Friday, July 18, 2008

Effective Friday, 7/18 Anonymous comments will be deleted. Please use a first name, full name, moniker or set of initials to respond to comments and partake in the discussion. To read our complete and revised comment policy, please click here.

We will of course, continue to accept nanny sightings as anonymous comments. If you have a nanny sighting, personal experience or P&O question, you will still be able to leave those anonymously on any ISYN post. We will collect your comment and post it as a blog entry. For more information on how to leave a nanny sighting and what to include, click here.


Anonymous said...

You're cute Jane. "Technical Difficulties", lol.

Anonymous said...

yikes, I don't like the new layout with the comments right on the main page. Too much scrolling to see if there are new posts.

Jane Doe said...

anonymous at 7:32,
Yes that is the "technical difficulty".

Please view the comment policy to learn of our new policy which will no longer permit anonymous comments.

You will need to select name/url and enter in a name, set of initials or moniker if you do not have a blogger, livejournal, wordpress, type pad, google or open ID account. All anonymous posts will be deleted.

LindaLou said...

"Please view the comment policy to learn of our new policy which will no longer permit anonymous comments." Jane

i officially love you.

Judy said...

Can I get a monikier I am on AOL.

vi said...

isn't your moniker "Judy"

Woman punches friend over babysitting argument said...

Sorry, but this was too funny to resist. Was the slugger a sanctimommy? WTF?

Marypoppin'pills said...

Yes, Vi, I was going to say the same thing, lol.
Judy, you can post just as you did ... as "Judy"! :)

UmassSlytherin said...

what's a moniker?
like, do I have one already?

LindaLou said...

oooooo, like this.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Ya'll are funny!
Hopefully all of the Anons will be o.k. with now having to pick a name or initials.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Omg! Lindalou, I know you won't believe me, but you look exactly as I pictured!
How Ca-uuuute! :)

LindaLou said...

how funny, mpp. i love it when people *match* the way i've pictured them. :)

Metronanny said...

The only thing I see as a tad confusing is there is still invitation to leave sightings as an anonymous comment. Does that mean that people can leave anonymous sightings only or must they pick initials too?

Marypoppin'pills said...

I love the way the Blog looks! It's more streamlined, neater .... I really hope you keep it this way. The subtle changes are so much more aesthetically appealing.
I know it must've been such a long night for you! I hope you got some rest!

UmassSlytherin said...

God, I love the freaking Pet Shop Boys! Hell yeah!

Jane, you get 50 house points for that one. Awesome!

Marypoppin'pills said...

Umass, you stranger you! Where've you been? You're slowly slipping in the commenter's polls, LOL!

I agree 100% about "The Pet Shop Boys" .... I've got most of their Tunes.
Also love "Talk, Talk", "Depeche Mode", "Heaven 17" ....

Jane Doe said...

Hi Metro Nanny,
Thanks for bringing that up. Anyone can actually leave a nanny sighting to this post or any post in the form of an anonymous comment. That will not change. I will have to reiterate that somehow! Thanks for thinking of that.

These anonymous posts are always deleted from the comment section and posted as blog entries.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks MPP.

UmassSlytherin said...

Yes, mpp, I noticed. :) I've been around, you know, work has been busy. In my spare time I try to update my blog for all of my imaginary readers. (and you, of course!)

Ahh...depeche mode...:) love them!

It's crazy on here, huh? It's like, you're away for a day and madness ensues! bratty kids, the ACTUAL DEFINITION of a "palooza?"
Gosh, I've gotta keep up!

anonnomore said...

Do you think you could do what you did yesterday, and in the Welcome post, explain about anonymous comments being deleted from now on? I think it may take some people getting used to the new policy. Which by the way I think is grand!

Emily said...

Jane, you can take anonymous commenting off as an option in blogger.

clc said...

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t.r. said...

There are so many ways to sign in now!

I may just come back full time.

anonnomore said...

Thanks, Jane.
You rock!

Choklats said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marypoppin'pills said...

Those spammers sure are trying to be clever now by coming up with a 2 line sentence just to leave their site, huh? Pathetic.

Marissa M. said...

Jane it is great that you have the new policy. good for you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cali mom said...

