2008 Holiday Bonus Feature - Part II

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To read part I of the Holiday Bonus Feature 2008, please click here.

Part II
1) Bonus this year: 600
Your Weekly Salary: 600
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: at first glance it was just a clever looking wallet, no name brand. I opened it and all of the slots were full of gift cards. Nothing outrageous, $25 Starbucks, $50 Gap, $25 Chili's, $50 American Express, $25 Bath and Body, $25 Walgreen's, $25 Blockbuster. I thought it was a really nice gift. There was also one of every coin in the coin purse and in the money part, there was a twenty, a five, and a one dollar bill. I thought it was really thoughtful and it will last me a while.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 10 months
City, State and Country: New Albany, OH

2) Bonus this year: $500
Your Weekly Salary: $550 for 35 hours a week
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Picture of the children
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 16 months.
City, State and Country: Philadelphia PA
* They are wonderful to work with and their kids and lovely.

3) Bonus: $1000.00
Weekly Salary: $875.00 (45 hour weeks)
Supplemental gift: A really sweet greeting card letting me know how much I mean to them as a family.
Length and time worked for Family: 2 years
City State and Country: Washington state
*I know most people don't think time off is considered a bonus but I also received the day before and the day after Christmas off too (paid). My bosses called me on Christmas day to wish me a happy holiday. I'm lucky that during this economy crunch I have a good job with children I love dearly.

4) Bonus this year: $1,000
Your Weekly Salary: $750 for what is supposed to be a 45 hour work week and ends up being much, much more. Getting overtime out of their rich bitch asses is like pulling teeth.
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A re gifted gift bag that my employer had gone through and picked the better products out of.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 14 months.
City, State and Country: Outside LA
* The mother is an absolute nut job. Imagine Casey Anthony with millions in the bank. One time I left her with one of the children while I took the other to a public restroom and she had lost the other. The child was 4 years old. I went nuts. I was running all over, I contacted security, ran up to every adult I could find, literally ran around looking for the child and what did this mother do? She stood there and lit up a cigarette and looked completely put upon. The child was finally found by an employee twenty minutes later. The mother just looked at the child and through the child. I ran to the child and scooped the child up and hugged and kissed the child. The mother rolled her eyes and just continued to look bothered and pissed off. If she didn't have a nanny, she probbaly would have harmed or let harm come to her children. Her husband understands she is a narcissistic, self absorbed, whinny bitch and he tries to keep the peace in the house. This is especially hard when the mother is a raging psychotic who is often experimenting with mix and match pharmaceuticals. The father tries to do nice things for me and my husband throughout the year. He gives us tickets to premiers and things of the sort, has his secretary make us a nice dinner reservation or something. He tries, but what he really needs to do is kick the nasty bitch of a wife to the curb and marry a woman who has a modicum of compassion for children.

5) Bonus this year: 100
Your Weekly Salary: 550 (40 hours per week)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A really cute fleece sweatshirt I had mentioned getting for myself and a gorgeous Tiffany’s necklace.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: almost 2 months
City, State and County: Minneapolis MN.
*I was really happy to have gotten any bonus/gift at all considering the economy and the fact that I’ve only worked with the family for about 2 months. They are a great family to work for because the really respect my profession and me as a person.

6) Bonus: $3,000,
Salary: $1,200 before taxes
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: from the parents, a pair of theater tickets, gifts from the children, a basket of gourmet food items ( they know what I like, lol ), a photography book, a cashmere wrap, a toy for my cat.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 7 years
City, State and Country: NYC
*This is a dream job with a truly kind and loving family. I am grateful for the money and gifts, but even more for the way they make me feel valued and appreciated every day.

7) Bonus this year: $200
Your Weekly Salary: $675
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: none... not even a card
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 2 years
City, State and Country: Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota USA
*Side note: Last year I got a $550 bonus, a car, 3 candles, an awesome framed picture of the kids, and a "necklace" that the kids made. This year my bonus was more than halved, and I didn't even get a "merry Christmas". It hurt to not get a personal gift from the kids, and leaves me bewildered as to why my bonus shrunk so much. AND I know its not because of the economic times, as my bosses have NO trouble spending TONS of money on themselves and the kids.

