Nanny's Peanut Butter Foot Fetish Disturbs Employer

I don't know what to do.
My situation is unlike any others and a situation I am hesitant to share.

Some background, I am a professionally employed mother of three. In April, after an exhaustive, all inclusive search, I hired an English nanny to come and care for my three children, all of whom are under the age of 10.The nanny seemed to be a great, not good match. She wasn't perfect, but she far exceeded our expectations. She is the sort of nanny that other parents took time to make mention of.

In the beginning, we had a nanny camera set up in three rooms of the house, all common areas. The kitchen, family room and play room. After the first three months, we ceased using it. It is a system which depends on the changing of vhs tapes for recording. As such, nothing has been recorded for the past three, possibly more months. Even after the first month, we ceased being diligent about setting the camera and were even less vigilant about reviewing the footage.

I went to transfer some old home movie video footage to a VHS tape so that I could take it to the photo store and have it made to a CD. Of course, we don't use VHS tapes anywhere, except in the nanny camera, so I went and retrieved a tape from the nanny camera and found the only tv with a vcr slot and set about transfering the video, when for no reason in particular, I decided to see what was on the tape.The tape was largely uneventful until I got to one part of the tape. What I saw shocked me to my very core. It was nothing I was expecting, and having seen the footage, I do not know how to procede, because you see, the children were not present during this segment of footage.

I caught the nanny in what I can best describe as a disturbingly intimate moment. I had to rewind the tape to make certain I was seeing what I thought was seeing.The nanny, for reasons unknown to me plopped on the sofa in front of the television during what had to have been a time the youngest was napping and the oldest two were at school. In her hand she had a jar of peanut butter. I had to rewind to make certain, but only after what I saw what occured next. The nanny used her fingers to dip into the peanut butter container and had a glop of peanut butter on her fingers which she then spread on her feet and toes. She then kicked her feet up on a coffee table and hollared off camera. Our beloved pet yellow lab came immediately and began licking her feet. The nanny added more peanut butter at various points during this disturbing imagery which while I wanted to switch off, I could not. The nanny was at points writhing about on our (family) sofa.

This all transpired on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and I haven't said a solitary word to anyone about this. My husband returns from his trip on Thursday and I plan to show him the video and consult him. But as a prelude to this, and because men react differently than females, do you understand why I no longer want her in my employ? Ideally, I would terminate the nanny but because of her performance, I have no reason to do such. I don't think I could ever mention to her about the camera or footage because she would have to live with that knowledge the rest of her life, but I do wonder how you go about terminating a good employee. Before I saw this footage, I would have used words like spectacular and great.
She did relocate from England to come and work for us, so I too must consider this.
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TC said...


Glad I'm not in your shoes (pun intended)

If that is your only real complaint about her then I wouldn't fire her over it. I would say it might be good to strongly suggest to your nanny that she keep her private life confined to her bedroom and I would suggest you throw out that jar of peanut butter.

You could take another route and buy her a few jars of peanut butter and leave it in her bedroom if she's live in. I'm sure she will figure out that you saw her.

Emily said...

Wow. Wow.

I have to say that, even given her stellar performance, if I was in your place I don't think I'd hesitate to terminate her. It may seem like a little thing, but doing that out in the open in your home speaks to a lack of impulse control, in my opinion.

Vet Tech said...

Not sure what to suggest here, this is a new one..........however, peanut butter is very very bad for dogs...it can make them ill and shorten their lives...I'm serious, ask your vet. Peanut butter is one of the worst things for a dog to digest.

Nana said...


mom said...

Plus...did she return the jar of peanut butter to your cabinet after that? Ewwwww.

That's as bad as the pedi egg shavings in the parmesan cheese post for a whie back! (My husband got mad at me for even telling him about that one!)

And, I hate to be completely dense...but what excatly do you mean by a "private moment?" Was it just the peanut butter being licked off her feet, or was there....more?

TrollSpotter said...


Nana said...


Exactly what do you think BS stands for?? DUH

Mich said...

Well if this did happen then she needs to be fired! People who did this type of thing do it for sexual reasons to get off! Why do you think she was writing on the couch that way? So maybe she wasn't actually masturbating on the family couch with the dog (gross) but she was indulging in a fetish which included the dog and the family couch! So fire her!

Marissa M. said...

Well thank goodness she only put in on her feet for the dog to enjoy. I've heard some crazy things...

For a minute i thought you where gonna say she was eating it off her toes!!

You're gonna have to let her go. How will you ever respect her after this? It's like me walking in on my emloyer with a blow up doll. I'd quit by choice!

