96th Street Lexington Ave Playground - Manhattan

Received Friday, July 25, 2008.
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At 10:45-11:00 on Friday July 25th: AA nanny with approx 4 year old boy, blonde hair, white polo shirt with collar, blue swim trunks with a younger sister in pink flowered bathing suit - maybe 2 or 2.5 years old named Emily I think. Nanny wearing Black and white V-neck striped shirt and Jeans. Verbally and physically nasty to the boy. Scolded him, made him stand in a corner, pushing fingers in his face and chin roughly as she was talking to him to get the boy to look at her. Very upsetting to see this. Woman seemed to be inappropriate as a child caregiver and a very angry individual.


bebe said...

How sad. I wish others would say something about this.

mom said...

Probably because there is nothing to say. This post more than speaks for itself, and I'm sure everybody is of one and the same very obvious opinion.


Nobody is going to argue with that. No controversy. No alternative opinions to offer. Nothing more to say. Just ICK.

When something like this comes along I think we all just hold our breath and hope the parents find out.

bebe said...

Thanks mom, I know you are compassionate, but it's just sad because no matter what, everyone should be on here talking about how horrible she is, and how terrible for that little boy! I don't know, I'm just upset. It's not fair.

Anonymous said...
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sarah said...

She gives the boy quiet time in the corner when he acts up and that's abuse? Are you serious?

Why don't you call 911 and report it? Let's see how soon before the arriving officers laugh in your face.

bebe said...

"pushing fingers in his face and chin roughly as she was talking to him to get the boy to look at her"

Yeah. I see no problem there, sarah.