8) Bonus this year: $500
Your Weekly Salary: $200 - Live-in
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Note pads, beauty stuff, photo album, mug with kid's pic.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 1 year
City, State and Country: Philadelphia, PA, USA

9) Bonus: $700 bucks cash!
Weekly Salary: $525 before taxes. I'm on the books, but no benefits.
Other Gifts: a week off paid (I get two a year). I got my two checks and the cash in a very nice card. I was totally floored. I was expecting maybe a $50 gift card. I opened the card on my way out, and I almost dropped it, I was so surprised.
Location: Chicago IL.
*I know this isn't as much as some people got, but I'm beyond happy. My father was laid off on Christmas Eve, so this will obviously be my best Christmas present.

1o) Bonus: $250 1st family $0 2ND family
Weekly salary: $450 1st family $200 2ND family after taxes
Gifts: none also only 2 paid days off for holidays with first family and none with 2ND even though being made to take 2 weeks off
Time worked: almost 1 year 1st family 4years 2ND family
Location: North Carolina
* I was very grateful for the bonus that I received from the first family and was not expecting as much as I did get. Their last nanny told me they only gave her $100 last year and I started right after Xmas. I did get the kids and parents of both families presents even though my families financial status made it so that my partner and I couldn't get each other anything. My second family not giving me anything hurt some as I have practically raised their little boys and love them like my own. Also the mandatory 2 weeks unpaid off the knew was going to really hurt us financially but didn't seem to care.

11) Bonus this year: $2,000
Your Weekly Salary: $500
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: $50 Spa GC, Ornament made by charges
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: Just over two years.
City, State and Country: Upstate/Central New York
*I'm 24, have a BA in Psychology, live-out and love my job. I'm a nanny for two: boy and girl, ages 4.5 and 6, with the 6 year old in full day Kindergarten. Three years ago, about 8 months before I became their nanny, their father passed away and MB works from the home while traveling a bit (it varies greatly how often she is traveling during the week that I work, she is home every weekend with her children). It's a unique situation, but it works - almost always like clockwork. We get along wonderfully and we have never stepped on each others toes. The kids love having her there when she can be and things run just as smoothly when she can't be there. I work hard every day to help this family, and to provide stability for these kids and have come to feel like a part of the family.

12) Bonus this year: $500
Your Weekly Salary: $500
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Earrings and bracelet
from the baby (worth $40)
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 months, 35 hours/week
City, State and Country: Baltimore
*In our neighborhood I think this is a pretty high bonus -- she also
gets about four paid days off each month, since my own job has
generous leave -- but our nanny is great and I want to make sure she
feels well-rewarded. We have not been affected by the bad economy, but
even if we were, our nanny is the LAST place we would scrimp.

13) Bonus this year: $75
Your Weekly Salary: $270 for 27 hours
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: No other Gifts
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 months
City, State and Country: Madison, WI 53590 USA
*I felt a little hurt that I didn't receive a card. I always think that the presents with thought behind them are the best. I am terribly jealous of the nannies who get huge bonuses. But I know the people that I work for are not wealthy by any means.

14) Bonus this year: $500 cash
Your Weekly Salary: $480- take home (47 hours/week)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: none
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 8 months
City, State and Country: Saint Paul, Minnesota
* 2 kids under age 3. I have 10 days paid vacation, all national holidays paid, AND I'm paid for every day I have off that I should be working... like Monday, Tuesday and Friday (Xmas week). I have no benefits, but have had a couple surprise bonuses- extra $20 to $100. My husband and I were invited to their home on Xmas Eve before our dinner plans. We had lots of fun- everyone was soooo warm!

15) Bonus this year: None
Weekly Salary: $450 per week- 45 hours per week.
Length of time you have been with the family: 8 months.
Location: I am in Baltimore County, Maryland.
* (For Christmas, I did not receive a bonus. :( I bend over backwards for these people! You name it, I do it. I did not even receive a card from them. I am not happy with this but I guess some people don't have a job right now. I do, but it is shitty. However, these people I work for can CLEARLY afford to pay me a week's salary as a bonus and I sure as hell deserve one. I base this on my attendance, my performance, my effort and my creativity with everything I do. IT is what it is. I spent a lot on gifts for them. I'm looking for a new job at this time. I'm feeling unappreciated at this time :( It will be their loss in the end.

