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Sunday, January 18, 2009
ISYN was started in August of 2006 and some of you have been with us since it's inception. We wanted to take this opportunity to ask for your suggestions. MPP & I are always looking for new directions to take the blog; while carefully striving not to deviate from the original intention -provide a forum for strangers to report negligent nannies. If you have a suggestion for a new feature or an improvement or you would like to share your thoughts on your favorite parts of the blog or favorite post, please do. It is only with your feedback that we can grow this blog through 2009.
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viva la difference said...

Well I'd start with some kind of retention strategy, as a handful of bossy regulars have managed to drive away quite a few interesting posters as of late.

Baby dies in Daycare said...

I can't stop crying:

"....On Wednesday, there were seven other children and another adult in the room with Benjamin and Calusinski, who had worked there for more than a year, police said.

Shortly after 3 p.m., Calusinski became upset, police said.

"She told investigators she was having some issues with the children in the room,'' said Lincolnshire police investigator Adam Hyde. They "were making noise, things like that. She just lost her temper and then threw the child down."

The other worker in the room didn't see it happen, police said.

After being thrown, the boy was actually able to grab a blanket and crawl to a bouncy chair, police said. Later, Calusinski "realized he was unresponsive and called for help,'' Hyde said.

Center staff attempted CPR and called 911 at 3:51 p.m., less than a half hour after the incident, police said. Benjamin was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later...."

WHY does this happen?! I just don't see how someone could hurt a child like that. We need to stop these monsters that have no regard for the lives of little children.

nynanny said...

What a sad story about the little boy. I hope that day care worker spends the rest of her life in jail thinking about what she did.

And to viva, i've been blasted myself, it sucks. But people just need to understand that a site like this is going to whip up everyone's emotions and they are going to sometimes say and do things they might not mean. I've witnessed several apologies from ppl on here because of something mean they said. I guess everyone should do their best to let it go, or grow a thicker skin. I have been upset too, but would never leave because of it!

TwistedNoodle said...

I stumbled on this site about a 6 months ago and I love it. I'm not a nanny nor have I ever employed one but think this is a great place with a great purpose.

I was just wondering roughly how many parents have spotted their bad nanny here and contacted you about it?

I know this question is off topic but was hoping someone could provide an answer.


good idea said...

I agree with Twisted... a follow-up section would be cool.... if .possible, that is

K said...

Dear MPP & Jane..okay,here is an idea. Take a look at the last few days worth of posts and threads. Notice a pattern? I sure do. The same snarky,outspoken,pompous poster goes after someone who disagress with her veiws. She does not do this in a mature or civil manner but calls names and uses lots of mean-spited snark,all the while implying lack of brain-cells and knowledge.Why,because someone has another way of looking at things? From that point the threads ALWAYS take a turn for the worst and go downward from there.Then,all the little trolls follow her lead.
When she runs one off..She just starts the same shit with other posters.Look at the threads..they speak for themselves.
Maybe that needs to change? Just a thought? Unless of course you agree that everyone just needs to "get thicker skin" in which case,you may very well end up with an entire board of thicked skinned name calling,argumentative posters?
You've created a great blog. You've got some wonderful and loyal fans and posters. Perhaps someone could approach those that need to tone it down and make room for the not so popular kids too! Afterall,we are all here for the kids not the reprimands from others who disagree.

Best Seller said...

Well, nice thought.... only, what you're proposing would be considered "censorship". Besides, I think it livens the blog up when you have two such opposing sides. However, when it starts to get really ugly, maybe everyone should go to their neutral corner? Maybe another calmer, level-headed poster can yell "TRUCE" for whomever is going at it?

I'm not sure there is a band aid for the blog wars, but until we find one, I'll have to agree with nynanny and vote for the thicker skin.

Been there said...

If I remember correctly, you were going at with cali mom just the other day. If the fighting bothers you that much, why don't you just walk away? Well, lol, you know what I mean. Just ignore it. You can't fight with yourself! You'd look like an idiot.

lcys nnny said...

Putting people in jail for hurting children is not going to save children or stop people from hurting children. If you really want people to stop abusing children and preying them, then in reality you must adopt the same behavior pattern as the black bear. No one comes between you and your children. And if they do, they surely don't get sent away at our expense to live out their years pen palling with the free world.

If you kill a child, why would you continue living?

Monday Quarterback said...

The blog has taken a turn for the worse. CL-WTF for example. Ok..WTF are these people doing..but does it solve any problems. It's basically judging strangers for not making the best decisions. Some of those people, if I understand correctly are getting harrassed. Is that the fault of this site? Who knows. It seems like a mean-spirited way to build anger. Is it necessary to ridicule anonymous ads? Im not sure.

nynanny said...

Monday Quarterback (LOL, love the moniker.... but maybe it's because I've got a dirty mind?)

The Ads that are getting put up on ISYN are Ads that are usually a day or so older, which means that the feedback that is getting posted on here was already done. Just look at the dates on the Ads.

We can't be the only nannies in the world getting pissed off that employers want to take advantage of us!

If the Craigslisters don't want to be ridiculed, maybe they should look at SAHM's for childcare? or babysitters? or perhaps (and this is a novel idea!).... look for a locally licensed Daycare.

Best Seller said...

You don't think that people that post on CL offering pathetically low wages and demanding the sky from a nanny shouldn't be ridiculed?

Boy, I hope you don't have a nanny!

Agree with Monday said...

I agree with Monday Quarterback in thinking the CL series is completely NOT in the spirit of ISYN. I believe it does a disservice to the purpose of ISYN, which is presumably to protect children. It is nothing but an opportunity for nannies to complain about various ads with low wages and bad hours as the vast majority of the posted ones are. Nothing wrong with nannies wanting to complain or share stories, but this just doesn't seem the place to do that. I see absolutely no outcome of CL WTF that could be perceived as outing bad nannies or protecting kids.

