Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Traffic for this blogs comes from many sources and every continent. Surprised? The majority of people who come to this blog are linked in from other blogs and message boards, the rest utilize search engines such as Google. The most common text entered into the Google search engine that deliver people to this blog are I Saw Your Nanny and I Saw Your Nanny Blog. Still, others arrive at the ISYN blog after using search engines to implement more precise searches. Here are some of the more interesting searches from the past 24 hours:

my nanny acts like i need her permission to see my kids
hot hot blonde nanny
stress and nannies
"what you'd look like as a girl"
absolute best care housekeeper application fee abc news
nanny not proactive
wear a sari ? utube
best friend poached my nanny
really love my nanny
bad children and the nannies who care for them
halitosis nanny kind words
is jane doe a nanny?
отпуска au-paur
gossiping nanny
get your nanny to quit
highly paid professional nanny wanted uk
Nanny stomp child
gift ideas for mediocre nanny
High profile families in need of a nanny in san diego
overweight nanny breaks furniture
children prefer nanny wife upset
craiglist babysitting scam
nanny hots for dad
my nanny steals
want to kill my nanny
steve bartelstein hot
unattractive nannies benefit of
nanny doesn't clean up after herself or take orders
mom's boyfriend fires nanny
are jamaicans good nannies?
bad bad very bad nannies
politely tell nanny to lose weight
My nanny sucks and I want her gone
reward the nanny
can i ask my nanny if she is pregnant
find identity of jane doe ny greenwich
best nanny blogs
slapped nanny


Anonymous said...

Whaaa? weird.

Anonymous said...

"I want to kill my nanny?"
"Very bad nannies?"
"Slapped nanny?"

Damn, some people just ain't very happy with their nannies, huh?

Anonymous said...

lol. this is actually kind of funny.

Robert Synnott said...

Mostly hilarious, though the "really love my nanny" is sort of cute; presumably the searcher likes to confide in Google.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Robert, that is too funny! :D

Chizmosa said...
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LindaLou said...

rofl @ most of those. except the stalkerish ones. :::shudder:::

Anonymous said...

what do rolf and lmao mean?

Anonymous said...

sorry rofl?

Anonymous said...

rolling on floor laughing and laughing my ass off.

Anonymous said...

umm...slow day much? what, no one turning in made up stories of their horrible nannies who raise the kids? come on you SAHM's, you gals are lacking here. surely one of your nannies stole/lied/ate your precious food yesterday or today...keep the ball moving here.

Anonymous said...

who is steve bartelstein?

Anonymous said...

these are funny as hell "overweight nanny breaks furniture" could that even happen??

K said...

These just made my day.
I really did start to laugh... seriously, "Are Jamaicans good nannies?", "gift ideas for mediocre nanny"..just plain funny however "want to kill my nanny" takes the prize!!

leah said...

1:46 pm-
the post was written at 7 in the morning.

Yaya said...

for some reason "get my nanny to quit" is funny to me.....I'd love to hear what ppl have done for that!