5'7" and move into a height category I have heard described literally as "tragic" by some of my aunts. Turns out there was actually something that could be done to stop my growth and I was given the choice (at age 13!) I considered it, but then went home and looked in a full length mirror and noted that my hands and feet were already grown to the proportional size of my intended body height and I didn't want to look like a freak for my whole life, so I declined. I am so glad now that I did. And, who knew, but being tall grew to be a GOOD thing in our society. Just goes to show that we ought to just let ourselves be as God intended instead of doing radical things to change how we are.
I am in great shape now...much better than when I was rail thin. I am heavier, and somewhat bigger...but I have gone from an unhealthy looking size 2 to a more normal 6-8 size range.
I recently saw where some actress had "come to terms with being heavy" and accepted her size 8 body for what it was! I was thinking, "What the hell! (Yes hell.) How did size 8 get to be "fat" in our culture?" people constantly tell me I'm thin...not that I need to learn to accept my obese self!

That said, I do think it is best to stay in a healthy weight range...not necessarily a size range, because we ARE all different. It just makes people feel better and prevents so many health consequences...especially as we age.

WTF? said...

mom, i was always trying to gain weight too when i was younger and i just couldn't. now it's easy.

to me, the best policy is just to not comment one way or another about the size of other people's bodies or their appearance. i don't want my kids growing uo thinking that people's outsides are any more than packaging for the person inside. no one is better or worse than anyone else based on their external appearance. how hard is this to grasp?

mom said...

I agree with that.
I didn't want to tell my kids that prejudice even existed when they were small, because I was fearful that acknowledging that anybody at all thought one thing was better than another might plant some seeds. I let them just act innocently...which led to some embarrassing several times where somebody would say something like, "That really big (as in fat) boy pushed me!" or "That brown girl took my shovel." Innocent does not always sound so innocent, I found out in a big hurry. So what I finally told them is that nobody likes to be called out by their physical appearance...even if we think something about them is very special or pretty, they might not thinks they needed to always refer to people they did not know by name by a description of their clothing instead of any physical attribute. This was much better, and from then on they would say things like, "The boy in the red shirt licked my popsicle!"

cali mom said...

Glamnan, the answer would,be an,obvious,YES.

And I'd ignore it, because it clearly has nothing of value to add to any thread, EVER,(at least, it never has up until now), but in this case I will challenge it to find the post it is attributing to me. It will not manage to locate it, because it doesn't exist, so unless and until it does, it will get no further acknowledgement from me on its latest attempt at playing duck and cover with me.

cali mom said...

And yeah, what kind of a freak thinks that a size 6 on any average height adult is "heavy"? I'm just wondering why in the world anyone would even WANT to come over to Janet English's house.

Bubblelicious said...

How is someone on the "heavier side" wearing a size 6!!

That is outrageous.

I FEEL on the heavier side in my size 11 jeans, but most of the world would call me average.

When I wore a size 8, I was 115 lbs. I just have wide hips, I guess.

Janet you are a weird-o who lives in a bubble.
A very fancy, name brand bubble I'm sure, but a bubble nonetheless.

By the way I guess if I tried to live in a bubble it would pop!

Bubblelicious said...

"So when some rude wide-load comes to my house as a friends guest"

I looked at your blog, I don't know what compelled me, I suppose I just wanted to see what kind of person has your incredulous opinions. I see that you only socialize with the Thin and Beautiful set.

Which is why I laughed when I read the above quote. The only way "wide-loads" could make it through your front door was by accident!!

Does this moniker make my butt look big said...

The post "you should be ashamed" was looking for was Oct 6th,2008
and it was

" some creep and his fat wife"..-CM

"some pig and his fat nanny"

I know because the quote was aimed at myself and my husband.

As for overweight nannies.Well, as we all know stereotypes exist for all categories of people. Some fat nannies are lazy and unhealthy while others of us are not.
Many of us chase and play with our charges..and many of us suck wind while doing it,but we still do it!
Clothing has already been addressed. Its a pain if you are a size16 or bigger and the cost of nice plus size clothing keeps me in scrubtops and jeans while working. The kids love the animated tops and I don't have to worry about ruining my nice clothes. I don't look sloppy nor am I dressed to the nines.

OP..your post may have been valid but your continued derogatory remarks based on the nanny's size distracted from the post.
Hopefully,this nanny will see this post, buy herself a box of kleenex and leave her book at home next trip to the park.
This child was not "FLAT OUT NEGLECTED"
She was taken to a park, dressed appropriately,and you said yourself"the nanny did get up and go to her once".
Poor kid could be stuck at at home all day in a playpen!

Anonymous said...

I've been so busy, just popped in today to see where the conversation headed on this one...

Mom, Jaqui etc. I know how hard it is to gain weight. I eat until i get reflux and my stomach hurts to maintain weight and when I do just 2 miles of cardio I lose pounds like that. I know oneday I'll feel more normal when I am capable of gaining weight without making myself sick in stuffing my face. In the meanwhile, I'll listen to wide loads make comments infront of me to others, like today and yesterday (twice yesterday actually).

I meant on the heavier side in comparison to my body weight and size. I am perfectly normal in weight. And while the average in america is above average in weight, I wouldn't call a size 10 normal weight. That sounds unhealthy- for MY body. But maybe some ladies are super tall and have skinny legs and arms and have all the weight on their hips like a friend of mine. Poor thing. And sorry to hear you (bubble chick) have a wide butt too- that must be horrible for your body proportion.

And bubblelicious or whatever your name was, I guess I am friends with a bunch of petite girls because yeah, I like them skinny, pretty and smart plus we can all share our clothes for the most part. Look a little closer and you will see size 6 in my length in some older posts. Nothing wrong with a size 6 though. I just can't be a size six because that is not healthy- for me.

No excuse me I have to go call the tall and skinny btiches of mine to go talk about some designer label stuff because, like, totally, that is all that I can comprehend.