Gardens Mall in PBG, Florida

Received Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nannyThis is a excellent nanny sighting.
Where: Gardens Mall, PBG Florida
Date: Tuesday, 7/22
Nanny description: White, slim, brown hair, some kind of English/Australian accent, was wearing an Ed Hardy blue tee-shirt.
Child: 5-6 years old, white, wearing a pink dress with pink crocs.

I saw your nanny and your child today while I was at Pottery Barn Kids with my charge. Your nanny was excellent with your daughter! I heard your child, Julia who was about 5-6 years old call the nanny, Christina. Nanny was sitting at the table with your child and they were involved in a very cute game of "cooking", using everything from salt shakers to milk to make the perfect birthday cake. Nanny was kind and even offered for my charge to come over and play with them and help them cook! The parents of Julia should know that her daughter is being very well taken care of!


Liv said...

Yay for good nannies!

I said...

Hell, for that matter, YAY! for Christina! LOL

kathleencares said...

Good to hear!

Sprak said...

That's so much fun for kids- play baking! I lived in Phoenix as a child and we would mix up all manner of things, even pigeon food, to make the perfect cake which we would then bake on the sidewalk! It's good to know that good nannies like Christina are really out there!

Alison said...

it's so nice to hear good stories on here!!