After Giving Notice, Nanny is Living a Nightmare

Received Friday, February 13, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am a live in nanny housekeeper for this family in NJ for about 16 months, I already quit and will be leaving the job in 2 months, I gave then 3 months notice, pretty nice of me right?? Yes, but they are not nice to me, since I started to live in from sunday night to friday evening. They never respect my quiet time, my room is very close to the kitchen and laundry room. My boss put the dryer on at 11 PM, the thing keep beeping on my head all night long!!! She stay up until 11 almost every night talking loud, yelling to her teenager daughter, she does that a lot!!! The boys that are 4 and 7 keeping screaming at my door until 10 PM. They never close the kitchen door!! I never asked because I didn`t think I had the right to do it, since is not my house!! But don't you think they should respect me any way???

Sometimes at 6 AM when they are leaving to work, they scream in front of my door, the kids wake up crying!! But this morning it was the end for me!! She woke up me up knocking at my door at 6 AM to ask me to let her 7 year old baby laid with me until late!! She didn't respect me!! I am not supposed to get up until 7:20!! so please let me sleep !!!! I can't stand this people anymore!! I wanna leave before the day I will be leaving!! But since I promised them I have to!!!
Should I complained about this now??? Or it's to late??? Since have been 16 months and I never said anything?? Or should I just wait and get out of here?? I will never again be a live in nanny!!! Never!!!!!!!

Other thing, I buy food and keep at the refrigerator outside in the garage, I put my name on it but never told them that I have that food!!! It's not the first time that my Boss, him, open my bags and put my food away!!! How can I tell this to them????? Thank you!!!!


Enough is Enough. said...

I wouldn't have been that nice. A 3 month-notice? Unnecessary. You should've given them a 1 month notice. You gave them the opportunity to treat you even worse now, because you quit.
What I recommend you is to talk seriously with this lady and establish your limits. If she doesn't respect them, I suggest you start looking for an apartment or a roommate ASAP and leave that house.

There are to words to express how much I detest inconsiderate bosses. Just because you're paying for people's services it doesn't mean you're paying for the right to take advantage of them or treat them like crap.

Bad nannies and Bad employers are just as embarrassing and disgusting.

Enough is Enough. said...
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honest nanny said...

you only worked for them for one month and you gave them three months notice?

enough is enough - it's time for you to just leave them.

Nanny Taxi said...

It's time to go, things will only get worse.

Kaitlyn and Daniel said...

Unless you seriously NEED their letter of recommendation, I would just leave. There is no reason to stay. Also, I think it's really inappropriate for a 7 year old kid to be sleeping in the same bed with the nanny! That is just a weird situation. I say just leave, to be honest--if you've already quit they have no reason to change.

NannyInCharge said...

You are leaving anyways, just tell them. And try to get another place as soon as possible. If you can live somewhere else in 2 weeks, let them know that your plans have changed and that 2 weeks notice is all you can give.

They don't respect you, you don't owe them anything. And be straight up with the kids. "Please shut the door" or "Don't scream by my door" is totally okay to say. If you let them run you, they will.

OP!!!! said...

I am the OP. I work for them for 16 months and not one month like someone said!!

I told then in December that I would be getting married in June, so they ask me to stay until them. But the things change between my fiance and I and I will be going back to my Country in June for good, thats why I said I could stay. For be honest I do need more money thats why I am staying any way!!

I gave my Boss a letter telling all this and it seems like the noisy had stopped, lets see what is going to happened!!!! I just wanted to know if it was too late to be asking to change their behaviors since I never said anything before. I do need the letter reference!!! I am giving them one more chance, lets see what is going to happen !!
Thank you for the opinions!!

NJFNANNY said...

Dude...find another job, and get the HECK out of there!!!

a 3MONTH notice!!!! Never EVER do that again!!! Only give 1...AT that!

Good Luck Sweety!!

erosser said...

You don't owe them anything more than 2 weeks. Your life and your happiness should be your number one priority because, believe me, it's not theirs. I stayed at a horrible job for so long because I was afraid to quit, now I'm with a great family and I regret that fear. LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF...NO ONE ELSE WILL

PinkNanny said...

Hi OP,

I think the letter was a good idea, as long as it was polite. Your're right, once you say you are leaving it's harder to have any power in your situation. But still you have the right to be respected, no matter if you are leaving or not. After all, you did them the courtesy of giving them three month's notice. They sound like a weird family that would be hard for anyone to put up with.

Anonymous said...
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No respect said...

A letter??If they didn't respect you before the letter, I doubt they will do after.
Why are you still there?Look for a job in a restaurant or something and disappear. Let them deal with their kids on a Monday morning with no sitters.

(You need a moniker!)

It worked!! said...

OP here!!

The letter did work, at least until now!!
I am not looking for another job because like I said I am going back to Brazil in May and I need more $$$
I am taking their money, lol!!!!
And the idea of leaving without saying good bye came to my mind. but I do want the letter reference to take to my Country!!!!

curious cat said...

Where is OP from?

Anonymous said...
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