Lucy said...

Oh big deal. Even if this were legitimate (and I don't believe it, the tone of the writing sounds like fiction), so what? Exactly what harm was done, how do you think a harmless little fetish like this would compromise her ability to continue providing stellar service? It wouldn't, stop being a prude.

PLUS -- using a nanny cam without telling the nanny? Now THAT is disgusting.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Well,Lets be honest here OP..would your nanny be at all shocked if she were to spy on you and your husband,during an intimate moment in the living room,all the while thinking you had the house to yourselves?

We all have private lives outside of work. When your home IS your place of work things can sometimes get mingled.

What you witnessed was a private moment..it had nothing to do with your children. It it no way interefrred with her nannying performance. Much to your dogs delight,your nanny has a freakish fetish.

Yes,her own bedroom would have been a MUCH more appropriate place for this.
Frankly, while I never want to witness any of my sitters(since they are my mom or my sister..eeewww) having a sexual encounter(I would consider writhing on the couch fairly sexual) or intimate ecounter with themselves,I think I would be greatful that she only brought a jar of peanut butter into the room and not a stranger to get it on with.
Of course your nanny is going to have sex(even if it is just with herself) in your home,which is now her home too.
You would most likely drop from shock if you were to spy on your best friend, one of your children's teachers or a co workers intimate lives.There is a lot of weird stuff out there..I am thinking this is mild..be glad you did not see more than you saw.
(which I agree was enough)
I suggest.. you get over it. It sounds as if she is wonderful with your children. What is important is that she ia a good and fair nanny who loves your children and works to your standards, which you have already said she does.
We all have sex. we all poop and we all have private things about us that we hope others never know about.Soemtimes living together makes it hard to keep our private lives totally private.

If the couch thing is going to bother you,you need to fess up about having cams and that will most likely end all girating on the family furniture.

Your nanny is also a woman. She has needs and desires..even if they are freaky. For you to act so shocked seems naive. The only thing that should have shocked you is that she invited the dog to join in. My dog licks peanut butter off my fingers all the time..different digits..same concept..except I don't writhe around I usually wiggle around as I cannot wait to go wash my hands!

Good luck..maybe in the future a nanny cam should be disclosed. Just a thought

sarah said...

Is it normal for families to use a nanny cam without telling the nanny?

Lucy said...

Is it normal for families to use a nanny cam without telling the nanny?

No. It's considered unprofessional and tacky, not to mention a breach of trust.

Anonymous said...

Ew, gross. Yeah, you can probably never look at her the same way. That's a tough one.

Sprak said...

If you ever saw the website on "Dolphin Sex" you would realize that this is a viable story. I have never been able to forget the guy who had his own special "cove" where he had a harem of dolphins. Someone gave me the link and unfortunately, my curiosity got the best of me. I'd keep the nanny but keep my peanut butter locked up.

nannyinmanhattan said...

I am at a lost for words...I feel sorry for the dog though and I feel the nanny should be more respectful to your home, your pet, your pantry etc.
Yes I understand that she has needs but it wouldn't kill her to satisfy them in her room and the dog could come too; Knowing about the nanny cam doesn't really matter.
The family room is definitely INAPPROPRIATE and I am glad she got caught.
You could reprimand her, and tell her about that one camera.. Let her wonder about the rest so she would be more respectful and professional on her job and your home. If she quits because of it too bad for her, you'll find another nanny...don't worry

nannyinmanhattan said...


sydney white said...

I am shocked to find some of my faves are so prudish! Fire a nanny for getting off on the family couch? are you kidding me? And she did not even do the BIG O

Why make such a big deal? Yeah, she should have taken her happy little ass to her own bedroom. Did it ever occur to you that nanny is very at home here,as this is technically,her home now too. She thought she was alone....she probably never dreamed that her employers would do anything like place a nanny camera without telling her!
We all have urges. My husband & I house sit for a couple who live on the beach.One weekend We sexed it up in every room,on every table and even on the veranda during the sunset. It had to be the magic of the Ocean that made us super amorous! I got a note a few weeks after one house sitting that said "wink wink..we had security cams installed 3 months ago..glad you enjoyed the veranda!" Can you house sit over Thanksgiving? And by the way,their dog Sandy(the whole reason they needed a house sitter) always watched and always got a doggy-treat afterward.

Midwest Nanny said...


I'm sorry, I can't imagine how uncomfortable I would feel if I were you, OP, but thanks for the best laugh I've had all week !!!!