Now someone will say that Rants and Raves are also not nanny sightings and remain quite popular and try to draw a comparison between CL WTF and R&R. However, this comparison has, and will continue to be, a poor one. R&R at least raises actual issues about employer/employee work environment which can be educational to both. There is no educational component of CL beyond nannies saying "pay us more and let us work less." I don't blame nannies for this. Heck if there was a blog made up of people in my industry where I could go to commiserate with others about what I perceive as bad working conditions, you can bet I would be there often. However, I continue to think that blurring ISYN with a complaining session for nannies is a bad idea.

However, this issue has been raised before. The result is always the same. Since ISYN seems to be made up of 80%+ nannies, they always support the CL series and it continues (as I'm sure it will this time).

Jimminy Pizzuta, NNJ said...

I agree. I am not a fan of CL, either. I don't read it but it doesn't bother me. I just skip over it. It seems to come on only the weekends and nannies dont work the weekends. I think there is a tie in there though that some of these awful nannies we see/hear about are the product of lazy and uninspired parents trying to save a buck.

Mrs. Hargrove said...

Jimminy Pizzuta
I love the CL series. I just can't imagine that a Parent willing to fork over a decent paycheck would continue to employ a lazy good-for-nothing nanny.

The Parents looking to save a buck are the ones that usually end up hiring these types and then I assume because they are underpaid, they tend to neglect their charges more. I mean, if you pay crap, you get crap.

Mich said...

I'd like to see the picture stay the same for a while. It's a bit annoying when it's anew picture every time I come and visit. Maybe come up with one that stays or only change it with the seasons or holidays?

Best Seller said...

Annoying? Are you serious?! I think that's so fun, coming on and seeing something different up. I always wonder "what's it gonna be today?". As a matter of fact, I'm surprised that the one that's up there now has been there for so long, they usually get changed once or twice a week.
Don't be so boring!

firsttimecaller said...

Is that Pierrepont playground in the picture? lol.

Denise said...

How about another additional approach to protecting children in the form of positive re-enforcement and recognition going out to GOOD nannies? Something regular? Give these shoddy nannies and uninterested parents something to strive for and look up to! I propose nanny of the month section. Must be nominated, includes pics, a short story or letter from nominator and find a sponsor to offer some kind of gift package to the winner? I'd also suggest contacting local media in the event that they'd be interested in doing a feature on their local winners. Would bring a lot of good press/traffic to site- helping even more families and children.

I'd also suggest a page listing interview tips and questions for families looking for a new or first nanny. Give people some tools to do the best they can to hire responsible and trustworthy nannies.


Sprak said...

As time has gone by, I've enjoyed getting to know some of those who opine on this blog. There are some really great people who post here that have shared some interesting tidbits with us about their lives, providing insight into what makes them think as they do. Recently, I've been absent from ISYN for the most part but am finding more time now to check in.

K, your comments about the abrasive poster (not me this time!) seemed to indicate that you feel unpopular compared to the antagonistic poster to whom you were referring, and I can assure you that your posts are probably much more well-received and appreciated than you suspect. For instance, your post gave me pause and your ability to state your views succinctly and clearly impressed me.

It's good to have differences of opinion. It makes for lively debate. We do need to respect the opinions of others, however, and that sometimes gets forgotten in the heat of the moment. Take care. Sprak

Why not? said...

I am surprised to see no posting/picture for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There seems to be one on most other holidays. I shudder to think.

Kiss it said...

You're so transparent and boring in your pathetic attempts to rebel rouse.


Mich said...

Best Seller,

I'm really not boring at all. I like to see the different pictures that they find to put up,but to see them so often kinda throws me off a bit,I probably shouldn't have used the word annoying. I find comfort in seeing the same picture on the site each time I visit.


K said...

Best seller,you are right .No I don't agree with censorship .
It is not at all the answer.However,I can tell you that some posters are unable to accept a truce and will continue to go out of their way to harass others even after one has tried to move on.Wish we could change that but I see no light at the end of that tunnel.Oh well..LOL

"Been there" you too are right. That was me going at it the other day. I am putting a post it next to my mouse to remind me to walk away! Thanks!

And Sprak, please know It's more frustration than wanting to be popular. It would be nice to join a conversation without being targeted all the time by the same poster just because we share a diff of opinion. I would not even mind if it were constructive but really,it never is. Thank you though for your kind words.
I will be changing my ways to get around this issue..maybe a few others will too! Lets see?!
Afterall,Ireally enjoy this site and so many of it's posters.

MissDeeLovesAllISYNPosters said...

Jane: I discovered this site in 2006 after reading about it in the INA publication newsletter. I must say that I love this site and the people on it. What you started Jane is a wonderful place for people who truly love working with children, whether we are nannies, teachers, college students, daycare owners or parents to express their opinions and receive advice regarding problems, issues and also suggestions to become the best role model for children. I have learned so much from everyone who has sent a submission or left a comment, I cannot thank everyone enough. I personally love the WTF, since it gives us great laughs after a long hard week!

PS: Jane, I am going to make a tee shirt that says:

"I love my job. I am a nanny."

Where are those ISYN tee shirts? I think more people need to know about this site! Get those tees out there Jane!

firsttimecaller said...

You hit it on the head. The site is way too negative. I agree with everything you said. Imagine the nanny who is called out for being great!

Manhattan Nanny said...

Yes, I keep hoping to see myself raved about on here with a big smiley face, but alas, so far, no. Maybe I need an I'm not the mom T-shirt. : ^ )