Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to I Saw Your Nanny. There are three ways to submit your nanny sightings. Information on how to submit your sighting can be found here.
Send us your nanny pictures
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Physical description of involved child/children:
Address or venue of observed incident:
Date and time of incident:
Detailed description of what you witnessed:
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver:

We love photographs, so use your cameras and cell phones!
We are always interested in hearing about super nannies caught in action. Or perhaps you just want to brag about your wonderful nanny? Email us now.


Best Seller said...

LOVE the graphic there, Jane!

lame said...

Nice. Its the whole lotta lawsuit collage.

NannyInCharge said...

Why is it illegal to post pics of these nannies? Or anyone for that matter?

Anonymous said...
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Bingo said...

wow I am amazed at the way some of these nannies go out with your children . I wouldn't let them in my house looking like that.No wonder so many wives lose thier husbands to the nanny geez !Bingo

tricky said...

Tricky subject, but the simple fact is that if it were illegal to take anyone's picture when they are out in PUBLIC, then private investigators would be getting sued left, right and every way in between. For some reason however, they AREN'T. And security cameras on streets, corners, and private and public properties are also NOT illegal. Go figure.

12:07 AM

? said...

does anyone know when the pic in the lower left corner was submitted.. and/or the story that went with it?


ps.. its the one with the lollipop

101 Freeway said...

It was taken Thursday, October 9, 2008.


? said...

thank you---

anonymouse said...


Do you know the gal in the picture?

cali mom said...

1:47, you must have stumbled onto the wrong site. Here you go:

We won't miss you, but your employer may have spotted your picture already.

Legal Eagle said...

While it is not illegal to post any pictures taken in a public place, posting that picture with information that can damage the subjects ability to earn a living or cause them significant public humiliation can land the informant in some very legal and expensive hot water.

Best Seller said...

There are no names attached to the pics. All of the children have been fuzzed out. I love coming on ISYN whenever there's a pic just so I can see posters freak out over what they think is illegal.

Damn, they took my picture at Target yesterday. Wait! they took my photo crossing the street last night. Oh crap, did I forget to smile in front of the ATM when I got money out this morning?

Chill out already. Big Brother is everywhere!! Smile!!

lame = you said...

You're a dumbass if you don't get the point Legal Eagle is making.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Best Seller said...

I wasn't disagreeing with LE -
I was saying that even though there aren't names attached to the photos, people still get up in arms about it.

Where in my post did I call LE wrong?
And what's up with the name calling?

George Anthony tries to commit Suicide said...

Despondent Grandfather Longed to "be with Caylee" - CNN

The distraught grandfather of slain Florida toddler Caylee Anthony sent his family and friends text messages saying he "did not want to live anymore and that he wanted to be with Caylee," according to a police report.

George Anthony, 57, then disappeared for several hours, and his family's worried attorney called police.

"You can see that George has been pushed to the brink of what could have been another tragedy in this case," said the attorney, Brad Conway. "This has been nothing less than hell" for the couple, he added.

He asked reporters to respect "the pain and the anguish" the Anthonys have gone through and "give them a little bit of space." He pointed out that they have not yet been able to bury Caylee, whose remains were found in December.

"Cynthia stated George has been upset and depressed about the death of his granddaughter, Caylee Marie," according to an Orange County sheriff's report.

"She stated she asked George yesterday to pick out some jewelry for Caylee for her funeral," the report stated. "Cynthia said she believed this might have made him even more depressed." (cont.)

TiredOfThis said...

Anyone who posts pictures of a nanny for anything other than abuse is wrong.

If you want to make it fair, hide their faces at least. After all, we do blur out the kid's faces, don't we?

jojo bear said...

Tired of this,
Children are always innocent.
Nanny's are 90 percent scum.

jj said...

Hey 31 flavors of dumb, ooops, I mean tiredofthis, all of those nannies WERE posted for abuse. That's why their pic is up.


jj said...

90% scum? I hope you don't mean all nannies in general, otherwise, get ready for a nice ass-whupping on this blog from them!

Gimme A Break said...

Ignore JoJo bear, she probably can't afford a really good nanny so I am sure she scrapes the bottom oof the barrel for hers. it takes scum to know scum.