16) Bonus this year: None
Your Weekly Salary: $13/hr gross average 12-15 hours a week
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A couple of DVD's that I had mentioned I loved but didn't own a couple of months back, and an awesome book that showed much thought and consideration in picking out.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 Months
City, State and Country: Orange County, California
*I was very happy with my gifts from the family. I felt they put a lot of effort into picking out personal gifts for me, which meant more to me than them going out and spending a bunch of money on something I would never want or use.

17) Bonus this year:$700.00
Your Weekly Salary:$700.00
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: a brand new laptop!
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 11 months.
City, State and Country: Westchester, New York.
*This is an especially thoughtful gift because she works in finance on Wall Street and he was recently laid off so their generosity was even more appreciated. I am incredibly lucky-and grateful. I also have from today until January 6Th paid and off. They are wonderful, and the 14 month old baby I take care of is the love of my life!

18) Bonus this year: $0
Your weekly salary: $400 (before taxes) for 55 hrs/week *live-in*
Any Supplemental Gifts Beside Bonus: A pink tool set from Target
Length of Time You Have Worked For The Family: 16 months
City, State: Boston, VA
*I have been working for this family for a while. Last year I received a lot more, but again, no bonus. I think the gift was thoughtful because last year I was looking all over for a pink tool set. At this point I am happy to have received something as I am leaving this position in a week. Overall they have been very generous over the time I have worked for them.

19) Bonus this year : $640
Weekly salary: $640 (after taxes)
Supplementary Gifts: A nice jacket and shirt and a Borders gift card (they know I love books)
Length of time: 2 years
Location: Westchester County NY
*I also gave presents to the children and parents. These were thoughtful gifts and they are generally thoughtful people. I feel fortunate now that I've seen a lot of nannies get nothing or next to nothing. I've received higher bonuses in past positions but am happy overall.

20) Bonus this year: $3,000
Weekly Salary: $560
Supplementary gifts: none
Length of time w/ family: 8 months
City state: Rochester, NY
*I am thrilled with my bonus! They gave me $1000 of it for Thanksgiving and then another $2000 for Christmas! They know that we are going through the adoption process and that we really needed some extra cash. They are extremely generous employers. Nannies in this area of the state rarely get a bonus at all, so I'm psyched!

21) Bonus this year: $500
Weekly Salary: $720
Supplementary Gifts: Three pairs of fun printed socks (their son always has to check out my socks when I walk in the door in the morning, so this was a gift from him)
Length of time with family: four months
City, State: Redmond, WA
*I was happy with my bonus. I wasn't sure what to expect, since this is my first Christmas with them, and I haven't even been with them for half a year yet.

22) Bonus this year: $1100
Your Weekly Salary: $550
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: An adorable ornament, and a very sweet card. Oh, and a gift for my niece and nephew.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 19 months.
City, State and Country: Suburban Chicago, Illinois, USA
* My employers are probably some of the sweetest people I've ever met, they've been such an amazing force in my life.

23) Bonus this year: 5,000 dollars
Your Weekly Salary: $1400.00
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: White & yellow gold heart with diamonds from a jewelry store in town, basket of L'Occitane Skincare products, Golden Goose motorcycle boots, IPhone and IPhone service, cherry chocolates, 3 pictures of the children in intricate, antique frames.
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 3 years months
City, State and Country: Westchester County, NY
* I work for the most wonderful, classy people you would ever want to meet. Aside to my bonus and the wonderful gifts, they are consistently kind to me throughout the year, treat all service people with tact (ask all people to call them by their first name), they are generous, do a lot of charity work and the children are involved in charity products. They are thoughtful and doting parents, hard working people with great hearts and an excess of integrity. I am happy to be part of such a wonderful family. I hope some of their attributes rub off on me.

24) Bonus this year: 300
Your Weekly Salary: 470
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: haven't received it yet
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 4 months
City, State and Country: Indianapolis, IN, USA

25) Bonus this year: $100.00- earlier in the year
Weekly salary: $500.00/ 45 hours/week live-out
Other gifts: Nice matching hat, gloves and scarf, $40 gift card for a favorite store and one other gift coming after the holidays.
Length of time with the family: This January,it will be one year
City, county or state: Michigan
* I am very thankful to be with this family. They have been nothing but wonderful and very generous. One of the best families I've ever worked with, in a long time.

