Blue Tinged Boy

Received Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - Rant(s) and Warnings
My 5 year old charge and I were playing with a new type of water gun (yesterday) that can squirt colored water. His water gun's dye pack leaked and got all over his hands and he touched his cheek before I realized it. After 5 minutes of washing his hands with soap and water, he still had a blue tinge to his hands and cheek when I left. It is non-toxic, but I wanted to warn other caregivers and parents of this frustrating toy.


mom said...

Awww..whats a little blue coloring if he had a great time playing? This would not bother me a bit, as long as the dye is safe.

Not a lot different than popsicle colored lips IMO.

Anniethenannie said...

is the gun black white and red? Called color stream blaster.
My charge just got one for his birthday and believe me, Mom will mind!

Anonymous said...
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