You're a saint for thinking about her, though. Like not wanting to bring it up. She could never remember you quite as fondly if she knew you knew. I think I would be so embarrassed I'd want to die. Not that I would ever do that period . . . . .

UmassSlytherin said...

Geez. well. ahem...

I have to disagree with many of the posters above even the ones I adore :) and say that I would fire that nanny if she put the freaking peanut butter back. That's just disgusting. I wouldn't fire a nanny if I caught her masterbating on camera and I would respectfully erase the tape before anyone, even she, could see it. But dude....your peanut butter? I eat alot of peanut butter and that would just be unacceptable. The sexual behavior doesn't bother me as much, although it's sort of rude to bring your dog into it, that part is strange too.

But mainly its the contamination of the peanut butter that would make me fire her immediately.

Sorry. But peanut butter is pretty important. :(

abbey said...

So often nannies, myself included, argue that we need to be treated with the respect afforded those working in a corporate office. If you did anything remotely sexual at your office work place you would be immediately fired. What is different about this? I bet there isn't a camera in the nannies room, so she has a private space. She deliberately did this in a public part of the house, that was probably part of the thrill for her. I'm a nanny and I think she should be fired post haste.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Haven't you read Mary Poppins? British nannies are eccentric, that is part of their charm!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

abbey, the difference is that her office and home ARE the same place. I am not saying you are right or wrong,but the situation is NOt the same. She was indeed invited to live in their home as well as work in it.
I agree she should have taken care of business in her own room.However, she did not harm a child,steal cheat or lie..she ate some peanut butter and bumped uglies with the couch..end of story!
Umass, I agree..I am truly hoping she brought her OWN jar of PB!!

jo said...

Nanny of 13 years here. You should hear the stories I have heard about employers, you think it is so odd that there is a nanny out there that gets her kicks in weird ways???

Think again.

Or move to NY.

Anonymous said...

Hahahha. That's all.

I'm so immature.

I'd fire her simply because she violated and used my dog to get off on MY couch while on the clock!

nyc mom said...

I agree with JXJ. I would fire my nanny over this one. I wouldn't care about the sex. She can do what she wants and enjoy whatever private fetishes she chooses. However:

1. She should not be engaging in sexual activities while working. She is watching a young child. I don't think OP said how old, but what if the child woke up and wandered in? Or what if she did this while an older child was home and watching tv in the next room? OP won't be able to be certain where Nanny's boundaries are and who wants a Nanny where they even have to ask this question. Not okay to masturbate while working especially if your work is caring for young children!

2. She should not be involving the family pet in her sexual fetishes. I know the tape OP saw stopped at the dog licking PB off nanny's toes, but I would strongly suspect her fetish extends beyond fingers and toes. And, yes, I would guess she would still involve the dog and the PB as I've heard this story more than once.

Again, she can do whatever she wants on her time with any other consenting adult or inanimate object she chooses. But masturbating with the family dog while on the clock shows pretty poor boundaries and very poor judgment in my opinion. No need to embarrass her, but find a polite way to tell her it's time to part ways with severance.

sydney white said...

NYC MOM< you are adding to the story. No where did I read that the nanny "masturbated". I read that she let a dog lick her feet and writhed around on a couch.
Yes,I agree, she should have done this in her own bedroom.
Lets stick to the story the op sent in though.

nyc mom said...

Main Entry: mas·tur·ba·tion
Pronunciation: \ˌmas-tər-ˈbā-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 1603
: erotic stimulation especially of one's own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies, or by various combinations of these agencies

Note that direct stimulation is not required nor is orgasm. Only requirement is erotic stimulation (as indicated by OP describing her nanny as "writhing) achieved via bodily contact (as in a dog licking Nanny's toes), instrument, or even just plain old fantasies. So, yes, the nanny was masturbating even though it may not fit the traditional definition.

juicy said...

Kudos NYC MOM! I love a good definition to prove your point!

TC said...

Ok some of y'all (me included) are jumping to conclusions.

OP did the nanny know there was a nanny cam?

If she knew there was a cam did she know you had quit using it?

Was it YOUR jar of peanut butter or was it hers? Did she put it back in the cabinet?

emma said...

NYC Mom,

Thank you for putting all of that so eloquently. Who knew we should need to include such things as this in our nanny's handbook along with all of our other rules.

This is pretty disgusting but a more common occurence than most of you would imagine. Those brits and their toes.

Nanny Cindy said...