26) Bonus this year: $400
Your Weekly Salary: $600
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A Christmas Card, Pictures of the kids, a calendar, and a photo frame... and an extra week off at Christmastime...
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 1 year
City, State and Country: Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota USA
*Please note that I have a GREAT job, with TONS of paid vacation, and my family LOVES and APPRECIATES all that I do and it shows in more ways than just monetarily.

27) Bonus this year: 250
Your Weekly Salary: 675
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: nothing
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 19 months
City, State and Country: Twin Cities, Minnesota USA
*Note: last year my bonus was quite a bit larger, and I felt much more appreciated than I do at this time.

28) Bonus this year: 50 dollar bill
Your weekly salary: 650.00 per week
Any supplementary gifts aside from the bonus: 3 packs of travel kleenex, 1 pack of office copy paper, a ten pack of black pens (stolen from an office?) and what looks to be the free gift that came with an Estee Lauder purchase (that I was not given).
Length of time you have worked for the family: 3 tumultuos years
City, State and Country: Chicago, Il. USA

Out of Format:
I make $18/hourly for my first 40 hours, $27/hour overtime (on the books) and work between 40 and 55 hours a week. I've been with my current employers approximately 8 months. I received Christmas week off (paid), as per my contract and... That's all folks. I am in the North Jersey area but decline to give my specific city. And, yes, I'm disapointed. I do not expect bonuses but am an outstanding, experienced nanny and would have expected at least a card!

I received $500. and a gift basket with all products I use and love from one family (I work 2 days a week for them and make $260. a week) and $200. and some perfume from the other family (I work 2 days for them and make $260. a week from them). The other family ( I work 1 day and make $130.00) gave me a selection of bubble bath. I have been with all the families for over 4 yrs. The family that gave me bubble bath has never in the 4 years given me a Christmas bonus. They make more $$ in 1 month than my other 2 families make all year. I kid you not. I love all 3 families and their children, but have always been perplexed by the one mothers lack of gift giving skills. I also do the most around the house at the house where I was given bubble bath. I change the kitty litter boxes (there are 3), its the only time they ever get changed. I clean up and do dishes and take out the trash etc. BTW, this is my last month there...after 4 yrs, I am moving on. Im in California.

I have been at my current job for 15 months
Bonus this year: $300.00 cash plus $200 gift certificate to a clothing store
part-time 20 hours a week $320 for a 21 month old adorable girl
Place: Colorado
this is what I have received throughout the year:

Ipod Nano for my birthday
Piano bench
Jewelry box
Wooden picture frame
A really nice messenger bag
$320 gift certificate to hotel/restaurant Plus $200.00 Cash (bonus last Christmas)
$100 for Spring Break
$100 Zappos gift certificate for Valentine's Day
Ralph Lauren scarf
Facial for Mother's Day
Leather bag
$100 just because!
5 private pilates sessions
*The people I work for are so nice and so appreciative of me. I love my job and I adore the little girl. We have lots of laughs when we are together!

Thanks to all who participated. If you didn't get a chance to leave your response to the bonus survey, please use the comments section to share your details. Click here to read part one of the survey. If you have an idea for a future ISYN feature, please email Jane.


Anonymous said...

# 6 is so sweet! They even got a gift for her cat! LOL

# 4 I'm glad the Dad makes your job just a little easier. But I don't know why you would put up with the MB like you do. You live near LA, I would imagine the Nanny market is still going strong in that area. Maybe you should get out? You deserve better.

It was really pleasant reading the comments from some of the Nannies that didn't get very much but were still appreciative. I know it must have been difficult for some to be gracious, but if the family treats you well, then it kind of softens the blow of a crappy bonus.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#15 should move on for not getting anything. a full time nanny should get a week's salary as a bonus. you got jipped. leave now or you will feel worse next holiday

7:41 PM


Anonymous said...

7), you got a CAR????? wtf? Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

I think 7 meant a card, not car, because she stressed she didn't get a card this year.

Anonymous said...

I swear I sent in my submission, but maybe it did not go through! :)

Anyhow from family #1 I have been with them 2 years. I got $100 and a $40 hair care product I had expressed interest in. I work 13 hours a week for $250 salary a week, and take care of 2 school aged kids. They take around 4 weeks of vacation a year and I get paid for all of them, my regular weekly salary. I enjoy the family and while the bonus could be bigger, I am greatful to get anything.

From family #2 I work 10 hours a week and have been with them for 3 months. I make $15 an hour. I got a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks which I feel was appropriate for the length of time I've been there.