Jane, I like that people have to enter something to post, BUT, it seems like if someone were determined to remain anon, they could just sign their first post as AB, the next as CD, then change to EF, etc. But it makes the conversation much easier to follow when there is something more than just the time of the posting to identify it.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I thought of that too, Cali mom.
I would like to think that even though they are at liberty to chose whatever moniker they want, if they could at least use the same one for each thread, it would make it easier to follow their conversation .... then if they switched their moniker up on another thread, they will still be able to keep the anonymity they desire. said...

I think it's a little silly to be thinking that we are no longer anonymous just because we make up some name or use some random letters. I mean think about it. Do you know who I am now because I am using this moniker? I could be a regular poster or one of the trolls just being nice for a change. This Moniker thing really serves no purpose but hey, it's just my opinion.

Marypoppin'pills said...

A Rose
I think it's more about principle. Jane's Blog has more Anonymous posters than any other Blog out there. Yes, it's always good to retain a certain amount of anonymity, especially if you're Submitting a post ....
but for commenting, it truly does make it easier to follow a conversation, rather than just guessing or addressing someone by their time.
Besides, I like your moniker.

m said...

I think this is all a tad controlling, don't ya think?
And those who want to follow the comments of posters- get a life please.
I could care less who is writing what.
Just read the darned comments without wondering who is saying what.
You guys just want to know who is writing what so you can pummel them if their views do not line up with yours. said...

M, I don't think someone can control me just because they make me think up some nickname on a blog. If I thought that, I would definitely have far worse issues than having to come up with a moniker! I also have to disagree with your reasoning for the new rule and it's support. My opinions would be and would remain my opinions. If someone or a group of someone's didn't agree with them, who cares! And if I didn't have a strong enough belief in whatever I posted to withstand opposition, then I guess what I had to say would have been deserving of any criticism since even I couldn't stand behind it. I do have to agree with the fact that everyone having names on here will make it easier to respond to specific comments without having to go back and look at times.

Jane Doe said...

As the blog owner, I am asking those who read and post here to try and make this work. If the readers and posters can't comply, I will be left with only one choice and that is to disallow all comments but those from registered people.

Look back at any thread. There is a chance you will see 7- 17 "anonymous" comments in a row. This is pretty ridiculous.

Ideally, each person would pick a moniker, and stick to it. (For the most part at least.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

JerseyXJacqui said...

I think it's a great idea, Jane. Not sure why people are taking up issues with it...What's the big deal?

Then again, there will always be someone complaining about something.

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

I do not like the moniker.
Let me tell you why.

I have a neighbor. She is the Ms. Kravits of the neighborhood. She drinks and there is continually high drama surrounding her.The entire neighborhood is aware of her .They all have formed opinions of her too. She truly is a nice woman but the opinions have been formed based on some of the things she has said and done.

We all do this, with people at work, daycare teachers,neighbors and inlaws, etc.. Be it good or bad we all form opinions of the people in our lives, and those opinions help us to perceive those people and all they say and do, the way we do.

So, being human, I have formed an opinion about ms. Kravits and all she has to say. It is very hard for me to remain objective.

Posting anonymous allows me to try and get a point across wothout someone going" oh crap, thats "mary sue" and she thinks Obama is best choice for president"
If they are an Obama fan, no problem. If they are not, they have already formed an opinion before they even read my post.Or if I have said or done something in the past that they disagreed with, they associate that with me forever more.

It's only human nature that we do it.

If I am anon, they might actually consider what I have to say.
Anyhow, I know Jane had a very valid reason for her new rule. I still don't like it but will submit to it so I can continue to post and enjoy this blog.

BTW, I have been posting with different monikers. It is not to buck the system or to be rude . I just have yet to find the moniker I am stuck on. Will find it by tonight Jane..I promise!

Marypoppin'pills said...

From what I've seen, the feedback has been mostly positive, and the few that have complained, even a couple of those have accepted and understood why Jane wants it this way now.
I think it's a good idea ... and those that are extremely opposed to it, for one reason or another, they can just change it up.
(Although I think Jane would prefer everyone just pick a moniker and stick with it.)

Marypoppin'pills said...

"Does this moniker make my butt look big?!"

I absolutely LOVE it!
I have complete faith that whether you stick with that one, or pick another, it will be a winner! lmao!

does this moniker make my butt look big said...

Thanks MPP!
I will stick with this one for a while!
It fits..let me tell you!

Okay Jane, one less anon off the board!!

happy posting everyone!

NVMom said...