I think if you use a nanny cam, you should tell the nanny. Just don't put it in the bathroom please!
Anyway, if you have a nanny cam then you do not trust your nanny plain and simple and you should either hire another nanny and not use a nanny cam or maybe consider being a stay-at-home-parent.
I think the fact that she did that w/your peanut butter is kinda gross...but am undecided if it is worth firing over. She shouldn't have done it at your house. If my charges are sleeping or out, I would just watch a little T.V. or read a book or magazine.

paula said...

by all means, if you use a nanny camera tell the nanny that you are using one and where it is located. and if you send someone to the playground to check up on your nanny, make sure to tell the nanny what he/she looks like and what time they will be arriving.


sorry nanny, do your jobs well and you will have nothing to be ashamed about.

bo said...

This is white on white crime as far as I can see.

curious in dc said...

Thanks for the background OP as to how you came by the footage. I have more questions still. How long did this last. What did you mean by writhing? Were clothes on at all times? What happened to the peanut butter jar afterwards? Who in your home eats peanut butter? That must have made quite a mess on the coffee table, did she pledge it afterwards? In retrospect, do you recall that day? Was she particularly giddy? Do you notice that she and the family pet have a special bond? Have you ever smelled peanut butter or peanut butter by products such as recess peanut butter cups emminating either from your dog's mouth, nanny's feet or nanny's bedroom? Is your nanny sexually active? Maybe the girl just needs a friend.

toonces says, look or click here said...

This reminds me of the odd case of the naked nanny.

Anyone remember that story?

Surely, their were warning signs there?

And to those of you who cry BS or troll, I say grow up, get out and learn who your neighbors are. You''' be plenty surprised.

toonces said...

there were warning signs there.

melamonk said...

im just gonna jump right out & say it, if your nanny is buying her own jar of peanut butter.... well....

am i the only one concerned about nut allergies?

a said...

I think that dogs can have organic and salt free peanut butter. I know they like it. This is what I use to give Hector his allergy meds.

lauren said...

If your state is an employment at will state you can fire the nanny for wearing too much perfume or for no reason at all. I'm hoping that it is because I would fire her in a heartbeat. This is pretty sick stuff.

TC said...

melamonk I'm just asking....;-)

If I lived in I would buy food for myself so I wouldn't find it strange if the nanny bought her own peanut butter.

I don't think she should be fired but I do think OP needs to let her know what she saw either covertly like I said or flat out tell her.

She wasn't having sex with the dog so although even I find it gross that she had the dog lick her toes it's not a fireable offense.

There are worse fetishes out there...I've seen the videos. You guys would be in for quiet a shock at what all gets people off.

morality clause said...

I agree we might be in shock to know the frightening sexual urges that other's have but so be it. When the time comes I plan to breeze through the pearly gates to spend eternity in heaven.

p in ft worth said...

morality clause-
Myself, I would have appreciated an NC-17 warning on this one.

TC said...

tounces your link reminded me of somethign that happened when I was working in a daycare.

New teacher was sitting with the kids at circle time when one little boy kept lifting her shirt. She finally lifted it herself and put it over his head. She left his head under her shirt for a few moments and I told her it was inappropriate and that I was going to report her, of course the daycare didn't do anything....

I thought of reporting her to CPS but I didn't think they would have done anything

Everybody is doing it said...

morality you're saying if you masturbate you aren't going to heaven? That would rule out all men and most women.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Remember the funny Seinfeld episode..who ever masturbated first was out..all on the honor system..LOL

Kramer kills me!!!

masterbating is like fat chicks..fun to do but no one wants to admit they do it!

BTW, morality clause..you chose the wrong thing to give up if your goal was getting through those pearly gates..should have given up the little white lies instead..

Not on my sofa said...

ANY sex act while on the job--ANY job--is a firable offense. The fact that it happened in your home with your pet makes it even more so.

Yes, the nanny is entitled to her own fetishes and fantasies. But there is a time and a place to indulge and on the sofa in the living room of someone else's home while caring for a small child is not it.

Could you imagine the mess if the child needed her? Peanut butter and dog slobber in the carpet--ew.

Sarah and Mitch said...

Tell her your dog has been throwing up lately and think maybe the kids have been feeding him people food and can she take care to make sure he doesn't get any.

Maybe her dad did this when she was a kid, or someone did it and she thinks it's funny. I can see how it would look distrubing, but I don't think it is creepy or "intimate" by any means. Unless you can talk with her about it and adress your being uncomfortable and wierded out, don't fire her without talking to her first. You might get a laugh out of hearing where this started. I guarantee you this isn't the first time she's done it and not necessarily with your dog. It could just be a "thing" ya know?