I got $70 cash and a precious card from the family I was with part time for the past 2 years before they put their son into daycare so he could have more socialization.

Anonymous said...

Nanny/Employer: Nanny
Bonus This Year: $0
Bonus Last Year: $0 (was with a different family)
Salary/ Hours: $160 live in
Length of Time at Current Position: 5 Months
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: 3 pairs of pajama pants, a robe, a hello kitty dvd (what?? i like hello kitty but the dvd is for 3 year olds...) a basic lexmark color printer, 2 movie passes a movie for two pack.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Notes: was very surprised at the amount of gifts and I am very appreciative, but I wish I could have gotten cash.. thats kinda what I need. The last family I was with also never gave me bonuses (was live in for 3 years) but usually gave me a bus ticket to go on a day trip to NYC or a $50 GC to old navy. Again not quite as generous as the family im with now, but still feel a little unappreciated. But grateful none the less.

I also got 4 days off christmas week. I was supposed to work monday but exchanged monday and worked saturday instead so I could have the week off. So I technically got 4 paid days off too.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a moniker-Please, sweetie, you're being abused. If you're working maybe two 8 hour days, then they may be paying appropriately, but I get the feeling if you got four days off, you're being abused. $160 a week is WAY under minimum wage for a forty hour work week. This country does not count the live in part as part of your salary. That would be Canada.

Anonymous said...

appalled, maybe she has good accommodations, a car, gas, insurance, health, food and almost anything else she needs covered and when it comes down to it, the 160 is like cash laying around at the end of the week.

plus this country can count %40 0f pay as live in.

Anonymous said...

$160 is shit to pay. Even aupairs make more than that. Most nannies don't have health insurance. And I am sure she doesn't. Probably, paid off the books as well.

Living in is also for the employers benefit. Not just the employee.

Anonymous said...

Actually my health insurance starts this month. These two kids are the sweetest kids ever, and at first the situation took some getting used to but now things are great. I know that if I needed anything I could come to them, and I'm human (and a little forgetful sometimes) and shes very tolerant.

Anonymous said...

So what are you complaining about then?

Anonymous said...

im not complaining, i just said I would rather have a cash bonus, and i did say i was grateful none the less.

Anonymous said...

I Need a Moniker-you're being taken advantage of and illegally so. I don't care what benefits she may have, she's not making minimum wage and that's illegal. Please show me where in this country live in counts as 40% of pay?

Anonymous said...

well when there's no jobs with the way the economy is right now, then i guess you take what you can? better some pay and a place to live with what sounds like a nice family. weigh the options here? a job or no job?

Anonymous said...

Number 4: Your boss lost her child and didn't care? Maybe you should report her to CPS. Explain to the father that you what you observed bothered you and you love his children. Only a matter of time before he realizes what a waste of time it was to marry her.

Anonymous said...

Au pairs are paid a weekly salary equivalent to 60% of minimum wage ($6.55) for a 45 hour workweek. Thus the live-in benefits are considered to account for the other 40%. Of course host families pay much more than this with all the agency fees. But this is likely where the 40% figure comes from.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I did the math. Basically, $160 comes out to be fair if you're working just under 25 hours. Which she could be working. I only work 35 hours a week, which is nothing compared to you folks who work 50-60 hours per week.

Anonymous said...

40%, she's NOT AN AU PAIR. She would have stated it if she were. There are plenty of jobs making 10-15 an hour out there.

Anonymous said...

Nanny/Employer: Nanny
Bonus This Year: $200
Bonus Last Year: NA. Was not nannying.
Salary/ Hours: $500 before taxes live in/40 hours per week.
Length of Time at Current Position: 6 weeks at Christmas
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: A surf-brand beach towel that cost $50, a book, and a canvas bag with drawings by the girls; also a box of chocolates from the girls grandma.
Location: Australia
Notes: Loved the gifts because they knew what I like/wanted/needed - I love to read, and needed a new beach towel, which my boss bought in my favourite brand. I love the bag, and it was so nice of the girls grandma to buy me something also. I didn't expect any extra money, having only been with the family since November, however was given the extra $200 as pay for the January 1 public holiday, even though when taking the job I agreed that I would have Dec 24-Jan 4 off unpaid (as they originally wanted me to start in February, but let me start early because I needed a job!) I work really hard for the family, and feel appreciated and part of the family.