Long distance Nanny needs advice

Received Sunday, August 24, 2008. - Perspective & Opinion
I am a nanny who just moved to about 45 minutes outside the Nashville area. The town I moved to is a college town with very few nannying opportunities. I have been a nanny for a year now and would love to continue.

The problem that I am having is that although I have been in contact with several families who need nannies, they all insist that my town is "too far of a drive" for me to make. I reassure them that I have a reliable car and have no concern about the drive. I have a resume' and childcare references who I know will rave about my services (not to brag, they just do).

But these parents take one look at the fact that I do not live five minutes away from them and pretty much throw my resume' away. I will not be able to nanny if I keep encountering this behavior. What can I say to these parents to reassure them that yes, I will be there, every day, on time, despite the drive? To be quite honest, it's none of their business where I live. If I showed up to all of my previous jobs (which can be checked by checking my references, which I know none of these parents have done), what business is it of theirs where I live?


ericsmom said...

If I was a SAHM I don't think the distance you are traveling from would bother me. But if I was a working parent it would. I would have to be at my job on time. What if you are stuck in traffic, or if you oversleep.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I actually live in the Nashville area too and I know where you moved, or at least I think I do. Are there not any nanny opportunities there? I know there are probably more in different areas but I wonder if there are any over there that you could check?

Also, I think you just need to assure them that people make that drive every day. There are tons of people that live there that drive to Nashville and to Franklin/Brentwood area for work every day. A lot of people make the drive for school as well. It is a very easy drive. I don't think I would have a problem with where my nanny lived if my nanny showed up on time everyday.

I don't know how you can convince them that you will be fine with the drive and will always be on time though.

One thing to think about, is the drive going to be too long eventually and boring? Gas is expensive, these are just things to think about, I am not discouraging you, but it is just something to think about. :)

Swiss Nanny said...

What about suggesting a trial period with them? You will be able to prove to them that you will indeed be able to be there on time everyday.

Faith said...

What if you take your address off your resume and let it come up after they get to know more about you.

yaddayaddayadda said...

I hate to say it, but if swiss nanny's idea doesn't work, try faiths. It might prove to not make much of a difference, but if it gets your foot in the door - it's worth a try.
Since you're barely being given a chance to prove yourself, and I'm not saying to do anything underhanded, but sometimes no information is better than some, you know? do what you gotta do.

OP said...

hey swissnanny and faith, those are both good ideas. and alex, I'm sure you know I'm out in the boro. I've been craigslisting my heart out (that's how I got my last two nannying jobs) and have applied with a couple nannying agencies but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I am definitely going to keep trying though.

minneapolis nanny said...

to the first mom who posted:

what if you were interviewing for a job, and she/he said, "um sorry- but you might over sleep"? you'd be livid. how dare someone assume you arent adult enough to handle waking up on time.

you trust a person with your children- to keep them out of harms way, but not to set an alarm, or have a back-up plan in case of car trouble..

Calif Nanny said...

I live 30miles from my job (which is 45 min Calif drive time), it never even occurred to me that anyone would think this is a problem. I think I too would leave off my address. I know a gal who was a live in and she often over slept and was late into work...go figure.

Calif Nanny said...
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sarah said...

I live in Nashville, too. Keep looking you'll find something. I feel your pain. Even though I live in metro Nashville, many families form Franklin thought I lived too far away from them. I think a lot of people here are spoiled by being 15 minutes away from everything. I know I am.

I also wanted to let you know that I was looking to do some baby sitting on the side and signed up for sites like and I noticed several families from the boro were also using those sites. So maybe check those places out, too. I got my last nanny position from an ad in the City Paper.

And I like the suggestion to not volunteer where you live. if pressed maybe you could just say you live off your closest interstate?

Good Luck!

lovesthegirls said...

Hey OP

I can't help you with the address dillema, but I read you said you are having trouble looking in right places (or something to that effect) try good luck!

nannyinmanhattan said...

Just don't let them know where you live initially... Take your address off your resume or use a closer reliable one for now.

cali mom said...

I would also say definitely take your address off your resume. Nobody needs to know exactly where you live in order to see whether or not you are qualified for the job you are applying for who the heck knows what kind of creep would end up with it, and do you REALLY want them to know where you live straight off the bat??

Here in NorCal, 45 minutes commute is probably on the short side to get to at least 50% of the jobs. My last job took me 35 minutes ONLY if I were coming home sometimes close to midnight and there was no more than 3 other cars on the road at any point in the commute. Job before that took me about 45 mins-hr in morning rush hour traffic, nearly twice that by public transportation. As long as yOU really won't feel worn down by the commute after a while, it really IS none of the employers' concern where you live.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Just a different perspective. As a mom, I would never hire a nanny without a copy of a drivers license and an address. Too many weirdo's in this crazy world.
If something were to happen and your child and nanny are not where they should be,the police are going to want an address for nanny.

OP, I think the trial period to prove yourself is a wonderful idea.
I do not think lying about where you live is a good idea. If the job goes as planned, you are going to become close with these people and the lie will eventually come out.Not a good way to establish trust.
Ask them to let your references speak for themselves along with a trial period of two weeks.
Don't give up, you will find a family that cares more about good references and a great nanny than they do about where she lives. Cheers

cali mom said...

Of course someone should have your address once they've decided to make you an offer. But a resume is the initial contact, you may not even get a response to it, and you're sending it to total strangers, so it's unnecessary and IMO, ill advised to put it on your resume.

Nessa said...

Wow, and I thought a 45 minute commute was the norm. I commute an hour to work each day (down from my previous job which was an hour and a half), and have never had a problem with it. In fact, everyone I know commutes anywhere from 40 mins to an hour + for work, and/or school. Isn't that the norm for the suburbs?... Working in the City = major commute time, and rush hour = hell. ha ha

I would also take my address off my resume if I were you OP. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not "handing it out" so to speak (to complete strangers) each time you interview. Now, once you've landed the job, or if they ask for your address, readily make it available, but otherwise, I see absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your address private. :)

Good luck!