Beach at Jenkinson's Boardwalk, NJ

Received Thursday, July 24, 2008
nanny sighting logoAlternative looking nanny with gothic stylings seen being abusive towards two tow headed children on Wed. 7/23 at the beach by Jenkinson's Boardwalk. The nanny was listening to a silver ipod with earbuds in her ears while the two children, 3 & 5 ish were playing in the sand and sweating. The children were begging for her to take them down to the shore to play in the water but she waved them away, shushed them and even said, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH". The nanny was eating Frito's out of a bag and ignoring the children. Some time passed and the nanny said, as if the children hadn't been begging, "okay, who wants to go in the water". They both jumped up excitedly, the boy jumped on the nanny's foot and she pushed him down. It might have been a reflex but she pushed him all the way down so he fell back on the blanket. Then she screamed, "Jeezus, Mark, watch it". The boy, who was the oldest of the two started to sniffle and she said, "Stop your crying or your not big enough to go in the water". I watched her take them down in the water. The little girl was hesitant to get wet and the nanny was aggressively splashing her and seemed to be getting a thrill out of making the girl scream. It didn't look or pass as fun. Nope, not at all. When they got back to the blanket, the boy said he was thirsty. The nanny pulled out two Mott's apple drinks and said, "your sharing" and then she sucked the other one down. All of those Fritos must have made her thirsty. She put her ipod back in and tuned out the children who she told to "build something". Nothing she said was said in a nice or patient way. She had a really ugly personality. She was tall, with short, dark hair, very fair skin, attractive face and a tatoo on her shoulder blade and a tattoo above her waist in the back. The little boy was wearing a black bathing suit with green and yellow print and the little girl was wearing a shiny purple bathing suit that looked like it had a fish scale design. Both children were very blonde. The girl's hair was shoulder length. The little girl was not very verbal, so she could have been younger and I did hear her call the older child Mark. This nanny should be called out and fired. If only, I would have had my cell phone on me, I would have taken some pictures. The nanny had a large black and grey bag that was made out of the same material that lawnchairs are made out of. It was a huge bag that held everything. Hope there is enough detail here for you to identify her.


UmassSlytherin said...

eww, what a horrid nanny. :( poor kids. I hope the parents see this.
good post, op. :(

cfg said...

I'm sure I won't be the only one asking this, but what parent in their right mind would hire a goth chick/raver to watch their kids? Come on now.
Either these parents got themselves a hell of a deal, or she could possibly be a relative?
I'm not sure alerting the parents will do much good here if they are crazy enough to hire someone like her.
Poor kids.

NP NJ said...

I wear black, have tattoos, a nose ring, 7 earings in one ear and my hair is black and purple.

But I am also the most fun your child could have on the beach!

Let's not label people, okay?

Hellcat said...

12:26, I agree. This probably won't come as much of a surprise, but I was quite the weirdo when I was younger.
Even now I'm pretty tattood, more so than the average person with a single rose or a Winnie the Pooh character.. hah.
I dress in nice clothing, but at the same time some has skulls and other such stuff on it.

Most people are either surprised to find out that I work a totally respectable position, AND have a son, AND love to run around and be silly with him.

I hate stereotypical nonsense... but as usual I will contradict myself and say this: I probably wouldn't hire someone who looks the way I used to to care for my child.

UmassSlytherin said...

np nj,
kudos to your nanny-family for being so liberal. God love them.

But that is not why I said the nanny was horrid. It was her behavior, not her look. If we interviewed a bunch of nannies and the one who looked like freaking kelly osborne was the best one, we'd hire her.

mom said... took the words out of my mouth. And hellcat...thanks for being perfectly honest.

We all do weird and stupid stuff when we're young. Thankfully, mosty of us grow out of it. But what even TAKE THE CHANCE that your sitter/nanny is still in the immature, rebellious/antisocial phase of her life...which is what a goth appearance typically indicates...especially when she doesn't seem to have enough sense to tone it down even when looking for a childcare position.

me said...

I know we don't usually like to dispute "how do you know she is the nanny?" and I agree that is time-wasting. But the first thought that popped in my head was that this girl sounds like an older sister who is annoyed she has been stuck with younger siblings for the day. No need to debate, just sayin.

SF said...

who's to say this isn't the mom?

bebe said...

Oh God, I hope not.

op said...

It wasn't the Mom.

My children are always calling me the nanny's name and my nanny mom. Why? They love us both and both of us meet their needs.

I am the OP of this post. This was a nanny. Not once was there any suggestion of familial ties. She isn't an older sister or a mother.

Has this blog become, "If you saw the same nanny I saw, then let me tell you all the reasons why it wasn't the nanny or it wasn't the nanny's fault"

Because, that is what it feels like!

UmassSlytherin said...

don't let negativity get you down. It doesn't really matter who it was, the point is you were looking out for the kids. I'm sure we can all appreciate that.

But also, you should tell your kids not to call the nanny mom.
Don't you think? That's just my opinion. That's sort of weird.

cfg said...

I get your drift. But you have to remember that some people are always going to question the legitimacy of a post .... people by nature are suspicious.
I always 'try' to give the benefit of the doubt, and I also get sick & tired of hearing "are you sure it was the nanny", and this time, that thought DID cross my mind, but I think only in a defensive mode, like: why in the world would parents hire someone like that to watch their kids?
I'm not trying to be mean, but come on, you gotta be wondering with her as a nanny walking around with those kids, people are going to stare, and it's going to draw attention, and probably negative attention -- so I think we'd rather hear it was a relative.

no me gusta baraq y michelle said...

Forget confrontation with these nasty nellies. I dont care if it was mom, a cousin, the nanny or a sheep in a bikini. I would pick up a coconut and hurl it at the back of her head. When she recovered from the shock and looked my way, I'd be like, "What's up witch?"

My Goodness said...

oh wow. that's really...funny? i am sure that will solve a lot.

i just think this person should not work with people unless she grows up a LOT.

Anonymous said...
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