I don't personally let any dog lick me or anybody around me, it grosses me out. But I have a friend who lets his dog lick his toes all the time. It's weird, but it's not a crime and not a big deal.

cali mom said...

Um, I imagine it would be pretty ticklish to have a dog licking between your toes like that, which would explain the "writhing". Maybe I missed something, but I'm not clear on why OP seems so sure this was a sexual thing. Maybe the nanny knows the dog loves PB, she likes to play with the dog and make him happy, and this is a silly game they play that tickles her feet alot? If she is a live-in, she probably has her own supply of food. And why would PB even be allowed into a house where nut allergies were a concern?

NYCMom, you say you've heard more than once about someone's nanny on a nanny-cam having a dog lick PB off her toes and the employer getting grossed out by it? Do tell!

morality shmality said...

p in ft. worth
you mean the title to this post didn't clue you in that it was going to be unsavory? boy are you dumb.

MA Nanny said...

writhing? I writhe when I get tickled.

And Sarah and Mitch; not to shoot down your idea, but if the nanny lives in, I believe she'd know if the family pet was vomiting all over the place.

Also? I have to wonder if OP didn't tell the nanny to 'make herself at home" when the kids aren't busy. since she was a live in. WHo knew that she would take it to that extreme, eh? lol . . .

I'm quite sure this nanny would be mortified to death; just like any of you would be about some of your more private moments.

It's easy to say, "I would never do something like that" . . .but there is definitely something you WOULD do...that would be equally as humiliating.
We've all had our share of stupidity . . .

OP, I think I would perhaps take the dog to the vet. Then when you come home, mention to everybody over the dinner table, "Hey guys, we need to make sure that we don't feed Rex people food....the vet said that he had unusual . .. um, I dunno, protein levels??? Has anybody been giving REx peanut butter? I know we like it, but for dogs it can be very bad . . "

I guarantee, she would never do it again.

Good luck,

tell us what happens! please!!! :)

MA Nanny said...

oh. And just to negate any comments. I'm do not have a foot fetish and I don't think what the nanny did was wise, at all!

Just sometimes, it's so easy to point fingers. However, we've all been unprofessional at times.

And it's get to get another perspective.

TC said...

For the person that said dogs can't have peanut butter are you sure? There are a TON of dog treats out there that contain peanut butter and tons of recipes to make your dog a peanut butter flavored treat. Even the kongs tell you to use peanut butter.

Are you sure you aren't confusing chocolate with peanut butter? That I know is not good for dogs

Marissa M. said...

Sydney White that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. What was your responce to the wink wink note? Knowing me I wouldve said :oh I enjoyed more than just the veranda! I wouldn't be surprised to find the camera footage on their computer or on youporn.

I can't stand the smell of peanut butter. If I plug in strawberry jelly it makes me feel a lot better about the situation. More funny than anything. But if you are just the kind of person who is unable to get pass the akwardness be kind and help her find a new job. Give it some time though. Surely you can get over it eventually?

nyc mom - a bit graphic said...

The one particular similar story I heard was not involving a nanny. A family friend was engaged to be married. Her fiancee was supposed to be at work. He arrived home unexpectedly in the middle of the day to see her laying on the floor, legs apart, with peanut butter spread over her, um, nether regions and their pet dog enthusiastically licking it off - all while the woman "writhed" in pleasure :) The engagement was called off and the story confirmed to my mother by the lickee herself. After the story broke, many involved had a similar story to share though this is the only one I am confident is true.

So perhaps I'm a bit sensitive to the topic of dogs and pb, but I would never use the word writhing to describe a response to tickling. Though I agree it is technically correct, I just feel it has a sexual connotation. Kind of like the word vixen. If I were being tickled, I would squirm not writhe. I can't imagine it would have been "disturbing" if it just appeared like tickling giggling, but I guess we'll need OP to clarify the answer to that.

nyc secretary said...

Any masturbating on the job is a firable offense? I know for a fact that my boss pulls it at least twice a week. I can tell his mood before and after. You think he is the only guy? What do you think the bozos at Lehman have been doing for the last two months while their company imploded? Surfing porn and yanking their noodles.

sancti-sure said...

yet another reason while i will never employ a nanny.

MA Nanny said...

NYC mom;

you're most likely right; Who would volunteer their feet to be tickled?

I think I'm just having a hard time believing this. (I mean, I'm sure it happened....I just am rather repulsed by it . . .can't believe someone would get off by that.)

To each their own? Yeah, but the thought of peanut butter in my nether regions makes me feel sick all over.

And seriously, am I the only one who isn't hungry for peanut butter anymore???

