Sunday, May 18, 2008

A, C, S & W
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Dr Tanya Byron: Why am I so jealous of my daughter's nanny?
Advice on how to deal with a boisterous child who your nanny handles better than you do

Innovative New Ways To Monitor Your Nanny
(Channel 2 NY- Watch video)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you, Jane!
I loved seeing your site featured on the news!

t.r. said...

I loved the screen shot of your site. I was disappointed that even though they used Jennifer Merritt who submitted her story to your site, they said, "she submitted her story to a nanny site" as if there is more than one! And they got the web address of your site wrong, so those who dont know it, wont find it! And, worst of all, they featured in a full on advertisment form the website of howmynanny where they charge parents $50 to put a liscence plate on their strollers. The women who ripped that idea off from, oh I forget the name of the original people who had the idea.
Just burns me up really. And the woman bad mouths this site ALL THE TIME. She says stuff like, "with our stroller licence plates, you get to know how your nanny is doing AND YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL KNOW". I'm like, okay, YAH RIGHT. Why would a nanny with some dumb plate on her stroller act normal? She's act the exact same that a nanny would act if she knew she was on nanny camera. I cannot even believe that pay for plate is still up because I have never seen a plate, ever and I live on the UWS and have a ton of mommy friends on the UES. I just do not get it! And hello, I want to know how your nanny is doing! It makes for a good read and lots of conversation.

Steaming mad,

CBS Miami Clip of ISawyournanny said...

CBS in Miami did a better story on I Saw Your Nanny. Watch the video here.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an excellent news piece!
They ask Employers to do background checks through Social Security numbers, calling references and encourage them to pay the going rate!
Awesome, thank you 1:04!
Everyone looking for a Nanny needs to know all of this, to protect our kids.

Heidi said...

I agree that the Miami clip was a great news piece. The NY clip read more like an advertisement for the stroller lisc. plates. And if they use a source from your blog, they damn sure SHOULD get your blog address right! Booo!