Monday, June 2, 2008

Check out Grandparents Behaving Badly, an MSNBC article by Melissa Schorr.

Who knew Pizza Delivery for Sitters was a big issue?

Another nanny dishes, this time it's Brad and Angelina's.

Jane's 10 Favorite Charities/Organizations
Love Our Children USA
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
The Sunshine Kids
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Reach Out and Read
National Partnership for Women and Families
French Bulldog Rescue Network
Adopt A Boxer Rescue
Boston Terrier Rescue


Anonymous said...

If those two naked are the worst thing a nanny has to look at she is one damn lucky nanny.

bethany, kate and penny said...

3 of us nannies, Nanny B, Kate from PA and another nanny Penny are participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer being held on Oct 4-5 in NYC. This is the second walk for Kate and Penny and Nanny B (aka Bethany) is joining them this time around. We are committed to raising $1,800 each and walking 39.9 miles in 2 days. You think taking care of kids is hard work, try training for a marathon and a 1/2.

Bethany (aka Nanny B)
Kate in Pa (aka Kate)

mom said...

hehehehe! Excellent point 2;17!

However, I feel bad for all of those kids if this is true. About to be 6 kids, and raised like they live in a circus tent. Then paraded around for public photo ops so she can pretend to be mother of the year. If children learn by example...and we all know that they do..."fake" Phony" and "hypocrite" are all going to be added to their identities in short order. It sounds like "mommie dearest" all over again...but with a different kind of behind the scenes damage going on in the backgrund. More like a complete abdication of parental responsibility it sounds like.

Although, then again, maybe most of their day is normal, but they just engage in somne really rambunctious play with their kids at times that has the nanny freaked out because she's more structured. There's sort of a fine line between free spirited and neglectful. Do they have chocolate regularly for breakfast, or just the one time? I suppose it depends on whether the comment is true that "all of their close friends say their life is insane." That would be a real clue.

I hope this is not true.

Although, I hafta a say that the kids wanting to speak different languages is very cool and not at all anythng to slam them about. If Maddox wants to speak French, good for him.

Anonymous said...

If this guys a perve and sees this, he is probably like, "Oh Shit" and if he is a career photographer, he's probably like, "oh there's no such things as bad press"

A Chicago Nanny said...

Nanny B, Kate and Penny--

Way to go on the training for the Avon walk! I just completed it this past weekend in Chicago and it was amazing! My team members and I are committed to walking in NYC next year!

On another note....KABOOM! is amazing, they do amazing things and the actual involvement of building a site is phenomenal!