UmassSlytherin said...

no ma nanny. you are not the only one. :( it's just disgusting. yuck.

sj said...

Honest to Pete I came home last night and my nanny had made the boys a dinner where she fried spaghetti noodles in peanut butter.

I didn't know whether to smile or vomit.

PS Maybe this is why those Ghandi nannies were/are so popular. I don't think they believe in masturbatory arts.

kathleencares said...

I'm not sure if this is real, but if it is, I would not fire her over this if she is that great at her job. I would definitely talk to her about the video - yes, it will be a difficult and uncomfortable conversation to have, but she needs to know that this is not appropriate for the family living room. Fire her if she does it again - or if you catch her doing it again, but remember that people make mistakes and she is really good nanny.

mom said...

OK, lets be reasonable here.
OP, I have a few points to make and questions to ask you:

First, I have learned on this site that the nanny contract is the final word in any nanny/employer disagreement.

So, does your nanny contract state explicitly that she is not to engage in any sort of sexual activity or sexual contact of any kind with your pets? Because if it doesn't, you may be out of luck.

If it is stated in the contract, did you specify exactly what constitutes sexual contact? Because if you didn't, she may be able to claim, "I did not have sexual relations with that animal."
And later, when you produce a navy blue dog collar stained with DNA from her hoochy, she could simply reply "Ohhhh...that. If you're going to be a stickler and include any orgasmic type of activity as being sexual contact...then I suppose you could technically say I had sex with your dog. But I wasn't lying before because I thought you meant did we actually 'DO IT.' And our relationship has not yet reached that level of commitment and intimacy."

Now, if you live in an at will employment state, you may not have legal problems in firing her for molesting your puppy, but you still might want to be careful in deciding how to proceed.

How is her moral character in general? Is she honest? Were there any warning signs?

For instance, did she do anything during the interview process that may have seemed reassuring at the time but, in hindsight, seems suspicious? Like, did she pet your dog an unnatural amount...either excessively or too little (perhaps in order to appear nonchalant and not too eager), and then toss in a casual comment such as, "I am not aroused in the least" after he wandered off?

Or, if you have a large dog, did she make a point of saying that small dogs are more her type, and maybe casually throw out a comment about how she would never "do it" with a big dog?

Did you even specifically ask if she was into "other than with humans" sex? For that matter, when you told her to feel at home in your home, did you even bother to ask whether she was involved in a sexual relatiionship, monogamous or otherwise, with any of her current pets? 'Cause we all hate it on here when parents do a shoddy and hasty job during the interview process and then bitch later when the nanny has sex with their pets.

Lastly, determining whether this is an isolated incident or a long term relationship might be the best deciding factor in whether to keep her on. On the one hand, you don't want your dog moping around and going all "jilted lover" on you if nanny suddenly disappears. But on the other hand, you really don't want to take the chance that one of your children will talk about nanny getting it on with Rover during show and tell time at school. Extremely tough choice. I really feel for you on this one OP.

I got this quiz out of last months Cosmo to help you try to figure out exactly how serious you dog and your nanny are. Have you noticed any of the following suspicious signs that this may be more of an affair than a casual sexual encounter or brief summer fling?

1) Does your dog often have breath that smells like peanut butter, or other sticky but delicious foodstuffs?

2) Have you ever thought it curious that any of your dog's body parts smell like peanut butter or other sticky but delicious foodstuffs?
a) Have you noticed that your nanny's breath has a corresponding odor at any of these times?

3) Is there a curiously sticky caramel colored path in your carpet leading between the kitchen and your couch?

4) Is there a steady stream of ant and insect activity on your sofa? Bees?

5) Do your dog and your nanny seem to suffer form the same illnesses, fungui and infections at the same times...even though nobody else in the house seems to come down with those things?

6) Are there unusual and inexplicable stains on your dog's navy blue collar?

7) Have you been going through an inexplicably large amount of peanut butter and other sticky but delicious foodstuffs over an extended period of time?

8) Whenever anybody in your family eats a peanut butter sandwich, does that person tend to come down with a mysterious mouth fungus 1-3 days later?

9) Do you find yourself wondering, more often than usually lately, why there are always so many sticky foot and paw prints on your coffee table?

Quiz Answer Key: If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your nanny might be a petophile.

SO anyway...just some common sense points you might want to consider before making any rash (no pun intended...which is not to say you should consider yourself in any way protected against getting a nasty one) decisions.

Good luck. If it were me, I'd have trouble facing somebody day after day having watched a video of them involved in any sort of sexual activity involving my pets, or pantry contents...but then I can be sort of prudish about people masturbating in my living room while my children nap in the next room. GO figure.

