Stop & Shop in Waldwick, NJ

nanny sighting logo Received Tuesday, June 24, 2008
At the Stop in Shop in Waldwick, on Monday at approximately 10:00 AM, I observed a nanny treating a little girl very roughly. She did not hit her, but the way she put her in the cart was like she was stuffing her in there. The little girl had two legs go in one hole and was saying "owie owie owie" and the nanny was very rough in maneuvering her around. The nanny appeared to be at all times impatient and on edge. The little girl saw a balloon and called out "balloon" and the nanny said "you aint gettin nothing". The way she treated the child was mean. Again, she never hit her or did anything terrible to her but it was a lot of negative energy directed to a little girl. The girl was about three, very healthy in size, with blonder hair and a white and pink cotton dress. The nanny was AA, petite, with an angry face and Grace Jones styled hair (sharp angles). The nanny was wearing knee length khaki shorts and a sweater style tank top. The nanny was carrying a stylish silver clutch.


Kate in CO said...

Again, it's appalling that someone acts like that in public........just imagine how she treats the poor girl when NO ONE's watching. Ugh. I hope the parents see this.

mpp said...


One day, a long time from now ... when this cruel Nanny is old and feeble, someone will be stuffing her into a wheelchair or something, and then she'll know what it feels like.

Parents, are you reading this? Come get your little girl.

ATL Nanny said...

Horrible. That poor little girl. I don't care how bad the nanny's day had been or how the little girl had behaved previously, there is no excuse for this sort of treatment. And like Kate, I can't help but wonder how the nanny treats this little girl in private if she feels comfortable behaving this way in public. I hope someone recognizes this nanny or child.

Anonymous said...


One day, when that child's parents are old, feeble, and lonely; that child will dump the surviving parent into a dumpy nursing home staffed by women exactly like the nanny.

When the parent complains of loneliness, or the lack of visits, or the lack of love, that child will look at the feeble, aged parent and say "Remember when you left me with that witch of a nanny instead of loving me like I needed?!?!? Well, payback's a bitch, isn't it?"

Ever person stuffed into a subpar nursing home instead of living the last days surrounded by their children and grandchildren most likely deserved it. My parents loved me, and I would never dream of doing that to them.

mpp said...

Wow. Point well taken.

Anonymous said...

My greatgrandmother was put in a nursing home. But not because she was unloved. Her daughter (my grandma) had to work full-time just to survive. And they tried to take care of her at home. But one time she fell and broke her hip, and my grandmother couldn't take care of her how the nurses could.
By the way my grandmother was battling cancer herself at the time and working. I remember my mom trying to visit our great grandmother alot. But I know it was stressful for her. I was six and my other sisters were 4 and one.

So not all of us want to put family in a facility, they don't always have a choice.

Anonymous said...

I am a grandmother and helping raise my grandkids.
I had them at Kohls shopping and I saw a grandmother do that exact same thing! The little kid was saying Grammy that hurts as "grammy was jerking her around because her legs were in the same hole. I looked at her when I walked by and was going to say something but my little 3 year old ( she was 3 at that time)said "you're a mean grandma" to her as we passed. Out of the mouths of babes.
People who have no patience with little kids or even big ones have no business taking care of them.
That hurts them in more ways than one and hopefully that little girl will tell her mom or dad when she gets home that the persontaking care of them was mean.

Too bad you did not get a photo on your cell phone so you could post that hags face.


Anonymous said...

Judy, you need to teach your daughter manners. We were taught never to talk back or allowed to be rude to an adult when we were little. Even if the adults were in the wrong. It was called respect and once upon a time and it was instilled in children.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14 I teach kids to speak their mind. That child was right, that was a mean Grandma. I suppose you think if the same child was being abused she should know better than to talk ill of her elders? You're exactly what's wrong with people.

anyasnew said...

I couldn't have put it better myself 4:11.

AND to 3:14: Respect is earned...

Anonymous said...

My kids have manners. What this little 3 yr old saw was a Grandmother who is supposed to love their grandkids being mean and jerking ehr around. 3 year old by the way say what is on their minds, Do you have any kids?
You do not have control of what they say as they are very honest at that age.
She was not being rude and by God if someone were doing that to mine I would want her to be able to tell me about it and not try to suppress what she says and feels.
You need to listen to your children. Encourage them to be able to tell you anything , they need to know that they can come to you anytime for any reason without being punished or your being angry with them.
No she was not rude she was telling it as she saw it. Grandma was hurting her grand child, too bad many adults cannot speak up to someone when they see this happening.
Give ma a normal 3 year old any day of the week than a woman who thinks slaming a kid around is ok or an adult that thinks a child is rude for speakig the truth.


cali mom said...

So, 3:14, if one of your kid's teachers was habitually smacking them around, or if "weird" Uncle Joe was molesting them, or they saw Sister So-and-So beating a 5 year old classmate about the head and neck with a wooden yardstick, you would punish them for "showing disrespect to their elders" if they spoke up to say that what was happening was WRONG????????? You are a sick puppy.

rudenessbites said...

oh my gosh, everyone is going nuts over 3:14. calm down people. all she said was that the girl was rude. i am sorry, but i have to say Judy, that was a pretty bratty thing for the child to say. regardless of what the grandmother did, disrespect is not okay.
(and i do work with children that age, and yes, it is possible for them to NOT blurt out whatever they feel like.)

for example, what happens when your kid decides to tell someone they're fat or some other honest opinon he or she may have of someone?

maybe you people are defensive because you are afraid your child may be seen as rude? i think we all know the difference between a child telling an adult when they see abuse happen and making a rude remark to an adult stranger over something that is not their business.

i blame uneducated parents for this type of reasoning that places speaking your mind over having respect. maybe you were raised too far the opposite way, being taught to hold everything in, and now you're over compensating.

how many conversations have i had where i was talking to a parent and their child interupts, and the parent stops, and gives attention to the child? interuppting is just another example of children who speak their mind a little too much.

also, speaking your mind is not the same as saying whatever you think. if your child grows up not knowing the differnce he or she WILL be involved in fights because the other kids will not put up with it.

wow, sorry so long but i guess i had to vent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 1:34, but I still fail to see your logic.

Calling someone mean, if they ARE acting mean, is not rude in my book, it is in fact honest. Calling someone fat, as you used as a scenario is a far different argument, because that has to do with a persons physical appearance, rather than their outward actions. Also, as I'm sure you are quite aware, many toddlers out grow this stage when they learn more about social norms, which is why we rarely witness older children and adults speaking this level of honesty.

For example, if a child is acting rude, an adult might say: "you are being rude." Because many, if not most, three year olds do not grasp this level of speech (eloquence with wording or true word meanings), to many children at this age, saying something to the effect of: "so, and so, is mean" is literally the same phrase to them and equates the same inner meaning as: "you are ACTING mean or rude" etc... If we don't want our children to note when another is out of line, than perhaps we should not let them know when they are out of line??? I however, don't have an issue with a child noticing "ill" behavior.

Let children be children. Life washes out enough of the shades of beauty that they posses without forcing them to grow up too quickly. A child can be polite, and still note when a person themselves is not behaving "politely" AND as far as I'm concerned, being that rough with a small child is far from deserving of respect or politeness and is in fact, mean...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos, it's been a very long day...hopefully you all still got the meaning behind my post. :)