In the News - February 19, 2009

NJ man Convicted of Baby Sitter's Murder in NY
NORWICH, N.Y. - A New Jersey man has been convicted of murder for intentionally running over a 12-year-old baby sitter to keep her from telling his suspicious wife about their time spent together.

'Living Out' Explores Mother-Nanny Relationships
Eighty dollars buys a one-hour massage from a qualified therapist, about a half-hour chunk of a good attorney's attention or an entire day of service from the woman to whom you entrust an infant's life.

Nannies, why are you still falling for this scam? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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ericsmom said...

Sick about what the NJ guy did. His wife put in a Tracking device in his truck. Smart on her part.
To catch him because she believe he was having an affair. An affair would be better, than knowing your husband was having sex with a minor. Which would be considered statutory rape.
I hope he gets life.

NJFNanny said...

Lately there has been alot of issues like this in the NJ area...must be all the dang Earthquakes!!