TC said...

Oh Mom that was hilarious, thank you so much...I think I woke the kids up laughing so hard at your post.

lovesthegirls said...

Okay--- I am usually not one to be nasty on here, but, Sancti-sure....GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. Seriously. What a snot-nosed statement.

TC said...

Sancti-sure not all of us nannies masturbate with the dog when the kids are napping. I much prefer doing my homework and surfing the net, besides the dog bites

I love Jason Castro said...

sancti-sure, I just saw that lovesthegirls commented right before me, but I totally agree with her.

Not all nannies masterbate with the dog. In fact, there are more good nannies then bad nannies. Its just that THIS site, you usually just hear about the bad ones.

mom said...

thanks tc.
And on the bright side, it's better than having the kids wake up because you were screaming with ecstasy...and trying to quickly wipe the dog slobber off in time as you heard their little feet pattering rapidly in your direction.
Or having them patter in silently, only to find you and the dog, completely naked and sprawled across the couch, puppy with your undies hanging from around his neck, and the two of you smoking cigarettes together. That would be really bad for their lungs.

I love Jason Castro said...

I forgot to give my 2 cents about the actual post, well I think its completely inappropriate.

1. she's on the clock
2. the kids could walk in on her (the youngest could wake up)
3. it'd be a lot different if it was her own dog, but it was the family dog.

honestly, you can probably find a nanny just as great but without the foot fetish. Just be upfront and honest about it. You didn't do anything wrong, it was probably shady of you to have a nanny cam but it was worse that she did that with YOUR dog in the house.

mimi too said...


Time to jump off the cliff.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Mom! That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read!
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard....
Too bad we don't give out prizes around here for comments like that! :D

nynanny said...

You are in prime condition today! Wow. Too damn funny.

mom said...

Well, I suppose this thread just really hits home with me...having recently and thus far lost three beloved beta fish and a hermit crab to an aquatic rendition of gerbilizing that I devised, but have (obviously) not yet perfected.

And sancti-sure, I think you're grossly overreacting. I'm fairly certain that this is not typical everyday nanny behavior...well, except at OPs house, of course.
Just do what I'm doing. In fact, I have ot get off of here in about 5 minutes. My kids and I are off to the pet store just now to buy several of those signs that say "Don't F*** the Dogs" in 16 different languages and hang them over the dogs' feeding dishes, beds, and points of access to the backyard. Also, just to be sure, I'm going to get a large sign with a big silouette of a person humping a dog right in the middle of it and a big red circle around them and a red slash across the middle, to hang prominently above my front door...you know, just to avoid any future "awkward misunderstandings" with our employees and houseguests. Never can be too careful, I say.

Anonymous said...
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mom said...

PS In case it was not completely obvious...I made it up about the fish ;(

5:46 RE-POST for anonymous said...

I don't know if this is true or not. Above my pay grade.

But I had a cat who would stick his tongue anywhere. I would wake up with him In my ears. In my mouth. He licked my eye ball once. I had to go to the ER. Let's just say, I stayed fully clothed around that cat.

And I'm not kidding. The cat's name was Capers.

5:46 PM
RE-POST for Anonymous

THAT'S IT! I am not doing this anymore! You guys need to pick a moniker!

Bergen County NJ girl said...


Just Wondering said...

Did she shower after OP? Use baby wipes at least?

the update cow said...

Did any of this advice make sense to you? Where does the situation stand now? Is your husband home?
PLEASE update us.
We are all eager to know.

TC said...

Well I want to believe this story but the longer we go without some sort of communication from the OP makes me think this was a hoax.

cali mom said...

Mom, I'm having to wipe the drool off my nightie, you got memlaughing so harrd.

And NYC Mom, I wouldn't want to marry that guy either if he didn't have enough sense or virility to push the dog aside and get the job done as a man should. What a weenie!

Post Author said...

I am the OP of this post and have read the comments. My husband returned last night at 11 and I made mention of the incident to him as he was climbing in bed, exhausted. After hearing what I shared, he decided he had to view the tape for himself.

He suggested that the way the nanny camera footage is shot is not in real time, so when he initially saw her writhing, he suggested it was the missing frames that made it appear that she was writing. As the tape played on, he was able to see and I am able to assure you that there was definitely writhing. I use the word writhing because I have no desire to be excessively graphic. Should anyone see the footage we saw, I think you would be as disturbed as I was.