One request, can you make the comments page in a slightly larger font. Hope that doesn't sound too trivial, but I have to increase the size of most pages and it's not adjustable.

Thanks, NVMom who can't read the fine print!

Marypoppin'pills said...

"Does this moniker make my butt look big"

Great choice! I'm glad you'll stay with it ... It's really good!

m said...

By the way 'a rose' I still had to scroll up to remember what your 'unique' moniker is/was; so that point is perhaps a bit moot, because it certainly does not solve that problem.
I don't feel the need to track every single person on here, it just is not that important- I understand it it is to other people, but this is again MY OPINION.
I enjoy reading most comments regardless of who it is coming from.

Having everybody registering to comment will accomplish one goal but I doubt miss administrator that is the result you'd like. I would just stop posting, and so MAY a few others. The whole point of anonymity is to remain anonymous, not to be tracked comment for comment.

And I stick by my guns about the controlling bit because that's exactly what it is. This blog is not my life, I can live without, and so will other people who truly want to remain anonymous.

There are other sites I don't mind registering for - this is not one of them. No offense to the people who make this blog possible.
This is one blog where anonymity is desirable, at least for me.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't think Jane has any plans to make posters Register to use the Blog because you are right, it may hurt traffic.

m said...

...and traffic is what make this site great Mary.
I love reading various perspectives regardless of the poster.

lauren said...

your comments seem kind of harsh and a bit snide. maybe i am hearing you wrong. how are you any less anonymous as M?

I get wanting to be anonymous. I'm guessing so does the blog administrator since she doesn't use her own name.

What is the point of commenting if 20 other people using the same name as you are going to have 20 different opinions. It just makes things confusing. I would say stick to one moniker at least in one thread.

I'll go out on a limb here and say I bet that's been done before. On this blog or any.

I just think to say you wouldn't register for this blog is sort of nasty.

And no one is asking you to register. I've been around a year or longer and I've seen the complaints about the anonymous posters. And there are just too many of you.

cfg said...

Way to go, Lauren!

m said...

I said I would not register and that is nasty? That's so funny, how did you get 'nasty' out of that?
A bit of a bully aren't you?
I'm sorry my dear, I have my own opinions about things and I'm not afraid to express them at all.

...and I heard your opinion on the whole anonymity issue.It differs from mine, but that is ok isn't it?

cfg said...

I wouldn't say your desire to not register makes you nasty, but I do have to agree with Lauren here when she says:
"How are you any less anonymous as M?"
So really, why is this whole thing such a big deal?
You're assuming other posters would follow in your footsteps, and just leave the blog because of this, but you cannot speak for them. I've only noticed very few complaints about the new policy anyway. I sure as hell didn't want to come out of the woodwork and pick a moniker, but my struggle was more of trying to think of a clever one, which obviously I couldn't, versus just going against the grain and complaining about it.
In the end, we're all anonymous on this board -- nobody here knows my name, where I live, if I'm a nanny or even a SAHM, so who give's a rat's behind?
And, of course you're entitled to your opinion, but just like everything else in this world, if someone disagrees with you, expect that they are allowed to say what they want to buck it, just like you did, so try not to take it personally.

m said...

I believe I specifically used the word MAY- this means that I am not sure if others may be turned off but it's a possibility.

So therefore, I was NOT attempting to speak for anyone.

As for the comment about anonymity, what I said had nothing to do with whatever her name is post (can't be bothered to scroll to see the name)
This was in reference to my initial thought about this new restriction; and that was certainly before I used the moniker 'm'.

Whether the complaints have been few has so little bearing on me. I don't need company to feel what I feel do I?

Whatever the reason behind my annoyance at the new rule, may or may not have root in all that you expressed. You feel the way you do for your reasons, and I do for mine.
There was really no need for anyone to explain it all to me because I did understand it.
So In the answer to the question 'Who gives a rat's behind?' The answer is obviously I- I give a rat's behind, that's why I said what I said.

I neither agree nor disagree with you- that was your opinion and this is mine.

I could hardly take this personal, but you did address me.
No offense taken and none intended.

cfg said...

How about I say this? Whether we agree or not, I think now, after having read some of your posts, that it would really suck if
you did decide to
leave because of the new policy ---because I think you have some great posts on here.

m said...

Cfg, how very kind. Thank you.

Of course, it is still possible that some of my future posts will rub you the wrong way, but that's ok. Feel free to respectfully disagree anytime.