My husband suggestion is that we inform her that we saw something on the nanny camera in the family room that was disturbing. He doesn't think we need to say more, but does think we should give her three weeks severance and terminate her. We plan to do this Friday and have already set a plan in motion to make sure she is able to clear out in short time and with as little drama as possible.

We do want her to be able to say goodbye to the children.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Sorry. I can't help it. That confrontation needs to be videotaped!

Seriously though OP, I think that's a good idea..haha. Sorry. I don't know why this is so amusing to me.
It's ok to have fetishes (I have several weird ones of my own), but there is a time and place to make good use of them and this constitutes neither. I would never consider getting off on someone elses couch...with someone's PET...down the hall from someone's child! Ew! Call me a prude if need be, but that SCREAMS "Inappropriate!" It's one thing to go into the bathroom, behind a locked door and rub one out (sorry, that's as delicate as I go) but ick...on YOUR couch? With YOUR dog, OP? Haha. Oy.

And to the people who are nit picking the word WRITHING....come on! Even if she was WRITHING because it tickled, she is still taking part in a sexual activity with her employer's pet! There is NO getting around that, innocent writhing or not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
2:16 repost for anonymous said...

If this is not a troll post, this nanny needs to be dismissed ASAP. She is sexually abusing your dog by getting off sexually on your dogs behavior, and if it continues your dog's personality and behavior will change, as she 'trains' the dog to do this act.

2:16 PM
RE-POST for Anonymous

cares said...

I wouldn't say anything to her about the tape. Spare her the embrassment please. It's just not necessary to make her live with that embarrassment for the rest of her life.

mom said...

I was going to make the same request. But then I realized that if they fire her for no reason whatsoever then she will be incredibly hurt and bewildered.

I think that is why OPs husband suggested that she say something very minimal and non specific about having witnessed something on the nanny cam. While nanny will have to live with the idea, and lifelong concern, that OP may have possibly seen "THAT", she will at least be left with the ability to hope it was maybe something different.

I actually mentioned this thread to my husband at dinner tonight. I wish there was a way to describe the look on his face. While he mostly just rolls his eyes at my "nannycamming" activities (how he refers to my visiting this site), this time he sat bolt upright and said, "Oh no! She has to be fired immediately! Somebody who would do that...there are a whole list of things so wrong about that that...." and then he sort of stared off in space for a few moments, apparently pondering the various possibilities...because his face was contorting into a lot of different "ewwww" faces as he sat thinking.

icky sticky said...

To those naysayers that think this story couldn't be true:
I absolutely believe it could be.
Several years ago a friend of ours was caught smearing some PB on his shlong and then letting his doggie have a go at it.
After that we affectionately started referring to him as "nutter butter", lol.

mae said...

Abuse? The dog got a treat. What is the harm?

cares said...

What I meant was, maybe there's another excuse they can come up with for firing her, that does not involve the nanny cam? They never told her they had the camera set up ... that may be a legal consideration for them as well. Maybe tell her their financial situation has changed, they can no longer afford a nanny? Something benign like this.

wtf? said...

O.k. For this post, I would definitely like another update OP.
How did your nanny react to being fired? Thanks.

catch the bad nannies with nanny cams said...

You are so dumb.
You don't have to tell a nanny or ANYONE that you have a nanny camera or hidden camera in your home, It's Your fucking home!

rainy day said...

Maybe, the O.P. husband got turned on watching this. Who knows. I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...
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Marissa M. said...

The least you can do is sell the footage to some animail sex website and send her the money :) as her severance.

mom said...

That is hilarious!

I do wish they could somehow tell her something different about why they are letting her go and keep the nannycam a secret.

I have cringed many times wondering how I would feel knowing there was even a possibility that there was a tape of me out there somewhere doing....that...and knowing my employers not only watched me in action, but found it so disturbing that they fired me. Thank goodness she came from England, so she can now move back there and be far away from the possibility of ever accidentally running into her employers, or any of their friends, or anybody in their town, ever again. Wouldn't you just be sick wondering how many people they had told, or worse, showed the tape to?! Oh the horror!

Just goes to show...you should never have sex with peoples pets in their homes without making SURE they don't have surveillance cameras in place! I'm going to add that sage bit of wisdom to my kids' sex ed discussions immediately.

Anonymous said...

wish u wouldve posted the video ... feel free to email me that whole video at yolounleashed@gmail.com .... as beautiful as that nanny is with her feet soles and toes like those ... only shame is that i couldnt lick the peanut butter off myself lucky dog im hatin really and trully ... wish i could suck the peanut butter from that nannys feet any given day or any given sunday for that matter i swear to god